Go South Young Man! – The Leaving of Cllr Matthew Patrick

Matty Patty 002

However let’s get back to the matter of who Frankenfield thinks should inherit his kingdom. Apparently Upton councillor Matthew Patrick (aka Matty Patty) is the nice young man that Field would like to succeed him as the MP for one of the safest parliamentary seats in the land. But then we suppose there isn’t a deep pool of talent to draw upon in Birkenhead is there? But what about Foulkesy? Georgie? Crabby?, Doughty? we hear you cry. All we can assume is that Frank would like someone more in keeping with the aspirational artist’s impressions of a future Birkenhead that have been knocking about all over the local press this week – Wirral Leaks February 2018 . Full story here

The expression ‘rats leaving a sinking ship’ comes to mind as we can barely keep up with the continuing departure of Labour councillors – admittedly not the ones we want but net would appear to be closing in…

The latest news concerns two of the minor players in our ongoing saga of Wirral’s political folk . Namely Cllr Matthew ‘Matty Patty’ Patrick and Cllr Paul ‘Danceaway’ Doughty . Whilst we’re elated to hear that Paul Doughty is dancing away to well deserved obscurity and will not be standing at the next local elections by far the most interesting is the announcement that chinless wonder Matty Patty is suddenly heading off to ‘that there London’  We wonder whether he’s hoping  to pursue a dazzling political career as a Special Advisor (SPAD)?   Let’s hope his political ambitions aren’t thwarted by his political past on Wirral catching up with him.

If , as a Cabinet member in the most corrupt Wirral Council administration ever known isn’t enough we also understand that Matty Patty’s hasty departure may have something to do about,yes you guessed it, allegations of bullying against a female party member! To be honest we didn’t know he had it in him! Up until now the most confrontational we’ve seen him was complaining about the ‘faux outrage’ of local Tories sounding like Birkenhead MP Frank Field at his prissiest . No wonder we had him marked down as a potential successor to the the MP for Birkenhead – who’s days are now surely numbered whether by his own hand or the hands of others wielding the knives remains to be seen.

However as The Skwawkbox reports departure of Matty Patty gets curiouser and curiouser :

Matthew Patrick, well known among in the area as a figure of the Labour right, has not yet announced his reasons for his resignation, which will become effective in October, but local members say they are expecting a fresh antisemitism claim as Mr Patrick is understood to be Jewish.

Sources in the borough have pointed out, however, that Patrick was facing a complaint regarding alleged bullying of a female party member.

The SKWAWKBOX called Mr Patrick for comment. He did not deny that there is a bullying complaint outstanding against him, but declined to answer any questions by phone. No answer has yet been received to a follow-up email asking:

– is your decision connected in any way with the outstanding complaint against you regarding alleged bullying of a female party member?
– why have you opted to take this step just before Labour’s conference in Liverpool?
– will you be publishing a resignation letter and when?

Full story here : New Twist in Wirral smear saga as councillor resigns facing bullying allegations

Whatever the reason for  Matty Patty’s sudden departure what a damning indictment of  life on Wirral. We can only ask all our promising young men and women to follow his lead and go north, south,east and west but whatever you do get the hell out of Wirral until the ship of fools currently running the show sinks to the bottom of the Marianas Trench.

Matty Patty Pic


Wirral Waters One : Brown Nosing on Brownfield Sites

Wirral Waters One-WatersideView RevB-SC-02

Presumably we’re not on Wirral Council’s distribution list but we’ve just received their  ‘Wirral Waters One’  news release anyway. No doubt it will be reproduced faithfully elsewhere but here it is in its original form. Needless to say we predicted there would be an upcoming media onslaught about how Birkenhead was ‘on the up’ .  No wonder Peel Land & Property – f’chrissakes how many names do they go under? – are said to be ‘delighted’ at the news  about WW1 . They must be laughing all the way to their Isle of Man tax haven as more ‘national funding’ has been secured to kick start development on their land . It’s becoming increasingly clear that we’ve been sold a pup and the promised  ‘International Trade Centre’ of ‘Wirral Waters’ has been traded in for ad-hoc housing  projects of ‘Wirral Waters One’  and to prove that Wirral Council is committed to development on brownfield sites to distract from the Green Belt debacle.

No doubt we find out more about how much money this involves and where it came from at the Wirral Council Cabinet meeting on October 1. Considering that the Cabinet meeting is the week after next we presume that the timing of the news release has something to do with the upcoming Labour Party Conference in Liverpool and the fact that journalists from all over the place have been sniffing around looking for stories in the wake of Birkenhead Constituency Labour Party spat.

