More Skullduggery at WBC ?

Afternoon taxpayers,Verity here 

The new spirit of transparency openness and accountability that Graham ‘pre- booked annual leave’ Burgess has promised seems to have lasted as long as the last false dawn over at good ole WBC . Observe if you will this link

 This links to a very important super duper council meeting this very evening when the ongoing sorry saga of the four suspended statutory officers is discussed – and yet  time there isn’t even a front sheet explaining what the meeting is about.

 It seems the press and public are allowed to know the subject of and reasons why meetings are actually called, yet  we aren’t allowed to know what the Security Services, er sorry, we mean local councillors and town hall pen-pushers, are going to talk about.

 That said even the councillors attending are not allowed to know why they have been summoned to the Clown hall!

 Operation Lockdown seems to be in full swing

 Something’s never change eh ?


Which reminds us while we are on  … so much for care homes getting better


“CQC has warned Victoria House (Wallasey) Limited that it must make immediate improvements at Victoria House (Wallasey).”




A Wirral Leaks welcome to the new chief exec.

Wirral Leaks welcomes Graham Burgess, Wirral’s FIFTH (count ‘em) chief executive in under two years.

Our ever vigilant retainer and PA Miss Verity Snoop, has been doing some a-googling and found that ex poacher turned game keeper Graham doesn’t like to mention the fact that when he was a Union leader in Liverpool in the 80’s he wrestled Derek Hatton ala Alan Bates and Oliver Reed in “Women In Love” style to the ground. And thus [according to Graham’s PR team] single handily stopped Militant in its tracks, saving the country from communism and all that lefty lunacy, y’know stuff like proper contract monitoring, no artificial delay on care packages, spending public money to benefit all the people. But he doesn’t like to talk about it. So much so that he mentions the fact  he doesn’t like to talk about it in every interview he’s given. EVER.  Even if he isn’t asked.

  We note that like most rubicund hued ex Union reps Graham likes a pint or two down at the local gastro-pub  and relaxes watching the footie, without paying obviously, as reported in the Daily Telegraph HERE

Graham Burgess of Blackburn with Darwen spent £213 buying tickets to two Blackburn Rovers matches in 2009 for him and nine guests. He also spent hundreds of pounds on regular lunches at his local pub, the Clog and Billycock.

The council said that in both cases Mr Burgess was entertaining “key local and regional partners”.

Entertaining how ?

I mean entertaining like he’s a clown, to amuse you? to make you laugh, he’s here to f*cking amuse you? What do you mean entertaining?  entertaining how?

So a Goodfella and just the man to set Wirral straight then, welcome aboard old chap. We do things differently here don’cha know! …you’ll never leave……