Flog It ! WBC Style


Wallasey Town Hall will be hosting a “Flog It” valuation day in March.  See  Story – HERE

In preparation for filming antiques expert Peregrine Ponsonby has already appraised the executive fire escape as follows:

” Although I’m minded to describe this impressive erection as a neo-classical helter skelter I think that paying £850,000 for it was extravagant lunacy on a grand scale…..absolutely Rococo-Loco  ”

A Wirral Council spokesperson commented:

‘We are very much looking forward to welcoming the team from “Flog It!” to our beautiful Town Hall on the Mersey waterfront.  “We are big fans of the programme, and are sure it will receive a warm Wirral welcome from local residents, who know we have been flogging a dead horse for some time now. 

What we really want to know is how much we would get for our valuable assets such as Lyndale School, Wirral Community Patrol, Fernbank Farm etc…..  Furthermore I’m sure to the “Flog It!” team will be interested in our extensive collection of Compromise Agreements valued at over £1 million pounds which includes a very rare specimen for “hurt feelings” valued at £48,000″.

We ourselves have learned more from “Flog It!” than any number of damning reports and have decided rather than address the issues they raise is to flog off our services to the lowest bidder.  We’d like to thank our Unison colleagues who have entered the spirit of “Flog It!” and have sold their members down the river in exchange for lucrative Early Voluntary Retirement packages…”


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