The Prime of the Right Honourable Frank Field


Field pointing

Frankenfield doing what he does best – telling everyone what to do. The Miss Jean Brodie of British politics :   “…flattening their scorn underneath the chariot wheels of her superiority”

Following the revelation about the forthcoming free school forming part of ”The Frank Field Education Trust’ chain, we were left wondering about the ideological foundations behind the development .We were thinking it has the whiff of ‘The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie ‘ about it ( ” Give me a girl at an impressionable age and she is mine for life” ) Coincidentally there is an extremely prescient blog post dating back to 2010 titled ‘The Prime of Miss Frank Field’ which we would like to recommend but as this is a family blog we’ll leave you to Google as it’s strictly parental advisory!

Fortunately we can turn to Professor Gregg ( ‘The Prof’)  for a much more eloquent exploration of the drive and motivation behind the creation of a ‘Neo-Victorian Moral Utopia’ which is derived from Frank’s own works.

Frank’s Brave New World : The Role of Education 

So Frank Field is trying again to impose his model of society on Wirral, this time through the education system. Perhaps it would be wise to look at that his ideological foundations before we applaud this initiative. The best way to do that is to consider his literary master work, ‘Neighbours From Hell’ which is highly recommended.

‘The natural authority that society requires for its proper functioning is being overrun by the storm troopers of nihilistic behaviour. It is becoming ever more necessary for that authority which is fundamental to the operation of a free society, and which was once freely accepted, to be imposed’

‘Moral and civic duties provide the very foundations upon which civilised life is built
and are a proper area for legislative prescription and if necessary sanctions’

Readers may already begin to detect a small disconnect here between a free society and the imposition of Frank’s views on morality and enforced authority. We must also understand that when Frank talks of ‘Frankian’ intervention he is thinking big. For example

‘Tackling the breakdown of the common decencies culture requires an effort equal
to that which is mobilised for war …Just as wars are too important to be left to
generals, so parenting is too vital to society’s wellbeing to be left to parents unaided’

Generals of course are experienced, often competent, experts. Frank, as an obviously experienced expert in parenting, is going to rebuild the education system in his own image.
But Frank lives alone in his high tower, unmarried and childless, from which he looks down on the rest of us in righteous judgement as we struggle below to do the best for our families, however inadequately. Frank believes lack of a family gives him a godlike objectivity!

Teaching the elements of good parenting and indeed citizenship in schools is a sensible innovation so long as unnecessary and ill-founded ideological baggage is not built into the package. As we read on consider whether such baggage could ever be excluded under Frank’s model and influence. The imposition of new authority is to come via ‘citizen contracts’ and pseudo-religious ceremonies covering all aspects of our lives.

‘The new citizen contract would spell out for the first time the duties society places on
citizens by linking them to benefit entitlements’

‘The celebration and registration of the birth of a citizen, the signing of pupil’s school contracts, the contracts for drawing income support, housing benefit, incapacity benefit and the like, and the celebratory contract for citizens as they reach the state retirement age, will each offer the community the opportunity to teach through the registrar, priest, teacher, trade union official or benefit clerk, what the duties and rights of citizenship involve’

These teaching agents he calls ‘enforcement officers’. Just to be clear what Frank means by teaching he also says

‘…new boundaries need to be drawn… Benefits provide such a boundary as between
them they provide a universal coverage for those most likely to commit antisocial
Frank has told us that antisocial behaviour and bad parenting are phenomena of the undeserving poor in the underclass but also that he is not ‘poor bashing’. Yet it is the poorest who will experience Frank’s benefit sanctions for behaviour he disapproves of. Remember that in his Birkenhead, 55% of adults depend on out of work benefits, never mind those on working tax credits and the rest. So we will combat hunger and re-programme the undeserving poor using benefit sanctions if necessary…er, but won’t that increase their hunger? Won’t they need Foodbanks? Didn’t Frank condemn the Coalition and Conservative governments for making benefit sanctions and cuts?

The well off, who do not need benefits, are outside such sanctions but in Frank’s Utopia they would still suffer the indignity of being lectured about their responsibilities to the
state as Frank sees them, by his approved agents: priests, politicians and minor state ‘enforcement officers’. How will such sanctions be enforced in Frank’s Neo-Victorian
Moral Utopia?

‘The agency deciding what action should follow a repeated failure to meet a [citizen’s] contract should be the police and only the police. Once the police have the required evidence to levy a sanction, and then lodge that decision, the sanction should automatically come in to operation on the appropriate benefit.’

