As Wirral Council is left reeling from one of the most damning reports into the way a Local Authority conducts it’s affairs ever, we at Wirral Leaks can reveal the Council’s inspirational, almost Gervasian  ‘Staff Incentive Scheme.‘  In something that resembles a particularly toe curling episode from  ‘The Office’,  employees who met certain targets were awarded a ‘Golden Cone’ each month …yes an ACTUAL golden traffic cone, lovingly painted (during office hours? ) and presented to said employee in a monthly ceremony imbued with disturbing echos of ‘The Wicker Man.’  This cone could then be used in the Council car park to reserve a car parking space, and acted as a sort of “Netto Willie Wonka Access All Areas Golden Ticket.”  

We suggest the only cone shape objects in Wirral Council following Anna Klonowski Associates report (which cost £250,000 of public money) will be the ones marked with huge ‘D’s’ worn by Senior Managers and elected members before being shown the door. Laughing stock ?  Yup. But it’s not really funny is it ?

You wanna work there ? Think on.

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