For The Love Of Golf


When Verity come bursting into the drawing room spluttering something about “Royal & Ancient” I thought that Councillor Janette Williamson had been at it again with insensitive tweets about elderly members of the royal family.

Apparently not – “Royal & Ancient” is a reference to The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and it transpires that one of Wirral Council’s Super Duper Directors ( I’m sure we can guess which one) has been there this week on a fact -finding mission.

“For goodness sake what facts do you need to know?….” spluttered Her Ladyship  ” it’s an extremely tedious pastime involving sports-casual attired players trying to get a golf ball into 18 holes before disappearing into the 19th!”.

This is no doubt part of the campaign by the Council to shrug off it’s inward-looking insular peninsula reputation. However, a Council spokesperson has denied that there is a proposed trip to the Guinness Brewery in Dublin to teach Council managers how to organise a piss-up.



3 thoughts on “For The Love Of Golf

  1. One thing you could always guarantee with this motley crew is that if they hit the ball or not they would always have a good lie.

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