So the police are to become the only enforcement arm of Frank’s Moral Renewal Jihad. The involvement of the police in controlling benefit provision surely makes Frank’s fundamental political attitudes and intentions only too plain. What would come next we might wonder? Well Frank tells us in the third element of his final solution, which is to combat the voices of ‘nihilism’ in the interests of protecting his idea of a ‘free society’. But do not worry dear reader, since

‘In no way is Neighbours From Hell advocating some kind of thought police…At no point is the aim of NFH to open a window into the minds, thoughts or beliefs of voters… The attempt of critics to occupy the high ground is misplaced for although the new politics is different it is most definitely not about invading the private as opposed to trying to influence what goes on in the public domain’

Yes, in Frank’s ‘1984’ Utopia you are free to think what you like …in private. However

‘We enter a different domain when these private views are expressed in public …Private opinions are usually made public with one objective. They are offered in the hope or determination to change the views of other people. Once such opinions are made regularly in a concerted way in public the guardians of our public space have a responsibility to consider the impact on the public peace…If the new politics can be said to be about anything it is how to challenge the private views and values which are impacting so adversely on public conduct’

So, what do we have? Replacing parents with Frank’s educational storm troopers; Imposing citizen’s contracts; Using the police to enforce Frank’s social sanctions; suppressing free speech if it disagrees with Frank’s ideology. Considering all these views, do we really want Frank imposing his model of a moral and social utopia on our local schools? We could just invite in the Taliban or Boko Haram instead.

Professor D Gregg



Frank Field and Tory Party donor David Ross are described as ‘controlling members’ of new free school – you don’t say! Pic courtesy of Schools Week

As we highlighted in our Bye, Bye, By Election! Hello, Brooklynhead Boulevard! article Birkenhead MP Frank Field’s political activities are somewhat curtailed at the moment. However we also predicted that this wouldn’t prevent Field seeking further publicity in pursuing his own political and personal agendas.

Therefore we are instigating a series of posts titled ‘Fieldwatch’ where we identify some of the MSM stories featuring Frankenfield during his self imposed political sabbatical which we find particularly interesting.

First up is this scary development ,one which surprisingly  (or perhaps ,unsurprisingly) has not appeared in the local MSM, and which was announced in Schools Week under the headline Labour MP joins millionaire Tory donor to open new free school  

Veteran Labour politician Frank Field and high-profile Tory donor David Ross have been granted permission to jointly open a free school with a view to taking control of some existing schools later this year.

The Frank Field Education Trust is the brainchild of the MP for Birkenhead, and Ross, the millionaire founder of Carphone Warehouse, who chairs the New Schools Network.

Initially called The Cathedral Academies Trust, Field’s chain was approved as an academy sponsor in 2016, but changed its name in April to acknowledge that “most people referred to it as Frank Field’s Trust”.

Frank’s long-term commitment to resolving social inequality remains a key focus, and the aims of the trust transcend any political interests

Documents show the government has cleared the trust to open the Liverpool Free School, though it is not known where and when the school will start accepting pupils.

The chain has also expressed its desire to take control of a number of existing “outstanding” schools later this academic year.

The news follows Field’s decision on August 30 to resign from the Labour Party whip, meaning he is no longer required to vote with the party in Parliament. He quit in protest over Jeremy Corbyn’s handling of Labour’s ongoing antisemitism crisis.

Although this is quite possibly one of the most frightening things we’ve ever read we did guffaw at the lines about the aims of the trust transcending any political interests – yeah right ! – and of course most people would refer to the academy sponsor as ‘Frank Field’s Trust ‘ because ultimately it would appear to be an ideologically driven vanity project.

Could it be that the local MSM who are in thrall to Field have been reluctant to cover this story as it is reminiscent as of an embarrassing episode from July 2009. As Field wrote on his blog at the time he was as an enthusiastic supporter of plans to establish a ‘Birkenhead Boys’ Academy’

I was in Birkenhead Park at a press conference with David Hughes. David is a local boy who has made good, big time.

He is the sponsor of the new Academy that will replace two of Birkenhead’s schools.

David is very clear that the new Academy will produce an education which is technically based and prepares young people for highly paid skilled jobs.

He is also fanatical about the school being sports-based and being open for business for the local area for sixteen hours a day, 52 weeks of the year.

We will now have our work cut out in getting all the plans in place so the Academy opens next summer. A spanking new school needs to be built.

Read full blog post here : Academy is opportunity to address needs of young people

Unfortunately plans came unstuck a month later when the following information about the lead sponsor of the Birkenhead Boys Academy was revealed by the Times Educational Supplement (TES) :

A businessman who failed to pay a fine of more than  £1 million has been appointed as the lead sponsor of a new academy in the Wirral, raising further concerns over England’s academies programme.

