Inspiral Carpets

Black & Gold

We knew it wouldn’t be long before one of you good people came up with the goods. Here’s a picture of the new carpet in the Wallasey Town Hall council chamber.

Is it just us or does it look like the last thing you see just before you blackout after drinking Sangria in the sun all afternoon ? Not that we’ve ever had a such a blackout you understand……

Whilst we understand the laying of the carpet is almost complete we don’t know, as yet ,how much the final bill is for the migraine -inducing black and gold swirls is ……although we’re sure one of you can find out!

Whatever the cost it’s like “walking on air”, apparently. Isn’t it truly inspirational  that in these times of austerity the council can find a few bob down the back of the sofa so that the Wirral power elite can tread softly on council taxpayers dreams?

Meanwhile rumours that the limo featured in the following video clip (appropriately titled ‘Black & Gold)  is the new Mayoral conveyance have been denied by a Wirral Council spokesperson who is reported to have said : ” Who do you think you are ? Know your place – you’re just here to pay the bills ……”

On the Carpet


Following on from our “Tread Softly” piece earlier this week the plot has become as messy and tangled as the shag pile in a 1970’s porno as a couple of leakers have been in touch querying the Council’s claims that the Wallasey Town Hall carpet hadn’t been replaced since 1968. One of our sources states:

The stair carpet was replaced in 1988/89 I remember it well. There was some discussion about why local independent carpet shops has not been asked to quote. Interesting that the firm that supplied the carpet this time went belly up, the Council seem to have a knack of giving contracts to firms that go bust. But it was certainly done after 1968. The carpet in the round room ( which is used for marriage ceremonies ) was replaced last year!. So someone is telling porkies again…..”

Can anyone corroborate this claim or alternatively send someone round to the Town hall with a Vax -as someone needs to come clean….

We maintain that if the carpet had indeed been in Wallasey Town Hall for 46 years it could of crawled into Brighton Street of it’s own accord.Indeed considering all the things that have been swept under it over the years can you imagine what it would reveal if it could talk?
There’s been blood on the carpet ( remember when an irate member of staff took a swipe at former Chief Executive Jim Wilkie – what was all that about?) there’s been carpet burns (…. oh no sorry that was Westminster House) and of course there has been the endless parade of carpetbaggers who have trodden on, not just the carpet, but upon anyone or anything that got it in their way.

We can’t help feeling that where self interest meets political power that money can be found for almost anything – compensation for hurt feelings, plane tickets to China,staircases,refurbishments,free drinks,useless consultants,cover ups……

Let’s just hope the new carpet is bullshit resistant.