Defend Our NHS : An invitation to an important meeting TODAY

Prior to our final tour of the highways (!) and byways of Wirral political life we have an important message from our friends at Defend Our NHS:


Dear friends of the NHS

We urge supporters who are patients of Wirral GPs to respond to the email address in the letter below* and to attend this vital meeting. Please try to arrive at around 5:30pm to join in leafleting.

Wednesday 30th October 2019 at 6:00pm at Wallasey Town Hall.

I would be appreciative if you could confirm your attendance with my colleague Alex Davidson, Scrutiny Officer on 0151 691 8381 or alternatively, by email to* If you would like to discuss this in more detail, or require further information, Alex will be happy to assist.

Now please read on.

The letter (from Wirral councillor Moira McLaughlin, who is chair of the Adult Care and Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee) has gone to local GP patient participation groups.

The original text is in italics and we have added some comments.

Wirral Council’s Adult Care and Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee is responsible for reviewing and scrutinising the commissioning, management and performance of health and social care services on Wirral.

[We have criticised the behaviour of this committee and have written to all Wirral councillors to say so. You will remember that in December last year 45,000 residents said ‘no’ to closures or reductions in walk-in services. This is also the declared policy of the Labour Party nationally AND of Wirral Council – yet a majority of councillors chose to support the plans of the clinical commissioning group.]

Later this month, the Committee are holding a workshop for Elected Members to consider Wirral Health and Care Commissioning’s future plans for integrated health and social care services on Wirral.

[We oppose the whole notion of ‘integrated care’ as currently designed. As we have said repeatedly over many years it is all part of the grand plan to slash, trash and privatise the NHS. It is a disgrace that councillors – including from a party which has set its face against these changes – should go along with them.]

As you may be aware, Wirral CCG and Wirral Council have pooled funds and resources in order to provide a seamless provision of care for those requiring intermediate care and those with complex disabilities that require packages of care from both health and social care every day.

[We oppose pooled budgets – the subsidising of private social care from the public NHS purse. Although councillors will argue that they had no choice except to go along with it, they did. They were kept in the dark about a report from PWC which said, “The introduction of an integrated commissioner with a single pool of funds will facilitate the introduction of a wider Accountable Care System / Accountable Care Organisation across the Wirral. Without the ability for Commissioners to ultimately let a single contract for services through the ICH, the ability to move to an ACS would be impaired due to complexity which multiple contracts, budgets and accountabilities would bring.” In other words they supported a change to something they had vowed to oppose.**]

For this reason, I would like to invite a representative(s) from your patient participation group to attend this workshop to provide a brief statement on patient experiences of health and social care services, and to take part in further discussion with Members.

The workshop will be held on Wednesday 30th October 2019 at 6.00pm at Wallasey Town Hall.

I would be appreciative if you could confirm your attendance with my colleague Alex Davidson, Scrutiny Officer on 0151 691 8381 or alternatively, by email to* . If you would like to discuss this in more detail, or require further information, Alex will be happy to assist.

Please attend and give the councillors YOUR patient experience.

More background at

Best wishes on behalf of Defend Our NHS


** PWC (who were paid £40k for their work) also noted the following. The report was kept SECRET from councillors who were supposed to be scrutinising the changes. It was full of bomb shells.

Both the Council and the CCG (together ‘the Commissioners’) would like to extend their current pooled budget arrangements to incorporate the majority of the total health and social care funding within the health economy. The services that fall under the scope of these new pooled arrangements will be formally commissioned by the Integrated Commissioning Hub (ICH)

The ICH would begin with a financial deficit, with funding insufficient to meet the required expenditure, prior to any additional budget pressures being experienced from 2018/19 onwards.

Additional contingency/deficit funding would be required to be repaid in 2018/19.

Savings plans are still under discussion with community trust to identify and deliver further savings

Pooled budget is underfunded, likely to result in a deficit for the ICH.

Without significant intervention cumulative deficit likely to increase annually as prior-year demand is unmet.

Wirral Leaks Word of the Day

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 19.59.26

All this fuss today about the word prorogue when let’s face it Wirral Council have been pro rogue for years.

Has there been a local government chancer and charlatan that hasn’t passed through the doors of Wallasey Town Hall and failed miserably at their job and at being a decent human being and left clutching a cheque as a reward for their manifest failure?

Moreover is there a Council in the land that has consistently served as a safe haven for rogue politicians such as ( INSERT NAME HERE) … ?


Who’s Resorting to Misleading Information? You Decide!


Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies, the outgoing Wirral Council ‘leader’ has repeatedly stated that campaigners opposing the Hoylake Golf Resort have been spreading ‘misleading’ information. However, apparently when asked to meet with campaigners to clarify his accusation he went strangely quiet. If Pip and his Council cronies are so outraged about ‘misleading’ information, we wonder why they haven’t bothered to correct any of the ‘misleading’ information being put out by the developers for the Hoylake Golf Resort?

In recent media articles and on their website the Nicklaus Joint Venture Group (NJVG) have stated the building the luxury golf resort houses will mean that the Hoylake Golf Resort link road will not be funded by the public purse. This information is incorrect as the Golf Resort road WILL be funded from the public purse. This ‘misleading’ information was brought to the attention of Wirral Council officers in February, but no response was received.

We understand that at the last Wirral West Constituency Meeting on 14th March a member of the public asked David ‘Golf’ Ball, Assistant Director of Housing and Economic Growth, to clarify whether the NJVG were correct to state that the road would not be publicly funded.

David Ball responded:

I’m not quite sure why the Nickalaus Joint Venture Group have said there is no public money going in to the road because as we did report, as you have rightly said, to the last Cabinet meeting …the link road has an opportunity for a number of sources of funding, one could be through grant from the Liverpool City Region as a transport scheme or the other alternative approach is to recycle the capital receipt that the Council would receive from the golf resort project into part funding that road, and that is my understanding of the position at the present time, so I don’t know why the Nicklaus Joint Venture Group said there was no public money required for that because that’s not my understanding of the position

Responding to cries from the audience about people being misled Cllr Jeff ‘Yellow’ Green stated:

To be fair to David…David won’t be able to give an answer about why people are being misled by the Joint Ventures web site, but I am sure he will go back and speak to them and make sure that it is corrected, is that right?

to which David Ball gave a resounding:


However at the time of this post, more than 6 weeks after the constituency meeting and 10 weeks after the ‘misleading information’ was first highlighted to Council officials, the incorrect information is still on the NJVG website.

Other misleading information which the NJVG is stating on their website is about the quality of the farmland that could be annexed by Hoylake Golf Resort. NJVG claim it is “poor quality grade 4 cultivated land”. The Wirral Society obtained further information from the Soil Association and They also sought the opinion of Cranfield University who produce the Soilscapes website and are sponsored by DEFRA. Rather than being poor farmland, the Soilscapes websites indicate that much of the land is productive, suitable for dairying or beef and some cereal or feed production. Cranfield University were also of the opinion that the soil could even be graded as ALC Class 1 if better irrigation was introduced. We don’t know exactly what that means but even we know that Class 1 sounds better than Grade 4.

Finally, we would like to highlight that one of the pages on the resort website says “Hoylake Resort will provide a beacon for tourism within Wirral” – accompanied by photos NOT of Wirral’s many fabulous tourist attractions and wonderful natural areas, but instead by photographs of the Liverpool skyline and bizarrely , Wallasey Town Hall. Not a green in sight! – which politically is just how Power Boy Pip and Co would like it!

Does this mean that the NJVG know what many already suspect – that despite what the top Council spinners may say about making Hoylake a “world class destination”, most golfers will finish their rounds of golf and disappear along the publicly funded road straight on to the motorway to go and visit the world class international attractions in Liverpool just 15 minutes away!…

Not that we’re suggesting that Wirral Council’s ruling administration would ever resort to misleading information. However we’d like to point out that in a recent Labour leaflet distributed in Birkenhead & Tranmere there was the usual ‘Vote Green Get Blue’ rhetoric and alleged evidence that  that Cllr Pat Cleary votes with the Tories. We are reliably informed that the image is being pointed out to residents on the doorstep.

It is certainly a ‘misleading’ piece of editing but certainly not as technically proficient as piecing together the panoramic that shows the full vote that was occurring out of view which had six out of seven Labour Councillors with their hands up as well!

A Green Party leaflet exposes the ‘misleading  information’ here :


Now that’s what we call evidence of ‘misleading information’.

Over to you Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies to evidence campaigners opposing the Hoylake Golf Resort have been spreading ‘misleading’ information.  Although no doubt he’ll be too busy counting the minutes until his leaving do to be held at Wallasey Town Hall on May 8th…



The Grubby World of Wirral Politics

As a postscript to Monday’s Extraordinary Wirral Council Meeting, which if nothing else gave many ordinary people on Wirral the opportunity to witness first hand the pantomime that passes for local political debate, we promised to bring you some further pictures of the night’s proceedings.