David Hughes, who has been named as the main backer of Birkenhead Boys’ Academy in the Wirral, was involved in a price-fixing scandal when he ran the Allsports chain of sport shops.

Mr Hughes’s company was fined £1.35 million in 2003 by the Office of Fair Trading for participating in a cartel that agreed to sell replica football shirts at set prices.

Following an appeal by the company, the fine was increased to £1.42 million because of Mr Hughes’s failure to co-operate with the original investigation.

Allsports did not pay the fine and two years later the company fell into administration. Mr Hughes, a multimillionaire, also ran a property business, which went into administration this year. The entrepreneur was named as the lead sponsor for one of two new academies planned for Birkenhead last month.

Read full story here : Sponsor has £1m in unpaid fines


Even his close political allies at Wirral Council weren’t prepared to indulge Frankenfield’s fantasies after this particularly spectacular failure of due diligence, which is just as well as the thought of a ‘spanking new school’ endorsed by the Birkenhead MP  doesn’t bear thinking about. We just hope Field has done his background checks on another sports retailer who he hopes to court and fete. As was reported last week Field is currently wanting to meet with Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley and negotiate for the House of Fraser store in moribund Birkenhead Precinct to remain open. Read here 

Mr Ashley is most certainly a colourful character about whom it was alleged that at a business management meeting he drank 12 pints with vodka chasers and vomited into a pub fireplace. So that promises to be an interesting meeting! More significantly Ashley has  been repeatedly severely criticised over his business, employment and financial practices . Read here and here

Isn’t it curious how selective Field is in his public criticism of certain businessmen? Compare and contrast above with his repeated (if justified) criticism of ‘Sir’ Philip Green. Can you imagine the feigned outrage if anyone suggested that there was even a whiff of  anti- you-know-what involved?

All we will say is that with the Labour Party Conference coming up in Liverpool next week and Jeremy Corbyn addressing the faithful at the Pier Head over the weekend that Field is going to have to go some with his MSM mates if he’s to upstage his potential political nemesis.



Case Dismissed : The Truth Will NOT Out

Wirralgate -Anatomy of A Cover Up

We understand that a most extraordinary court case involving veteran whistleblower and self-styled public accountability campaigner Martin Morton against Wirral Council and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has ended with Morton’s case being dismissed. Wirral Council have known about the ruling for a month but there has been no public announcement and the judgment is strangely not publicly available – cover up much? But then the course of this legal challenge has been very strange indeed. A hearing was originally supposed to be held in Liverpool in November 2017 only for the case to be mysteriously transferred to London – far from the prying eyes of the people of Wirral.The case was transferred by Justice Peter Lane who was the then President of the General Regulatory Chamber.

A hearing was eventually held in April 2018 and nearly 5 MONTHS LATER we haven’t had official notice of the Upper Tribunal’s decision.

So what was the case about and what was Morton after? Apparently he was after a report written by close Frank Field associate , Nick Warren, that was supposed to be the final word on the long running Wirral Council highways whistleblowing case dating all the way back to 2008 (!) Please note Nick Warren was the President of the General Regulatory Chamber prior to Justice Peter Lane , to which we can only add are you people beginning to realise how this shit works yet? – establishment cover up much?

Although the Warren Report was completed in 2015 it has never been published. Well that’s not strictly true Morton managed to get the ICO to force Wirral Council to publish part of the Warren Report which we reviewed at the time. We think the technical term for what we read was ‘pisspoor’ .  Read full story here : ‘Ask not what the whistleblowers have done for themselves – ask what they have done for Wirral…’

We haven’t as yet read the ruling but we are led to believe that the reason that the Wirral public are not allowed to see the Warren Report is that it would  cause ‘damage and distress’ to those named in the report. We think the technical term for this is ‘bollocks’.

Isn’t it funny how people are happy to take public money but not happy to subject to public accountability? What’s more it must be the first time in the history of whistleblowing that the so-called ‘whistleblowers’ didn’t want a report about what they’d reported and what they’d been through as a result to be published. Surely genuine whistleblowers would want to act in the public interest and DEMAND the Warren Report was published.

Anyway we don’t think the judgment has anything to do with preventing damage or distress to whistleblowers or former Wirral Council senior officers trekking around India and enjoying their retirement funded by Wirral council taxpayers. It’s all about preventing damage and distress to Nicholas Warren who appears to have been prepared to sacrifice his esteemed standing in the legal profession to help out his old mucker Frank Field by agreeing to play a dubious role in the utterly corrupt clusterfuck known as ‘Wirralgate’.

