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  1. Can somebody please tell me what has happened to David Taylor Smith Deputy Director of Finance suspended since 28 June 2012? Are we still paying his full salary?
    Also can somebody tell me why, if David Green is back with “no case to answer” Chris McCarthy is still showing as interim Director of Technical Services? Are we paying 2 people for the same job?


    109 million in cuts, 350 council staff to get the chop, yet Burgess has the gall to say this: “”Our duty as public servants is to do all we can to use the limited resources we have left in the most effective way possible”. They could start by cancelling their nice little jolly to China.

    Time to think about refusing to pay council tax, since we don’t seem to be getting any actual service for our money.

  3. Quite incredible that the council wasted thousands of pounds of our, council tax payer’s, money on those stupid yellow signs everywhere saying “XX accidents at this spot” then deliberately CREATE accident blackspots by switching off the lighting on some of the most dangerous roads on Wirral! Joined up thinking, not. One for Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs I think, along with the shiny new £850k fire escape in the town hall for councillors, but no means of escape for the poor buggers working in the Annexes!

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  5. the council in its information to the public about the shutdown over Christmas has forgot to tell the public that the cctv control room is open 24/7 all over the Christmas period manned by a depleated staff.strange somewhat that they have voted to close it down but still expect it to run over the yuletide period yet departments that are deemed essential are all on close over xmas.also small number of community patrol on duty also and as a nice little xmas present told that after xmas they too also will have staff axed,hold the fort over xmas for us why we will carve up our turkeys and them come back and carve up you.

  6. Does anyone know what happened to the LS Lowry painting that used to hang in the office of a Mr Darley at Wirral Borough Council many years ago?…It seems that it dissapeared from the office after Mr Darley left & has never been seen since.
    Does anyone also know just how many works of art at Wallasey town hall lying unsecured n the basement & just how much of those works of art have been stolen having been left scattered around like they were rubbish?

  7. Comrade Burgessky declares the intention to make 500 council employees redundant (many compulsory) and only last year they lost 1500 staff. That is two thousand less staff out of a non-schools workforce of just ove 5000. When will the people of Wirral wake up and realise the effect these losses will inevitably have on the ability of Wirral Council to deliver the services we the citizens pay them for and the impact of loosing so many wage packets out of the local economy. These jobs are gone for the foreseeable future with very little private sector jobs to replace them therebye impoverishing the Wirral economy for the next several generations.

    It wasn’t central government who caused the banks to crash (well not directly) but it is the present central government which is inflicting outrageuous cuts on local government, brought in the infamous bedroom tax, is decimating the NHS and GPs surgeries, has failed to stop escallating electricity bills, and has given tax deductions to the rich while the poor remain in energy poverty.

    What a sorry state Wirral is in and how interesting will the general and local election be next year – if anybody can be bothered to vote.

  8. The leaving of Emma. Wirral Leaks reported: “There are anecdotes galore about her antics. About her manipulations, her tantrums, her politicking, back-biting, hair pulling out, floor-rolling hysterics, wild accusations and constant poison-dripping.”

    Well done Emma, you will be remembered with infection 🙂

  9. I comment on your article regarding cri … your last comment you dont give me the option to reply and when i reply using the other option you dont show it, in your last comment you tell me about me breaking my anonymity i gave you a reply to answer that yet you wont show it.. really thought you guys where different from the rest but it looks like your just the same. Also the lie regarding recovery champs is slanderous, in the article you also state it is for the commissioners although its on a public Web page . I do hope to get a response back

    • Hi David
      We understand that you are passionate about the work you do.This is reassuring and to be commended
      We have published everything you have sent us. However we have to stand by our various sources and corroboration but if you want us to remove the quote about recovery champions we will.
      Let us know what you want but just to let you know we will be responding any further on this matter.

  10. Thought it would be of interest to you to know that staff based in Cheshire lines were locked in the building without their knowledge today!
    There was a leak into the electric cupboard and part of the ground floor ceiling collapsed. Some bright spark decided to block the main fire exit with chairs and lock the fire door!
    No staff were told, over 200 staff use the exit from floors 1 & 2. Some staff accidentally found out when they discovered they couldn’t actually leave the building via that route when trying to go home.
    Possibly the worst fire safety/health and safety breach the council has ever made!

  11. I see that WBC have picked up an award for ‘Birkenhead First’, a recent regeneration scheme. I mean, do me a favour! What regeneration is this? Each day Birkenhead fills with more homeless beggars, more junkies using Hamilton Square as a toilet, more shops shuttered up, more piles of rubbish in the overpriced car parks in Grange Rd West, more public drinking along Borough Rd. and that’s not to mention the row of boarded up shops which have been there longer than my memory. Charing Cross is a delightful place now it has been regenerated, the boarded up pubs, the all night kebab shops and drinking dens, the crowds of morons spoiling for a fight…a true tourists delight. Did the 6,500 extra visitors enjoy their experience? How does this council get an award for all this?