We feel as though the candid shots and the accompanying commentary provided by an eyewitness are a perfect summation of both the evening and how politics ‘works’ on Wirral.


Just been down the Town Hall for the meeting. What a f***ing joke! The voting system seems to have come from some third world country!

You might be able to use these photos.

Grubby people, behind grubby windows, doing grubby deals! (I should work for the Star!)

Davies in the pre-meeting warning the members to vote his way and Foulkes being Foulkes!


davies warning the troops


They say that a picture paints a thousand words but we’ll give you three to start with :


Fun with Fascism


Oh ja, they did!…

We admit to be being late to the (Nazi) party with this one. But we couldn’t help presenting you with this stocking filler brought to us by an appalled reader before we move on to our Wirral Leaks ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ Special :

It has been brought to my attention by a very upset /disgusted couple who bought tickets to attend a concert ‘Then and Now commemorating 100 years since WW1’

The charity evening held at Wallasey Town Hall was to raise funds for the Mayor’s Charities on Friday 30th November.

Apparently the evening included the comperes (2) wearing Swastikas and performing Nazi salutes, and wearing Hitler moustaches, all part of the elderly  comperes’ ‘comedy routine’

I am told the event was organised for the Mayor & Mayoress by 2 members of the Wirral Conservative party Sheila Clarke and Cherry Povall* ( one a current councillor and the other a past councillor) why would anyone find this blatant distasteful act acceptable.

My source also said the sound system broke down, and in their opinion the evening was poorly executed/organised.
Also in attendance (as guests one would assume) were the Deputy Lord-Lieutenant, and Mayors from other areas, heaven only knows what they thought.
This person also informed me that high ranking TA (Territorial Army) personnel were in attendance and I am sure they must have been very upset, disturbed and embarrassed at this clear display of fascism! Fascism is never funny in my opinion.
*who we’ve been since informed were allegedly responsible for ‘organising food’ only 
We can only disagree on one point and that is that in the right hands satire and bad taste can be a good thing when it comes to undermining fascism. Let’s face it – it’s our stock in trade.Think Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Great Dictator’ or Mel Brook’s ‘The Producers’. Otherwise it’s Prince Harry in Nazi drag or that ‘situation comedy’ abomination ‘Heil,Honey I’m Home’  – crass ,embarrassing  and WTF were they thinking!?
But then Wallasey Town Hall is well used to harbouring right wing fanatics – it’s just a shame that most of them seem to be in charge of the local Labour Party!

Poppy Appeal


PD 003

Following today’s Armistice Centenary commemorations we’ve had a number of appeals asking us do we know anything about the ‘poppy situation’ or rather the ‘non-poppy situation’ at Wallasey Town Hall.

Poppy 2017


PD 012


Among the pleas are these :

Looking at the national news and the lengths that communities have gone to commemorate the end of World War 1. The fact that Wallasey Town Hall remains when ,streets,shops etc all over the country have been working for years for this day. Sunday! 100 years on ,yet the town hall in Wallasey is empty. Its poppy has been a focal point for years . Nowhere to be seen,yet no-one seems to care .It’s staggering. It’s not newsworthy.It’s incredible yet social media is condemning all who are not remembering. Where was our WALLASEY TOWN HALL POPPY? Where is our town hall contribution?

Another message read :

My grandad’s parade will leave the Royal British Legion ,Wallasey at 10.15 am passing our town hall with no poppy to be followed by a service at the War Memorial at Magazine Parade, New Brighton, New Brighton ,at 10.55

Birkenhead Town Hall has its poppy. Liverpool and St George’s Hall have hundreds . So where is Wallasey’s ? ‘Eyes right’ … when our veterans walk past this will not be shouted this year. No,not this year, of all years ! Answers please !!!!


Although perhaps the questions should be directed elsewhere we’ve done what we can on this momentous day to answer them.

First of all we’d like to make the observation as to whether Wirral’s  councillors or managers noticed the omission or did anything to address it ? Or is it all about Birkenhead Town Hall this year (and we all know who’s pulling those strings there don’t we boys and girls?)

PD 001

Forget the poppy – the most significant symbol in this picture is the seagull. Just like Wirral Council it has a tendency to shit on people from a great height.

An initial enquiry about the poppy omission at Wallasey Town Hall led to the response : “Some sort of cock up apparently” . Further enquiries reveal that the poppy was damaged last year and despite the fact that one whole year has passed and that 2018 was particularly significant, a repair was not arranged in time. Which leads us to scream at someone : YOU HAD ONE JOB !