We have to be uncharacteristically circumspect from here on in as a)  we don’t know whether Morton intends to appeal this seemingly ridiculous decision and b) we haven’t yet read the ruling in full. However from our perspective it would seem an approach to the Court of Appeal would be highly unlikely as ,unlike Wirral Council, Morton doesn’t have a bottomless pit of public money to hire top notch barristers to help get the most senior politicians on Wirral out of a hole of their own making. If Morton were to lose an appeal he would have to pick up the tab for a legal bill that would run into tens of thousands.  Equity before the law? Don’t make us laugh!

However perhaps all is not lost. Could Morton draw upon the support of Frank Field?, who should be equally disappointed in the judgment as all of us who are interested in public accountability . As we have previously reported Field stated in his blog dated 23 June 2018 :

The next stage in establishing that truth will come, I guess, with the publication of the Nick Warren report. The whistle-blowers agreed with the council that this stunning lawyer should carry out an inquiry into their case. The report will be made public, I’m sure, as a freedom of information claim has been lodged.

Slowly but surely the truth will out. The citizens of Wirral owe the whistle-blowers, including X, such a debt for shifting officers that were found wanting in respect of the public good.

Read full story here : Frank Field – ‘The Truth Will Out’

Perhaps ‘stunning lawyer’ Nick Warren can pull a few strings like he appears to have done already and finally get the report he allegedly wrote published in the public interest? Indeed if he doesn’t questions will continue to be asked as to what he was doing getting involved in the biggest scandal in Wirral’s political history whilst he was still a Judge.

Currently it would appear the only way the  truth ,the whole truth and nothing but the truth will ever be revealed about ‘Wirralgate’ will be via Wirral Leaks  – the collusion, the corruption the conspiracy of silence and the cover up (other c words are available) -involving an MP, councillors, council officers past and present , Merseyside Police , the Judiciary and the local press has yet to be told. One day we hope to dissect in forensic detail the ‘Anatomy of A Cover Up’. Until then we’d like to applaud all those involved so far…

Joker applaud


Beyond The Green Belt Lies The Plight of ‘The Bombsite’

New Ferry Explosion Damage Map

Quite rightly it has been brought to our attention that whilst the Green Belt furore continues across Wirral there is a place on the peninsula that appears to have been all but forgotten. Yes, we’re talking about New Ferry or ‘The Bombsite’ as locals have taken to calling the area devastated by a gas blast in March 2017.

Several people have pointed us in the direction of an excellent analysis of the history of the disaster and current distressing situation. We recommend that if you’re interested and you should be – Wirral is not all about wildflower meadows, dingly dells and bluebell woods ,there are Brownfield sites that need just as much attention as your beloved Green Belt – you need to check out this excellent report which is based upon the presentation given to James Brokenshire, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, on 5th September 2018, as residents and traders met with him at Westminster. The aim of the presentation was to illustrate to the minister that the explosion had been massively understated and underfunded, and that since no government assistance had been received, the victims and the community have been left for 18 months with no hope for recovery, and that now government should step in and help.

The New Ferry / Port Sunlight explosion WAS of the scale that warranted government assistance, and the research conducted and presented in this report proves that.

Video made with PowerPoint. Please press pause on each slide to read the content.

What we particularly applaud is the fact that there are people out there who are committed to making where they live a better place and make the effort to bring to the attention the facts ,the reality and the lived experience of those directly affected by the blast to those who can make a difference. Whilst we understand that local Labour MP Alison McGovern has been particularly supportive of the plight of the people of New Ferry/Port Sunlight we have to ask whether the ruling Labour administration at Wirral Council could have done more to highlight the desperate situation or are their priorities more about distributing misinformation about the Green Belt to support proposals for a golf resort which is far,far away ,not only geographically but ideologically, from the the people of New Ferry who contributed to voting them into power. Just sayin’…


Green Belt Grief : They’re Not Happy Bunnies at Claremont Farm

Claremont Farm 089

The ongoing Wirral Council Green Belt briefings have had the fortuitous effect of bringing some knowledgeable people together . Following a meeting held at Hulme Hall a local barrister raised the issue of motorway proximity and health risks.

As is his wont our good friend Professor Gregg ( ‘The Prof ‘ ) has done some further research on this issue and specific issues in relation to Claremont Farm which we’d like to share with you . Firstly  consider the following  information taken from the Claremont Farm Facebook page :

It is very sad to think that this particular part of our farm in the photo could be taken away for development and housing!

We must first make it clear that we do not own the land, we are tenant farmers and we have been farming here since 1906……and we are categorically against any building on Claremont and our precious Wirral Green Belt.

