Vote Will Decide Wirral Council Leader’s Future.

Cllr Steve Foulkes’s leadership of Wirral Council  will be decided at a full meeting of the council on October 17. Tory group leader Cllr Jeff Green lodged a notice of motion calling for the leader’s removal.

Steve blasted the Tory leader’s moves as “cheap” and “beneath contempt” and accused him of making political capital from the damning Anna Kolonski report [comissioned during the Tories recent brief tenure.] This is the report into the treatment of Whistleblower Martin Morton and the culture of bullying within Wirral Council’s Social Services Department and beyond.  A report it must be noted, that Cllr Foulkes refused to accept was neccessary during his years in charge stating to anyone who was still awake that there was “no hidden wrongdoing”.


Mr Webb, Director of Adult Social Services, has requested early voluntary retirement.