Apparently the damaged poppy was dragged up from the basement this week for a photoshoot and then swiftly dragged back down when awkward questions were asked about why it wasn’t up outside Wallasey Town Hall.

So whilst we know in the scheme of things getting a poppy up outside Wallasey Town Hall isn’t the worse thing that Wirral Council have done but we’re talking about symbolism here and the poppy itself  is one of the most potent symbols we know. So as far as we’re concerned this sorry story symbolises everything about Wirral Council.

File under CBA (Can’t Be Arsed).  What a way to commemorate the fallen.



Good Advice

Wilde 732

Such is the sage advice we receive on a daily basis we really should do a ‘ Wirral Leaks’ self  help book.

Chapter 1 would be about the ruling administration at Wirral Council taking themselves down the steps at the back of Wallasey Town Hall and throwing themselves into the River Mersey. If this is a hate crime we are proud to say we are guilty as charged.

However in the mean time we publish the recent contributions we have received that we feel the need to share in the public interest.

First off we follow up our Wirral Council Have Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two… with this pertinent advice :

Dear Sirs,
I have as well as many other businesses received a letter stating that I will be fined if I do not process my business waste via their channels.
I urge all businesses to send the letter back minus their name and address to the sender of the letter stating that in future we do not want their waste!
Next up we have some advice from down south (not a euphemism) as we know when something is kicking off when we get loads of hits on a long lost post.On this particular occasion it is our updates on the progress of infamous local government cheque collector Anna Klonowski . You know the one , she flew in to Wirral ,made a killing telling us what we already knew  that Wirral Council was a basket case and offering absolutely nothing to rectify the situation she moved on to her next lucrative gig ticking the boxes of mutual mediocrity along the way – for cold hard cash of course.

However it has been revealed that another pay-off of almost £100,000 made by Bristol City Council to its former chief executive ‘the Blessed Anna’ was not a contractual obligation, according to auditors.

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees insisted Anna Klonowski was entitled to the cash when she left in September 2017.

But the council’s auditors said it was “inappropriate” for the authority to say the payment was contractual. Read full story here : Bristol council’s £98k payout to chief exec ‘not obligatory’

So can we advise when Wirral Council wants to pay off the likes of  Webb, Noone, Fowler, Maddox, Coleman, Wilkie,Adderley ,Burgess, Degg ( we always put these 3 together – we can’t think why!) , Fish, Hassall, Blott, Norman, Lyon  etc; etc; they need to act in the public interest and remember the words :


However we’ll leave the last word to ‘our betters ‘ at Wirral Chamber of Commerce  and particularly their Chair, Sandra Kirkham aka ‘Our San’, who advises us lesser mortals in a Tweet from last month:

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 21.53.35

Whilst is looks as though San has also attended the ‘Sybil Fawlty School of Statin’ The Bleedin’ Obvious’, along with Anna Klonowski, it would also appear her message about skills and what we do in schools is somewhat undermined by the fact that she (or whoever writes Wirral Chamber of Commerce’s tweets) doesn’t seem to know the difference between ARE and OUR…



YES! ‘Matron’ McLaughlin was the next Labour resignation!

Matron 011

Hit the road Mac – and don’t you come back no more,no more,no more,no more…

As you all know we already knew the answer to the question we posed yesterday  Is ‘Matron’ McLaughlin the next Labour resignation?

And indeed as we revealed it was the ECHO who brought us the news. Although we’re sorry/not sorry we pissed all over ‘Local Democracy Reporter’ Tom Houghton’s carefully planned ‘exclusive’

You get a flavour of what’s to come from the headline “We’re on road to Militant’  as Matron McLaughlin is indulged ad nauseum… if you’ve got the stomach for it you can read the deranged rant here

However here are some observations from Leaky Towers . It seems to us there are very good reasons as to why the local party are getting heartily sick of ‘long-serving’ – or should that be ‘self -serving’? – Labour councillors. Describing their own party members as a ‘hard-left clique of unelected Labour Party officials, driven by their rigid and unrealistic ideology in their distorted version of democracy  – an ideology which is not shared by the communities we are elected to serve’ . Who wrote that for you Matron? – is Martin Liptrot back writing the purple -headed prose? You lot certainly love the word ‘distorted’ don’t you? And as for ‘clique’ – Matron has benefited from being part of Frank Field’s bent cabal for years and seemingly doesn’t like the taste of her own medicine.  Our advice to Matron would be to take two aspirin and tell us  how she feels in the morning.