      • And now the Wine Lodge is up for sale, I bet that gets boarded up after Xmas. WBC could offer tours to firms of boarder uppers to show them how to shut down and board up an entire town, Charing Cross, the centre of old Birkenhead. I remember the xmas tree on the roundabout as was. Look at it now, criminal.

      • Can we quote you anonymously on an article we’re preparing about the dereliction and decay . May seem a a bit pointless and you may prefer to be named. But we always like to ask.

  12. Sirs

    Your story in September 16 on CGLs activities on the Wirral and the resultant PHE inquiry into the 74 deaths has resulted in this report below from PHE, to be discussed at Mondays scrutiny committee by our learned betters. Apparently CGLis safe..! Who would have thought it, 74 deaths is safe.

    It would seem too that your story in September may well have a germ of truth in it! A service that oversees 74 deaths in 18 months is called safe…hhhmmm.

    Fine reporting on your part but is anyone really interested in dead junkies and alcoholics? I have written to Frank who appeared concerned in a crocodile tears kind of way and Phil Davies who couldn’t give a shit judging by his bland reply. This is such a concerning matter, someone is covering something up, bending the truth, whatever, 74 deaths is too much for a small town like Birkenhead, disgraceful and shameful.

      • The report is to be discussed at Mondays Scrutiny Committee as I have said. I find aspects of this whole process extremely unsavory. Besides the fact that the report is actually poor in its execution, being an observational report rather than an investigatory forensic report, it is written by Fiona Johnstone, Wirrals director of Public Health, now called Heath and Well Being Director. Fiona Johnstone was instrumental in bringing CGL in to the Wirral as an alternative to the NHS after the tendering process. How can this be considered impartial or objective in any way? The report as I have said asks no meaningful questions at all such as:

        1. How many were off their prescription of methadone at the time of their deaths.
        2. How many were on a reducing prescription. What was average dose at time of death?
        3. Were any excluded from services through so called behaviour issues at the time of death.
        4. Were there any deaths after successful completion or drop out of treatment.
        5. How many had been released from prison.
        6. Did any die during changes to medication? From injectables to oral for example.
        7. Were they attending the services needle exchange scheme without fear of being challenged.

        These are the key questions, I find it totally bewildering why a person has been asked to prepare a report who can in no way be considered impartial or objective. No respect has been shown at all to the 74 dead and if this ends up as a whitewash of CGL it will be to Wirrals shame.

  13. Look at Birkenhead markets accounts. They are negative by about £4m

    Look at Larry Embra on companies house, it’s littered with insolvent companies and he was bankrupt 2 years ago

    My question is in the accounts it mentions the market carries on trading withe the help of WBC . So why is this. It was sold to Embra 10 years plus ago, since then it looks like he’s used it at a personal piggy bank to fund his questionable career as a property developer

    It looks like us taxpayers are picking up the tab, yet we don’t own the market and will Larry get a big bung when Neptune redevelop it.

    It looks well dodgy

  14. So sorry to hear that ‘The Leader’ as he is obsequiously referred to in The Globe by his minions has lost his post of late, this can be most irritating. I use a simple file folder indexed alphabetically, can we organise a collection and get The Leader one for Xmas. I hope he hasn’t misplaced his pay slip.

  15. Hi there
    I’m i n Worcester. We have just lost Sheena Ramsey who is know going to Gateshead council.
    She had only been here around a year
    While here they managed to privitize quite a bit and make peoples lives harder.
    Anyway I did get some leaflets out about the public cash they get . I worked out she was getting about 50 grand a month with her pay offs and stuff. Any info on her would be appreciated

  16. Hi WirralLeaks,
    Do you know much about this Access Wirral scheme that’s about to be pushed through the approval process? I hear that over 100+ jobs are set to go inline with spending thousands of the Wirral pound on a new solution…more money wasted…….money for Girtrell Court pushed to one side and Wirral residents loose out again… disgusting, disgraced and shameful.

    Keep up the good work WL & bring these idiots to shame!!!!!

  17. Noticed yesterday that papers had been published about libraries and leisure service changes and was under the impression we are in Purda – do you have any info on this?

  18. Anyone listen to Radio 4 last night and an interesting program on the demise of golf courses called In the Rough. Apparently golf membership is diminishing as are golf clubs themselves. Half a million members have been lost from a total of one and a half million ten years ago. Over 400 clubs themselves have actually been closed in that time and the land sold off to developers. WBC even does this the wrong way round! Olympic cycling is to blame according to the tie wearing members and the fact that golf is seen as ‘Elitest, snobby, stuck up and posh’, it still operates too many out of date rules, Jackets must be worn, ties etc. Cycling allows the spending of money on equipment and figure hugging lycra and family days out on the promenade cycling around ‘en famille’ scaring the pigeons. The old golf widow is not being replaced and the golf industry is very concerned that they are losing the traditional middle aged, middle class, middle income male looking for time away from loved ones every Sunday.