The Pimbley’s have a 100 year lease or 4 generations Agricultural Tenancy Agreement, which myself and my brother currently hold and we are the last generation to automatically receive the right to farm at Claremont. After us, who knows what will happen.
The farm shop is also not ours, we have the right to run it for 30 years but then have to give it back, even though we have paid (with some help from our landlord and some Rural Development Funding) for the building to be built.
The Farm and the Farm Shop are owned by the Trustees of the Poulton Hall Estate of which the Llancelyn Green family make up the majority and who Fisher German land agents manage our farm & shop. If the Trust had no desire to develop, there would be no issue.

This part of the farm is integral to our Farm and taking it away brings the viability of the whole of Claremont under speculation.
We rotate our Home Grown Vegetables around this particular land as it’s the closest land available to the shop, so we are not having to travel long distances every morning during harvest. It’s also important that winter educational visits/welly walks can access these vegetables and enable the children to see these vegetables growing first hand.
This part of the farm is also integral to our Higher Level Environmental Stewardship Scheme agreement, which works on a points basis, many of our points are gained in this area of land from infield trees & ponds, field corners, grass buffer strips, hedgerow management etc etc If we lose this land we will no longer have sufficient points to stay in the agreement and will also lose the right to offer 70 FREE school visits every year to the local school groups.

There is a reason Bebington was voted the most desirable postcode in the UK to live and the Wirral is know for it’s green spaces, to take that away unnecessarily would be a travesty.
Do we need to mention the obvious traffic issue and that it is already at capacity on Brimstage Road and the Clatterbridge roundabout……and nothing is more frustrating than knowing that there are many more brown field and suitable areas where houses could be built but for political reasons, mismanagement and greed, these are not being utilised.

We will back any campaign to save our green belt and to push the council to use the areas already marked for housing first and foremost.
There are groups, such as the Claremont Defenders who we wish to distance ourselves from though and even though people may use our name they may not have our best interests at heart.

Any further questions about this particular land at Claremont can be directed to J.Mellis of Fisher German (https://www.fishergerman.co.uk/offices/chester)

Let us hope the Council make the correct choice, not to allow unneccessary building on our Green Belt

If you want to write a letter against development please write to localplan@wirral.gov.uk

‘The Prof’ provides the following information that Claremont Farm and others living in the surrounding area would do well to heed…

Wirral residents are now aware that the main thrust of the great council Green Belt Sell Off for housing development is focused on a wide strip of land just east of the M53 from Prenton in the north to Raby Mere in the south. This huge area is currently farm land. Protests have so far focused on the harmful impact on current residents. The quality of life of current residents will be badly impacted by these unnecessary developments.However it is emerging that those who buy the new homes on this land adjacent to the M53 will also be put at hazard in terms of health risks.

Several large scale clinical research studies over the last decade show that proximity to motorways causes significantly increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, dementia and reduced lung function in children. What is compelling in all this research is the demonstration of gradient effects:the nearer to the road, the greater the health damage recorded. It looks as though living within 500 metres of a motorway presents significant risks. In the land under threat, two areas already border the danger zone. Poulton Royd Drive to Colmore Avenue at Poulton Lancelyn lies just under 500 mts. from the M53. Blakely Road houses at Raby Mere are just on the boundary of safety. Any housing development west of these sites will expose purchasers to serious risks.

The new NICE Guidance requires Local Plans to ‘site living accommodation away from roadsides.”minimise risk to vulnerable groups to air pollution by not siting buildings in areas where pollution levels will be high.”avoid the creation of street and building configurations (such as deep street canyons) that encourage pollution to build up where people spend time.’The land south of junction 4 and east of the M53  is low lying where pollution can and does accumulate in light winds.

Prevailing westerly winds blow fumes towards the current housing but it disperses in the open fields.New housing nearer the M53 won’t be so lucky. Similar risks relate to areas at Brookhurst Avenue and near junction 5 and Eastham. Allowing, indeed encouraging, house building close to the M53, given the clear medical evidence, amounts to criminal negligence. This material was brought to my attention by a local lawyer.

By the way the situation at ‘Claremont’, land parcel SP042 A,  is interesting.The council intends to redefine all the land there which is currently green belt. This covers the farm buildings & shop, the near field, Poulton Royd house and the gardens of the large houses along Poulton Royd Drive. The owners are not happy!

