Seen at the Deen

Deen 026

As we previously reported in our Reds Go for Greens post the most interesting battle at local elections in May will be in the Birkenhead/Tranmere ward where the local Labour group are determined to oust lone Green councillor Pat Cleary. Accordingly we’ve been keeping a keen eye on the frantic electioneering.

As Cllr Cleary’s support for both the Birkenhead & Tranmere Neighbourhood Forum and their concerns over the annexing of The Lauries by the Wirral Chamber of Commerce and Birkenhead Market Trader’s Association claims that they are being ‘ignored’ by Wirral Council in the latter’s ‘transformation’ plans indicate he is seen very much as the fly in the Birkenhead/ Tranmere ointment and needs to be swatted away come May . We’ll have much, much more on these two stories at a later date  : Birkenhead Market Traders

However today’s post concerns last week’s return of the Birkenhead Constituency Committee after a near six month hiatus. The choice of venue for the meeting was particularly interesting. The Committee meetings have hitherto always been held in Birkenhead Town Hall . However on this occasion it was held at ‘The Deen Centre’ on Borough Road. At first we thought the building was a misspelt tribute to Tranmere Rovers/Everton  footballing legend  Dixie Dean. We then discovered that ‘Deen’ is an Arabic word with several meanings but most usually taken to mean ‘religion’ or ‘faith’.

We understand that ‘The Deen Centre’ has been establishing itself not only as a resource for increasingly influential local Muslim community but the wider Birkenhead/Tranmere  community . This may explain the choice of venue for this particular Committee meeting. Although with Beaconsfield Community House and Birkenhead YMCA the area seems particularly well served with community resources for the hungry and the homeless.

Viewing the John Brace footage of the meeting it appeared to be the usual series of presentations . About one of which we’d like to ask  – when did it become OK to discuss someone’s personal circumstances in a public meeting? She who shall remain nameless describes a 56 year old woman as ‘old’ and is met with cries of “that’s not old” and raucous laughter . “If you met her – she looks 80″ came the response” !

However keeping it classy the meeting wouldn’t have been complete without a Foulkesy face-palm moment. Whilst encouraging  people who attended the meeting to continue to report crime Cllr Steve Foulkes uttered these words of wisdom :

Some people are confusing reporting crime with being labelled , I’ll say the word – a Birkenhead word – ‘ a grass’ ……………If anyone wants to give names of criminals who are operating in the area , use us ( councillors)  – we’re very good at being copper’s narks  

So having tried to downplay the use of a pejorative term to describe someone raising legitimate concerns with the right authorities (grass) Foulkesy then goes and uses a different but equally insulting word (nark) to describe an informant !  – fine work. But then from what we know of Foulkesy and his ilk they’re not that keen on people behaving in such a way   – unless of course they’re tooled up with a recording device and are willing to smear political opponents #Wirralgate.

Talking of which it just so happens Wirral Leaks has the names of some senior politicians who it is alleged have been involved in potential criminal acts. We would have forwarded them to Foulkesy but then suddenly remembered that there might be a slight conflict of interest!


18 thoughts on “Seen at the Deen

  1. Thanks for using my footage.

    Birkenhead Constituency Committee meeting on the 5th October 2017 was at Rock Ferry Library, not at Birkenhead Town Hall.

    But yes, as far as I can remember most have been in Birkenhead Town Hall since the Birkenhead Constituency Committee started.

    • Can’t say we’ve ever had the pleasure of attending these meetings but we do usually get feedback from sources. They must have missed Rock Ferry library meeting (which was still a Council property – for now anyway!) Doesn’t explain 6 month break between meetings – although they can be a bit sporadic from what we can make out.
      The Deen Centre seemed a bit cramped – was it?

      • The Birkenhead Constituency Committee meeting at Rock Ferry library meeting was one of the few I missed.

        The Deen Centre may look that way from the video, but the Birkenhead Constituency Committee was held in only half of a larger room.

        That half was smaller than the rooms that have been used at Birkenhead Town Hall (such as the Council Chamber or the Assembly Room).

        The other half was for the food, water and for people to chat before it started.

        However if you consider the size of the whole room, it’s of a similar size to where the Birkenhead Constituency Committee normally meets (just more people turned up to the meeting than usual).

        Part of the rest of the Deen Centre is a mosque.

        The calendar of meetings for the Birkenhead Constituency Committee are agreed each year as part of the municipal calendar.

        However out of the last fifteen scheduled public meetings of the Birkenhead Constituency Committee, five were cancelled (quite why I’m not sure).

        That’s partly why I couldn’t make the last one in October as it was cancelled in September and rearranged to a week later than originally planned.

  2. I’m getting all excited about tomorrow’s story now….

    Oh, I know who plays the starring role in it, but I’m really keen to see Lord Leaky’s wise words summarising the end of a sordid, disgusting epoch. And the comments of course. It’s been a long time coming, but karma has a habit of dragging its feet. Some of us also have a rough idea now of how it may have happened. All speculative at the moment, but give it time and I’m sure the pieces will fall into place!

    • Sorry for being such a ‘tantalizer’ as the late Dowager Duchess used to say but there have been some developments on that particular story which means we may have to delay the big reveal for slightly longer.
      What’s more there have been some startling revelations from elsewhere which we need to get out there.

  3. G’day Leaky

    Oh “Ankles” Foulkes, the Ex Dunny Chain Wearer.

    Who could forget, like the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off Foukuss was all over, the Brawl at the Hall in the Name of a Charity Ball?



    Amazing how they manoeuvre the legal system, doesn’t look like the next case is not over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters they like to play the masons in a home game.

    Luv you Leaks XXXXXXXXX

    Someone told me “Missus Bilong The Pretend Friend Nurse Rat” spouse was a buffalo…..
    no no no he’s a maggot.

  4. Comment on greens voting blue, no its called voting with the opposition.
    As far as Foulkes is concerned the terms are from the gutter, what else would expect from this man and his family.

    • G’day John

      Spot on old chap.

      He wants people to be grasses (whistle blowers) but on their terms so they can tell the cops who to chase and who to let off like Raworth, Turnbull and Adderley.

      Did I tell you (probably 100 times) that “Highbrow” went to the cops over Wirral “Funny” Bizz and the cop said it was fraud and he was given a crime no.

      Then like magic the cops wouldn’t speak to “Highbrow” the clowncil was now the “grasser”

      and like magic




      The snivelling little welsh shit “The Pretend Friend” has it spot on Jon we just don’t understand how it works.

      What surprises me most is how Clowncillor “Crapapple” didn’t get away with it?

      He should of done a scum bag Jones and had an audit trail.

      I’ll see you at the new market Jon you won’t miss me there will only be me and you there looking at “Philly “FUCKING” Liar’s bronze plaque.


      • Crabtree got away with it for years until there was a RECORDING.
        There’s another RECORDING that somehow Merseyside Police are not interested in.
        Go figure.

      • Hi James love your comments & had the pleasure of meeting Nigel at the New Brighton bookshop I know who I believe rather than those POS councillors & Officers Keep fighting the good fight.

  5. G’day again Jon

    It is just so frustrating that they are of such low intellect they can’t or won’t speak up for themselves.

    They are such impotent and meaningless people they do wirral actually no real good at all.

    There is no place in the clowncil for ridiculous party politics were they all stay schtum for a few bob in allowances.



    What good has any of them done….. zilch.

    Speak up if you think you have you crud and dross of wirral.

    Thought not…………

    Had a laugh today to hear that the clowncil over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters is 50% women.

    Which in effect means that “Philly “FUCKING” Liar’s Uncle Joe and the few boys do even better, wink wink, with fewer men to share with.

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