Frank Field’s Casual Approach to Casualisation


The mainstream local press are keeping a very low profile on this week’s local ongoing strike action at Cammell Laird . More significantly the ‘Independent’ Labour MP in who’s constituency the shipyard has been a significant source of employment has been conspicuous by his silence.

As we reported in our  The ‘Casualisation’ of Cammell Laird  story which followed a leak from Wirral South Constituency Labour Party (CLP) meeting which was asked to support the now striking workers  “Turning the Tide on Casualisation ” campaign :

You’d think that the “Turning the tide on Casualisation” campaign would be right up neighbouring MP Frank Field’s street wouldn’t you?  And indeed as part of Field’s relentless media presence he has obviously made sure that Cammell Laird gets a mention. A recent press release can be found on his blog here

However whilst securing shipbuilding orders are indeed one way of securing jobs at Cammell Laird you will note that the main thrust of the Unions campaign is the possible use of non-Unionised(?), cheaper labour accessed via an agency thereby undermining local workers rights ,pay and conditions and the potential cause of future redundancies. Once again you would think this would be meat and potatoes for Field. We’d certainly expect him to be raising questions about who’s behind this mysterious agency  – we certainly have and the information we’ve has opened up some interesting lines of enquiry.

Perhaps it could be both impolitic and impolite for Field to mention such matters when Cammell Laird is a major contributor (along with Wirral Council taxpayers) to Frank Field’s pet project ‘Feeding Birkenhead’ ?

Subsequently  it was left to Dan Carden , MP for Liverpool Walton to raise the matter in the House of Commons

Meanwhile on the same day the MP for Birkenhead was raising this important matter :

Frank Field: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, how many
applications he has received from local authorities for funding to
implement their Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan; and how
many of those applications were (a) successful and received the funding
in full and (b) unsuccessful.

No wonder Labour List reports :

The solidarity and support from local Labour Party members has been exemplary. It was particularly moving to watch the enormous support from local activists and Labour members as the workers walked out for the first time on Friday. Delegates to Labour’s North West Regional conference raised £250 towards the fighting fund, and Unite members at BAE donated £3,000. The latter sends a significant message of worker solidarity to the two employers, since it is BAE that has a teaming agreement to build the aforementioned Royal Navy ships with Cammell Laird.

The workers have received support from many Labour MPs, with Justin Madders and Dan Carden raising the issue in the chamber and visiting the picket line. As for the local MP for Birkenhead, Frank Field – he is nowhere to be seen. Long thought to have been in cahoots with Cammell Laird management in opposition to workers taking action at the site, Field has come under fire from local supporters for ‘regurgitating’ the company line.



6 thoughts on “Frank Field’s Casual Approach to Casualisation

  1. Worked with Justin Madders some while back. Been fighting for people’s employment rights for a long time. He’s a genuine man in it for the right reasons. Not like that fraud Frank.

  2. Recently Teflon Tony Blair, Joked about he as a Labour candidate was elected and almost immediatly copied in detail the actions of Maggie Thatcher, I wonder just when it was that Sir Frank of the Fields followed the Blair example and revealed Tory Leanings under the thinly disguised opposition to the sainted Thersa May or May not

  3. The ugly truth is that Field detests working class people, unemployed people, homeless people, disabled people, people in poverty, et al. and people that the Daily Telegraph would regard as “non-contributors or not hard striving enough”.

    As for strikers, they offend against his dyed-in-the-wool, southern Tory sensibilities and are beneath him and to be written off simply as malcontents.

    Fellow humans in difficult circumstances are to be trampled underfoot under the clever guise of being “helped”, whilst also being hijacked as a means to an end… the advancement of his own political fortunes.

    This is why he’s spent the last 39 years putting everything into attacking the politically engaged and feigning to “help” the politically ignorant.

    The latter greatly outnumber the former and he KNOWS that, relies upon it and squeezes every drop of advantage from it.

    The fella’s poison.

  4. G’day Leaky

    Have I ever told you that Philly “FUCKING” Liar” is a liar?

    Not only is he a liar, did you hear that Davies family, he has hidden reports on the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off and got 65 parasitic elected members to go along with his lies, obfuscations and shite.

    I wouldn’t trust this man with any member of the public he is a complete up his own arse scum bag.



    As I get further into poverty due in part/full on this twats clowncil I hope his lies get into his innards and eat him right up.

    His family should be ashamed he didn’t need to shit all over us whisleblowers just for the likes of the Stinking Fucking Ashtray that is AdderleyDadderlDooLally and his dogsbody “The Chamber Potty” Basnett.

    The man is a orror

    Luv you though Lordy and so glad I met you. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. Cammell Lairds is 75% owned by the Peel Group. Including Chairman John Whittaker, who boasts a £multibillion fortune, features in the number 20s on the UK Sunday Times Rich List and lives on the Isle of Man for the purposes of avoiding paying his UK tax.

    The rest is owned by 5 of the most senior Laird’s staff, including John Syvret.
    These share holders recently shared £10 million in dividends.

    But they’re now pleading poverty.

    Because it suits their motivations, which are to cut operating costs regardless of the societal consequences.

    Syvret’s company was responsible for the death of an UNTRAINED fork-lift driver a few years back, crushed between his vehicle and a steel beam. But he ploughs on regardless.

    In court, handing over just £120,000 in compensation, Syvret claimed the worker was “his friend”. Currently, he wants to throw hundreds of such “friends” onto the dole in time for Christmas 2018.

    Still, since then he’s made a donation of £5,000 to a “FRANK FIELD” branded, local foodbank. So with a friend like that, ready to catch you should you fall into poverty and need to rely upon his donations, or a friend like that, who’d pay a paltry sum to your widow should you perish on his business premises due to a foreseeable, avoidable, fatal Health and Safety oversight…

    …who needs enemies?

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