Lancelyn Green Estates has given permission for the council to release SP040 (south of Brimstage Road, and north of the farm) for development.This was a foolish tactical mistake since the detailed council plan just released lists options’ involving ALL of the Lancelyn Green land from Brimstage Road south to Raby Mere SP040 – SP046 and other land besides. I tried to warn Scirard LG about this some time ago but alas…The locals who know are not happy bunnies.  He needs to withdraw consent to parcel SP040 otherwise all the dominoes may fall…

Peel, Pip and Porkies

We are aware that  Save Wirral’s Green Belt is a Conservative Party initiative and consequently considering their track record on political opportunism we can only hope it can be differentiated with Defend Wirral’s Green Spaces   as I’m sure we can all agree Wirral’s Green Belt transcends party political point scoring.

However ,having said all that ,we feel compelled to bring you a copy of the letter that was sent to Wirral Council leader Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies from Richard Mawdsley from the Peel Group that was published on Defend Wirral’s Green Spaces Facebook page and was distributed at Monday’s Extraordinary Council meeting. As we can see the nameplate of Tory  Cllr Chris Blakeley is in the background of the screenshot and therefore we have to be cognizant of possible political motivations. Nevertheless we think the letter is of immense interest and deserves wider coverage as it is highly instructive about the relationship between Peel Group and Wirral Council in general and ‘Power Boy Pip’ in particular.

We mentioned yesterday that attendees who attend Mr Mawdsley’s talk about ‘Wirral Waters’ on September 28 make specific reference to the letter below.

The letter’s most pertinent quotes have been usefully annotated but this comment from Mawdsley to Pip is the most telling :

Given the way you have conducted yourself in recent months , and the very misleading public statements you have made , we ask that you stop this campaign of misinformation and be honest with the people of Wirral and correct the misleading information you are distributing

So basically what you’re saying Mr Mawdsley, in that mealymouthed way you people have , is that  Pip is a big fat liar . Tell us something we don’t know! And it’s not just about Wirral Waters or the Green Belt or Wirralgate . Lying is like breathing to Pip and his ilk. Asking him to be honest is like asking Lance Armstrong to confirm he took performance enhancing drugs or President Bill Clinton whether he’d has sex with Monica Lewinsky or whether Pip himself had heard the Wirralgate tape …Wirralgate – Louder Than Bombs


Mawdsley 2

NHS & Green Belt Supporters : Dates For Your Diary

September calendar


We understand that things are getting back to what passes for ‘normal’ on Wirral with it persisting down with rain and the kids going back to school.

So as the nights draw in we thought we’d share with you some information sent to us by readers about upcoming events that might interest you.

Dear friends of the NHS

The stealthy but rapid pace of health cuts and privatisation HERE in Wirral has quickened further during recent months.

We guarantee that very few Wirral councillors – let alone the general public – have any idea what is meant by “integrated care” or “accountable care” or “place-based care”. (Or how closely these terms resemble those used in the American health system. How long before Wirral has ‘managed care’ or ‘health maintenance’?)

But that – changing names along the way – is exactly what the Council leadership and the local NHS (the CCG) are implementing. The previous term they used (the ‘STP’) was too easily translated into Plain English as “slash, trash and privatise”.

This is a crisis of huge proportions. You or someone you know will have been affected by delays or shortages or rationing of services (GP appointments, hospital treatments, ambulance times). Things will get worse. Unless we do something about it.

We don’t like labelling everything a crisis but this truly is. If the Council won’t tell the public what is happening then we certainly will.

Please come to our PUBLIC MEETING on THURSDAY 27th at 7.00pm in BIRKENHEAD Town Hall.

Speakers will include our longstanding supporter Dr Alex Scott-Samuel and Wirral insiders who will reveal the local and national dimensions of the scandal.

There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

All Wirral councillors will be invited.

Please spread the word to family, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

Best wishes on behalf of Defend Our NHS


Our second  upcoming event came with the following message :

Green belt campaigners may be interested in this talk.

Richard (Mawdsley’s ) light is hidden under a bushel; here’s more about him: http://www.wirralchamber.co.uk/Press-and-PR/Strategic-Partner-Interviews-/Richard-Mawdsley-Development-Director-at-Wirral-Waters/ (BTW the word ‘affordable’ does not appear on that page.)

And, as you know, his employer is often in the news: https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/peel-told-put-roof-over-14906451and even: https://wirralleaks.wordpress.com/tag/peel-group/

There are other interesting items in the news: http://www.salfordstar.com/article.asp?id=211 and https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/the-biggest-company-youve-never-heard-of-lifting-the-lid-on-peel-group-the-property-firm-owned-by-8890201.html


There’s a ‘Friday Talk’ at the Parish Centre , St Saviours Church, Oxton titled ‘Wirral Waters’  where the speaker is the aforementioned Richard Mawdsley from the Peel Group on FRIDAY 28 SEPTEMBER at 8.00pm (no attendance before 7.45pm) . 

