Kingdom Comeuppance ? – Part 2


red email 2

More leaked emails from Wirral Council featuring correspondence between Liberty Antiques shop owner  Sean Martin and various councillors is most illuminating on the political machinations that are going on behind the scenes.

We’re confident that our campaigning friends at Wirral Against The Litter Police (Kingdom Security) understand the motives of a ‘Tory-Come-Lately’ or a ‘Labour Appeaser’ as clearly there is much political capital that can be made from the increasingly contentious situation in the run up to the local elections in May.

Our main concern is that the current ruling administration would rather stick with a highly unpopular course of action than be seen to cave in to public pressure . The same approach also applies to the plans for the Hoylake Golf Resort/Celtic Manor Resort and the publication of Wirral View.

This also seems to be the approach of Cllr Anita Leech , Wirral Council Cabinet Member for Environment about whom it is alleged knows nothing of Kingdom’s actions – which is simply either untrue or a failure of scrutiny. Although it must be said from other comments she’s alleged to have made at least she seems to be upfront about her motives – money for Wirral Council and political power for her party.

All we know is that the controversy surrounding Kingdom will run and run until  hopefully they are run out of town…

Liberty Antiques <> Thu, Feb 14, 12:10 AM  to all Wirral councillors

Good morning all Wirral Councillors I received a call today from a small business owner in Pensby who had just received a £300 fine from Kingdom. This is what he said to me: “I feel that Wirral Council have given someone the authority to enter our premises and take £300 from our till and there is nothing I can do about it” As an elected councillor whose job it is to serve the public if you think what Kingdom are doing is right you have lost touch with reality and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Your views on this matter would be welcomed

Kind Regards Sean Martin

Ellis, Gerry (Councillor) Thu, Feb 14, 8:34 PM

Dear Mr Martin

Thanks for the copy of your message to councillors. I totally agree with you. It was a discrace (sic) for Kingdom to behave in the way they did. However, I understand that our Cabinet Member responsible for Waste was not aware of Kingdom’s actions and she has now ordered them to cease the practise until council officers have investigated what is going on and reviewed the policy.

With best wishes  Councillor Gerry Ellis Hoylake & Meols Ward 

Liberty Antiques < Thu, Feb 14, 8:58 PM  to Gerry Ellis

I am sorry sir but you are deluded if you think that. Her own constituents have been telling her for the last 4 weeks and she has been rude and dismissive with quotes such as “the council need the money” and “it’s either us or the tories so take your pick” . My local representatives Pat Hackett and Tony Jones have been canvassing her for the last 2 weeks without success. Pat Hackett actually asked her to come down to meet us and listen to our concerns and she ignored his request

I stand over my beliefs

Kind Regards SEAN —

Wirral Council and Kingdom Security – Taking a Liberty

A concerned business owner contacted us last October to share their concerns about Wirral Council’s approach to screwing more money out of local business owners, sorry that should have read ‘business waste and caring for the environment’.

Business across Wirral will see a letter from Wirral Council drop onto their doormat over the coming weeks. Some have already received them. The letter looks like a piece of junk mail with a leaflet attached to it but it carries an ominous warning about non-compliance which could result in a £300 Fixed Penalty Notice.

The letter in question tells business owners about their obligations regarding disposal of business waste. It warns them they need to keep written information relating to all business waste for a period of two years and must make these documents available for inspection by authorised officers of the council or the Environment Agency when required to do so. Failure to produce the written information when asked will result in a Fixed Penalty Notice.

This unassuming letter should strike fear into the heart of every business owner in Wirral. Clearly it is the first salvo in an orchestrated attack to hit as many businesses as possible with the Fixed Penalty Notice mentioned in the letter. They are an easy target too because even a person working from home can be affected. Anything can be classed as business waste which means any business owner can be targeted and hit with a £300 Fixed Penalty Notice. 

Read full story here : Wirral Council Have Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two

Now we can see the Wirral Council/Kingdom Security money making venture in action courtesy of the following letter which has been forwarded to us and the Facebook campaign group Wirral Against The Litter Police (Kingdom Security) .

Mr Phil Davies
Leader of Wirral Council
Town Hall
Brighton Street

By hand and by email


Dear Sir,

As I was already concerned with the way Kingdom treat vulnerable members of the public here on the Wirral is was with trepidation that I discovered they would be taking over the running of WBC’s business waste enforcement.

So after 2 of their “agents” visited my shop at 132 Seabank Road, New Brighton on the 14th January I was anxious to reply to them within the 14 days deadline they gave me as I knew they would be counting the days before they could issue me with a fine.

I replied on the 21st January and included a copy of my waste collection agreement with Ash Waste and even trying to be helpful I provided a picture of the bin outside my shop.

But lo and behold on the 29th January ( YES, immediately after the 14 days!! ) they have issued a £300 fine!! Do they not even check the emails or follow up in any way to check that people have complied!!

On our little section of Seabank Road 7 little shops or businesses were visited. All 7 of us are family owned and between us we employ about 20 people including ourselves. All our shops or premises are one room. We are indigenous family run business’s basically providing jobs for ourselves so we do not have to depend on benefits or seek employment off others. We are not Tesco’s or Asda or large conglomerates. And all 7 of us have received fines. 3 of us sent our waste agreements within the 14 days. Others had replied to state they did not generate any waste. Have the council no shame whatsoever? If this has happened on 100 feet of Seabank Road translate this to the thousands of streets and businesses on the Wirral and you are opening a huge backlash from hard working people struggling to keep their little shops and business’s afloat. I find it incredulous that WBC could impose these scavengers on the people they are there to serve!! Are they aware of Government’s concerns about high streets becoming ghost area’s!! About the drive to help local shops and business’s remain viable in face of the internet giants??

How can anyone have any faith in this company that’s sole purpose is to generate wealth at other people’s expense?? They have proved in other area’s of their activity and other areas of the country that they completely disregard the rules and simply issue fines to generate income for their company. They look for easy targets instead of concentrating on the real problem area’s that they be should be targeting. From research I have done they also make the judgement if you appeal. So you appeal obviously under the belief that they are wrong and its up to them to decide the merits of your appeal. How can this be allowed!!

I have grave concerns about WBC’s unhealthy relationship with this company and their eagerness to give it more and more contracts while other local councils and city councils are ditching them. I am also concerned that they issue them with WBC postal addresses and email addresses which make it look like you are dealing with WBC. None of the other traders on my street knew they were dealing with Kingdom, they all thought they were dealing direct with WBC. My other concern is that it looks to me that these contracts have been given to Kingdom without any tendering or consultation. Under the 2018 Data protection regulations I also have grave concerns about this company gathering and processing my data and what they can do with it. I do not trust them as I believe they will harvest this and sell it if the opportunity to make money from it arises.

Please note that I will sending a copy of this letter to my local councillors, social media groups, the Secretary of state Mr James Brokenshire, The Prime Minister Mrs May and in particular the leader of the labour party Mr Corbyn as this is a labour council carrying out this policy of harassment on the local population.

Without malice or mischief, in sincerity and honour

I look forward to hearing from you

Kindest Regards

Sean Martin
Liberty Antiques