  19. What’s the latest on this new civic campus Halliday, Liptrot & Wright are about to drive forward in Birkenhead heard that they are about to complete a deal with some investors- do you know who these are and how this impacts our public purse?
    One pissed off resident.

      • Hi Leaks

        Been trying to find out more through contacts but not revealing much or they are sworn to secrecy was hoping the man in the know would be able to shed some light on the situation…. maybe alcohol is the next step to make her talk will keep you posted if I hear more before you do

      • Some consortium of a sort with 5 potential bidders is all that I’ve been told; huge redevelopment of Birkenhead town lots of residents monies being ploughed into it. Council buying all premises to make it happen…..maybe there is a Father Christmas after all well only if you are Wirral Council

  20. I see the Blott has finally been given his marching orders; watch this space for further reductions that paper mentions Armstrong with a view that he’s next ohhh rrrrr the stuttering fool

  21. Hi I’ve just had notification from Wirral Council Planning that Parking Eye the company that issues parking ‘fines’ for Aldi in Prenton have been operating illegally. Parking Eye have never applied for planning permission for the ANPR? Cameras and/or signage.
    Therefore anyone who paid £40 for an overstay should request their money to be returned.
    Wirral Council are granting Parking Eye retro planning but no mention of prosecution for illegal operations over the last ten years.

  22. I know you’ve moved away and hope your enjoying being away from the rat race…. just to give you an update looks like the clowncil are about to appoint the partner this being MUSE who seem to be the front runner in the shenanigans.

    Loves ya leaky

  23. It beggars belief that when animals are involved there is a hue and cry against the council with literally hundreds of objectors winning the day but when it comes to Wirral Clowncils abuse of disabled people, destruction of green belt, construction of golf courses, treatment of whistleblowers (need I go on) there is but a mere handful of protesters. Until the residents of Wirral realise the consequences of this corrupt council are catastrophic the abuse and their own self interests will continue….God help us!

  24. Some 10 years ago WBC SEN transport contracts were awarded based on a scoring system of 60% price and 40% quality. About 6 years ago that scoring system was changed to 80% price and 20% quality, last year it was changed again, go on, have a guess……yep got it in one, its now 100% price Zero % quality. Yes, I am well aware of government having reduced their budgets but for god sake Zero % quality, is that all that our disabled and elderly communities are worth to WBC a poxy zero %

  25. Well after a very stressful year thanks to Wirral Clowncil we are saying goodbye to another 41 members of staff on top of the 19 made redundant earlier in the year….totally unneccessary because the idiots took no notice of the Minister of Transport who told them not to take the action they did…..I am sure the 60 members of staff you have put out of work, together with the 30 who are left and with some encouragement, every disabled and elderly person on the Wirral will do everything in their power to get rid of the lot of you. MP`s (who did fuck all), councillors (who did fuck all), party leaders (who did fuck all) and officers (who just couldnt give a toss)….may you all rot in hell.

  26. Having told the Wirral Clowncil 9 months ago that forcing us down the Operators Licensing route (despite having been told by th Minister of Transport not to) would lead to a shortage of SEN transport and force up thier SEN transport budget….quess what, got it in one. They are already trying to get us to take on additional contracts (which we cant do, as previously stated we had to let 41 staff go) but because we have had to train drivers up to obtaing their PSV licenses our prices have had to go up thereby putting up the costs to the borough council tax payers and that includes me and the total of 60 members of staff we have had to let go and that does not make me happy.

  27. So I see the idiots have lost the case trying to close down what I like to call Birkenheads Pleasure Drome. Isnt it better to have some control over such activity rather than such activities on the streets of Birkenhead….its obvious to the inteligent council tax payers but not so obvious the the clowns in the Clown Hall… they have wasted even more of our tax monies. When will this incompetence, idiocy and waste of money stop….until we get shut of the lot of them, it never will.

  28. Thank you for making sense in the Wirral green belt grab . I thank you for your time in fighting for the good of the Wirral community. You were right had an email of a councillor saying Wallasey challenged the governments figures of housing numbers so taking the credit for reducing the proposed housing numbers , which you forecast weeks ago and they rejected .
    How I wish you would run for government . Thanks again

    • Thanks Glyn
      We did predict the sham from the outset but thanks also should go to our well informed and articulate sources who put Wirral Council officers and councillors to shame.
      Keep reading for more exclusives.

      PS Politics is not for us – we prefer to observe and comment on the madness of it all.

  29. Hi Wirralleaks,

    Do you know anything about the buyout of Birkenhead Market we have had council workers sniffing around our livelihoods; be good to know if we have businesses come this time next year. Any digging would be very beneficial.

  30. Take a look down Corporation Road opposite the police custody suite looks like the gypsys have been in town

    Its the biggest case of flytipping ever seen it’s been there for months

    Wonder how long the council and the dogooders at the chamber will ignore it for ?

  31. Head of Tourism and Destination Marketing
    Competitive Salary
    More jobs to compensate incompetence within Wirral – really takes the biscuit this place

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