If we were a member  our question to Mr Mawdsley  would be “Is Wirral Waters still a thing? Or is it a ramshackle ,opportunistic ,ad hoc series of developments reliant on public monies?… 

Who are the real ‘Red Menace’ ?

Red Menace

Thanks to those who have got in touch with reactions to some rabid stories which have appeared in both the local and national press concerning the ongoing melodrama within the local Labour Party (and specifically Birkenhead Constituency Labour Party).

First there was the Wirral Globe front page story which was headlined : ‘Death Threats made to to Birkenhead MP Frank Field‘ although the article provides no examples of such threats being made on social media. Tweets wishing someone is dead may not be very nice but they still doesn’t constitute a death threat. Consequently the article just provides Frankenfield the opportunity to resurrect memories of Militant Tendency that resemble nothing more than McCarthyite-era fears of reds under the bed .

This ‘Red Menace’ theme was expanded on yesterday at great length in what can only be described as another piss-poor piece of scaremongering even by The Daily Mail’s risible standards under the headline :

How the hard left is reclaiming Merseyside: Three decades after Derek Hatton made them unelectable, Corbynistas are forcing Labour moderates from their heartlands

This week local Labour Party Secretary  John Maher and Labour councillor Tony Norbury are featured after last week’s Frank Field inspired press tsunami which starred his superannuated political groupie Cllr Moira ‘Matron’ McLaughlin playing a supporting role as a ‘witness’ to a bullying incident that she heard about secondhand on Twitter.  It didn’t stop The Sunday Times  publishing the story as ‘fact’. Whereas the sad fact in all this is the press attention that is being given to these no-marks for the former’s political ends and the latter’s personal ends.

Read it for yourself and make up your own mind: here

Having said that we’re inclined to believe some of what is written about Maher as needless to say we’ve featured him on Wirral Leaks before . Once again how prescient of us to write in 2016 about this Labour -turned Green-turned Red again political chameleon :

From what we can gather about his behaviour within the Green Party is that if he’s true to his “principles” it won’t be long before he falls out with his suddenly rekindled allegiances within the local  Labour Party  – as it’s a case of Maher-way or the highway.

Read more here :   A Maher-vellous Result for Labour 

However much of what is claimed in the Daily Mail shock horror probe about Maher is all a bit ‘meh’ .  Among the anonymous reports about him making people feel ‘incredibly uncomfortable’ there is this hilarious quote :

I was a police officer prior to re-joining the Labour Party and have been trained in reading body language when in confrontational situations. To me it was clear that the body language displayed by both John Maher and [a friend] was clearly threatening…

Meanwhile regurgitated from last week’s scare stories published elsewhere there’s patronising tales of Maher and Norbury upsetting the Labour ‘laydeez’ with their belligerent ways. All of the above conduct has apparently been reported to Andy Smith the Labour Party’s top official in the North-West by a group of six Labour politicians who plotted, sorry, met with Smith one Saturday at Birkenhead Town Hall (somebody needs to tell Daily Mail it’s not the Wirral Council HQ but again why let a lack of local knowledge get in the way of cutting edge investigative journalism?)

Who are the unnamed ‘Gang of Six’ we ask ourselves? We’d go for  Birkenhead MP  Frank Field , Cllr George Davies (of course), Cllr Phil Davies , Cllr Moira McLaughlin,  Cllr Steve Foulkes , Cllr Brian Kenny  or Cllr Jean Stapleton  (you may have your own pick of the politicians – let us know) .


Whoever they were they were complaining about an ‘an orchestrated campaign to remove long-standing and hard-working’ Labour officials in which ‘suggestions have been made that people are corrupt and ineffective’

We have to say that this is something we can wholeheartedly get with. What’s more we think that knowing what he knows about the local Labour cabal Maher has been rather restrained – and yes, Mr Maher we have seen the emails which contain similar information to that which was sent to Anna Hutchinson – Regional Director of Labour North West.

Under the circumstances is there a more sickening, hypocritical spectacle than Wirral Council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies whinging that ‘Bullying is a serious issue, and to have it ignored like this just beggars belief.  Isn’t this someone who was part of a small gang of Labour politicians who tried (and failed) to suppress allegations of a bullying culture at Wirral Council which we maintain persists to this day? And could this be the same ‘gang’ who are now feigning victimhood about being ‘bullied’ themselves? We think the people of Wirral should be told – and fear not Wirral Leaks will be telling ALL very soon…

… and finally in light of the information contained in the Daily Mail  article can we say the most offensive thing we could identify was the sight of Derek Hatton’s mullet!


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