And of course no press release ,sorry, report would be complete without allegations of ‘bullying’ and ‘intimidation’ . Examples of ‘intimidation’ included a local campaign forum sending “observers” to group meetings and calls for every piece of literature put out to constituents checked”.  Somebody call Amnesty International –  have you ever heard of such heinous violations of human rights?!

And all this feigned victimhood nonsense is coming from someone who oversaw the most appalling  PROVEN bullying and harassment when she was horrifyingly the Wirral Council lead for the notoriously dysfunctional Department of Adult Social Services and who went on to add insult to (personal) injury by publicly declaring her loyalty to those responsible for creating the toxic culture and the toxic debts!

Needless to say Matron goes on to have a moan about ‘targeted abuse’ on social media but wisely doesn’t mention ‘a certain website’ :

I wrote at regional level and sent them the social media posts.

I said you have a duty of care to us as individuals. To protect them from the hard-left clique. I asked them ‘would you please fulfil your duty of care to me?Use what information you have to control them – but I didn’t even get a response.

What a telling comment from Matron that is and a typical response from Labour North West. It’s all about me,me ME!!!  Tell us Matron where was the duty of care to protect social care staff from harassment and disabled people from abuse? As we’ve previously reported Labour North West have known about the deep seated problems with the Labour Party on Wirral and have simply ignored the festering pustule that is about to pop! However the killer comment is :


Now if there is one phrase that sums up everything that is wrong with not only the Labour old guard  but senior public officials on Wirral it is this perfect encapsulation of their mutual modus operandi . They’ve all got something on each other and it’s a means of retaining power and control.  We think this is reason enough to drain the cesspit of Wallasey Town Hall once and for all.

However we couldn’t finish without commenting on this breathtaking hypocrisy from Matron likening the current day to Labour’s Militant period of the 1980s, she said:

The hard-left are working to take control of the council. But it’s so difficult to run the council in current climate with the budget allocation we have got. I don’t know where they are going to nick money from, or how they will implement their policies.

Perhaps they can ‘nick money’ from disabled people, Matron. After all it (almost) worked for Wirral Council and the drugs money launderers who they did business with on your watch.























A Window of Opportunity

Some curious locals who live near Wallasey Town Hall have approached us with further enquiries about the case of the window frame that fell from the south annexe building on to the street below which you can remind about here :  A Sick Building for a Sick Organisation

They have also provided some handy pictures capturing the equipment that used to undertake the repairs and a close up of the work that has since been undertaken :
Observers tell us that two labourers used the mobile platform to screw L brackets into the rotten window frames (!) to stop one of them falling out again.
Let’s hope cash-strapped Wirral Council did everything they could to procure the best value for money for the job and it wasn’t a window of opportunity for a contractor to make a killing.
Anybody care to make a guess as to how much a job like this might cost ?
a) £1,500 ?
b) £5,000 ?
c) £8,500 ?

Green Appeal

On and on the Green Belt protest goes. This time it is from either end of Wirral – from Eastham to Saughall Massie . Our sources comment :

Mindful of your interest in Wirral’s Green Belt I sent you the Eastham Village Conservation Area leaflet opposing the Council proposals which will effectively obliterate Eastham – one of Wirral’s oldest villages and a Conservation Area located in the green belt since 1974.   Saughall Massie which is the other Wirral Conservation Area likely to be swallowed up has produced something similar – see below.

Further to your stories on the Green Belt campaign.  2500 leaflets are being delivered in the Eastham Area over the weekend.  Eastham is just about as far from Wallasey Town Hall as you can get.   It often feels that we are being singled out for special treatment – of the adverse kind!

SAVE EASTHAM draft png

Furthermore a prominent observer at the Wirral South Constituency Meeting contacted us to give us this eyewitness report :

A large crowd of residents attended the Wirral South Constituency Meeting on the 4th October , the majority of whom came to question the councillors on the Green Belt plan. We had to wait for over two and a half hours while councillors faffed around and filibustered on procedural matters and trivia.
These people have still not got the message about the level of anger on the street. From several (guess which party) we got the usual pap about how, yes, they all wanted to protect the green belt…BUT… Then followed a patronising ramble about the planning complexities involved …which the peasants couldn’t possibly appreciate.
The response from the crowd was loud and negative. The public question and answer session was the last item on the agenda and only happened because the council officer present intervened to insist it began. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark…and Wirral.

Green Belt Saughall Massie Leaflet