The Twelve Days of Christmas : Day Two – Pretty Green



We don’t know about you filles et garçons but we feel as though our livers are being prepped for a catering size pack of pâté de foie gras.However we’ve hauled ourselves off the chaise longue to bring you some news that was sent to us in the run up to Christmas.

If you are driving past The Warren golf course, there might be a few photo opportunities, they have pulled in staff from all over to work on every green bunker and fairway to undertake repairs that have been neglected for years. All to make it appealing to the new sell off. Costing thousands . The work being done is unprecedented .It’s looking very, very good. Rebuilding all the bunkers. , renewing some tees, and reseeding sections of all the fairways .Can’t understand it , if they going to get rid,why spend all that money ?

Just heard that they are doing the same to Arrowe Park, these two are the ones that are going out next year, they are the only ones that show any private interest as they are used – after a fashion . The others are white elephants…
Were left wondering how long it will be after the prettification and all that lovely green land is wrapped up like a Christmas present that a property developer will realise there’s not a lot of  money to be made in this declining recreational pursuit and bungs in a planning application for luxury homes. Arrowe Park looks particularly ripe for development after the precedent of the Warrens medical centre and with the hospital already banging in a planning application for 400 car parking spaces , what’s a few residential units on an ever shrinking green amenity?