Give A Little Whistle …….


These are strange times indeed when Frankenfield follows in the footsteps of Tory Tyro Jefferson Green and shows the latter that he is a rank amateur when it comes to politicking by making a very belated reference to a £48,000 under the counter payment to a senior council officer.   SEE HERE

We have to say that we find Frankenfield’s stance on the matter to be most curious and indeed why he suddenly feels the urge to go public on the matter at all.This is seemingly all in aid of securing a similar pay-off for a group of whistleblowers who (for some obscure reason) he particularly likes to court and fete.

Frankie Says: ‘The debt Wirral owes to those who blew the whistle is considerable’

The nature of this “debt”  is just one of many questions we’d like to raise and hope that the only Wirral MP who ever sees fit to comment on, interfere with or, so it seems to us, actually run Wirral Council can clarify once and for all.

What exactly does Wirral “owe” to these particular whistleblowers? From what we’ve read it would appear that they exposed that Wirral Council MAY have flouted EU regulations when it came to a highways contract tender ( which may not be right – but in the steady stream of scandals emanating from Wallasey Town Hall it hardly seems to warrant screaming front page headlines ) ….now we must make it clear that we are NOT decrying whistle-blowers here – everyone knows they are our meat and potatoes and we have followed this intriguing case for some time.All we are saying is that we don’t seem to be getting the full story……in fact we know we aren’t!

For example is Frankenfield now saying that this case is about so much more than exposing a bureaucratic oversight and the Richard Penn “No Case To Answer” report relating to the Colas highways whistleblowing case is BOGUS (we’ve long stated at Leaky Towers that this report was a stitch up).If so can he make a public statement to that fact?

Can he also clarify as to why he is asking Wirral Council to put their hand in the till once again when we understand that this group of whistle blowers didn’t actually work for Wirral Council? Is Frankenfield going to show his new found commitment to whistle blowers and back Nigel ” Highbrow” Hobro who similarly exposed malpractice about which Wirral Council have serious questions to answer , although he too didn’t actually work for the Council?. Furthermore did he support the Wirral Council whistle blower who we know about who was left to rot at home for SEVEN YEARS before being paid off and silenced last year?(yes it would appear that Wirral Council are still gagging people even after Burgesski publicly stated they weren’t)

As with the £48,000 pay off we are asking Frankenfield to identify the heinous treatment that was dished out these whistleblowers that he think warrants such  a pay off.It is our belief that the contentious £48K payment was more “hush money” than for hurt feelings .Is this the case here?.All we can see is that one of the whistleblowers was named in a council report distributed to councillors. Again we need to state that we don’t doubt for a second that these whistleblowers have suffered ( it seems to the fate of all whistle-blowers) but once again we don’t appear to be getting the full story……..

As we stated above , the timing of  Frankenfield’s public pronouncement is most curious and leads us to ask as to what made him want to focus on the senior council officer who suddenly and spectacularly seems to have fallen from favour? Have they served their purpose and – like so many before – are now to be cast aside in the name of political opportunism?  Will there be a flurry of further damaging revelations that will follow in the wake of this opening salvo?

We’d be most grateful that in the PUBLIC INTEREST if Frankenfield  could answer the above questions and particularly in the hope that he’s been listening to his inner Jiminy Cricket………  Let’s see exactly what Frank erm, nose 😉 ?


6 thoughts on “Give A Little Whistle …….

  1. When I saw Frank in 2012 with three others he told me that regardless of wirralbiz being located in his constituency, I was not and should jolly well trot off to Ms Eagle’s manor

  2. G’day The Lord of Frankie’s Manor

    Back to Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods and the whitewash of the Fudgit and Risk it Special Meeting of 8 October 2014.

    You know you like to hear it L.

    “The Football Shirt” stood up in front of me “The Shyster” “Graham Burge(r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes in 29 seconds)ss’” “The Pretend Friend”, but, not a reliable witness as he was snoozing, and the rest of the circus, including him from The Raving Looney Party, and said the ISUS money was not our money and how the contract was so so so complex.

    Well I have a letter in my little hand as I type to you My Darling from Executive Director, Economic Development, Northwest Regional Development Agency dated 4 August 2011.

    You know what the letter says you little minx?

    “However, I can confirm that the Agency has a Grant Funding Agreement with Wirral Borough Council for the Intensive Start Up Service (ISUS). Wirral Borough Council has contracted with WirralBiz to deliver day to day operation of the ISUS programme. As the Accountable Body, Wirral BC is responsible, on our behalf, for dealing with any issues raised in respect of that programme.”

    So My Audacious what DO YOU THINK “Accountable Body” means?

    How complex is that My Favourite Snoop?

    Also My Lord thanks to the “Tarrantino of the Wirral” John Brace “Highbrow” has been looking through the recording of said meeting and despite noises that sound like snoring he has picked up ??? untruths spoken by more than one person.

    Answers on the back of a postcard to the Returning Officer WBC before he returns with all his dosh.



    Ps A clue My Potentate it is more than 3 and less than 48,000.

    Luv you more than Lamingtons and Tim Tams My Governor XXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Say G’day to ya Sheila L.

  3. G’day Mate

    Shit!!!!!! I keep doing that…… being an irreverent Aussie.

    Forgive Me Lord I have not sinned but I know who has.

    I have been meaning to ask for a while My Lovely how you come up with these names at the bottom of your missives like the one below. (and above) I think I might have been mentioned once.

    Posted in Whistleblowers, WIRRAL COUNCIL, Wirral Council Cheif Execs, Wirral Mayor, WIrral MP’s, WIRRALGATE | Tagged Frank Field, Frankenfield, george davies, HESPE whistleblowers, Hurt Feelings, Martin Morton, Nigel Hoboro, Pay offs, racial slur, Wirral, Wirral Council, WIRRAL LABOUR | 5 Replies

    I understand how you have come up with most of the names and I am sure “Highbrow” will forgive you for the misspelling of his name after all he makes enough typos with his broken down keyboard for Pete’s sake. I might buy him a new one next dole day.

    So back to my point, every one of those names seem to be about WHISTLE BLOWING but one.

    Were has the name george davies popped up from or is it just that he is “Phil the Dill’s” handsome twin brother, or, even his love child?

    Just asking My Potentate.



    Ps I haven’t complimented that nice Simon Kelly who is the Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods whistle-blowers hero lately. He must be related to Ned Kelly that world famous Lib Dem. Well done again Simon for your master-class.

    Pps Did you go to the “Dunny Chain Wearers Ball My Governor?

    Luv ya more than “Highbrow” luvs his dog “Dolly” and his “Pretend Friend” wishes he was in the Valleys. (the TV show) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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