A V- sign 4 V4


Following on from our latest story about Wirral Council’s profligate spending on consultants darling Verity has been undertaking further research into the consultancy firm V4……….


Readers will remember that  Cllr Chris “Cross” Meaden authorised  that V4 undertake a 50 grand job that eventually ended up costing Wirral council tax payers a whopping £260,000.

We can only ask ourselves whether you can get an internet connection in Meaden’s Rock Ferry ward as even the most basic search  would have set the alarm bells ringing like Quasimodo on Christmas Day.

Perhaps  “Cross” Chris just relied on the tried and tested “word of mouth” method which as we know is always a winner when it comes to public accountability!  Did she put her faith in elusive Super-Duper Director  Clare “Wet” Fish who we’ve been told used V4 when she was at Oldham Council or did she ask Comrade Burgesski’s fandango dancing wife as to whether V4 helped to put Warrington’s leisure services into a trust whilst slashing wages and staff?

However we have  been asked to focus our attention on a V4 consultant by the name of Peter Kilkenny who we understand was linked to the bumper pay-day consultancy work in Wirral.


And it would appear from Verity’s research that Kilkenny has a bit of previous ……

Apparently he left his job with Rochdale Link4Life , the arms length organisation that runs council services last year , after allegations of credit card misuse.This included his boss Craig McAteer spending fourteen and a half grand in 12 months on his card including a holiday to Florida (all of the money was apparently paid back). Between the 2 of them they made 65 staff redundant whilst giving themselves massive pay rises.


It is particularly noteworthy that Rochdale’s Labour MP Simon Danczuk has been extremely scathing of their work in his constituency :

“I am very much of the view that the bosses of this outfit, Craig McAteer and Peter Kilkenny, have been taking the taxpayer for a ride, and I publicly challenged their huge, unjustifiable salaries over a year ago.

So the story that appeared on the front page of the Observer last week, detailing how they had been inappropriately using company credit cards to buy, among other things, a holiday, came as no surprise to me.

This company seems happy to spend taxpayers’ money, yet does not want its spending scrutinised and deliberately avoids transparency. At a time when public spending is being seriously reined in, this culture cannot continue. Quite simply, McAteer and Kilkenny are making a mockery of public services. ..”


Good call Cllr Meaden!…..a match made in Local Government Hell. Cash strapped and scandal ridden councils are clearly proving to be happy hunting grounds for some.

Coincidentally it should be noted that poor beleaguered Rochdale also deployed the services of Anna Klonowski of Independent Review infamy after North West Employers Organisation recommended her to undertake investigative work in relation to sexual exploitation in the borough – after they in turn had also undertaken work for Wirral Council!

Are people beginning to realise how this self-perpetuating money -making merry go round works yet ?!!

However although Rock Ferry may seem to be an internet dead zone other parts of Wirral have been able to access the above information. Particularly interested have been Wirral Council staff facing redundancy, some of whom, after decades of loyal service, now find their entire futures in the hands of cash-crazed consultants !

Way to go Wirral Council !…..

5 thoughts on “A V- sign 4 V4

  1. G’day My Guardian of The Wirral

    Even if “Graham Burge(r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes http://goo.gl/znBccO in 29 seconds)ss’” “The Football Shirt” “Phil the Dill” “The Pretend Friend” not to mention those evil Supersonic Super Duper Directors not wanting you to guard against the criminals like Wirral Funny Biz ripping off the Wirral Taxpayer.

    Haven’t forgotten you my favourite little “Dunny Chain Wearer” but I might give you the week off you might be busy court ing and fate ing.

    Oyo aye mate these contracts are so complicated we need contractors in to rip us off while they are watching the people who are ripping us off said “The Football Shirt” to his favourite untruthful auditor that is no more.

    I sat with “The Football Shirt” and his favourite “Chamber Potty” for over two hours on 5 July 2011 whilst he told me ad nausea about his brilliant career in audit and how super super intelligent the Big Panel was and yet he thinks these contracts SIGNED OR UNSIGNED… you decide, are so sooo complicated.

    She did as she was told My Sovereign and kept her gob shut……….her words I am told.

    “Highbrow” knows a member of that panel so he knows what really went on.

    The camp flourish of that contract at the Fudgit and Risk It Special Meeting of 8 October that might or might not have been signed, we’ll never know, will stay in my memory for ever. No point asking him…… or the missing data base that is now found.

    Yep My Lovely that was 1,210 days ago, 3 years 3 months and 22 days and they still can’t just say “WE (I) FUCKED UP BIG TIME” and Wirral Funny Biz are busy getting new gnashers and holidaying in Europe. With their ill-gotten.

    These Muppet’s who can’t do simple sums were earning more than the Prime Minister because the Super Duper Directors can’t understand simple contracts.

    Why is “The Shyster” employed exactly My Fearless Guardian of The Wirral?

    I know, to send any troublesome Whistle-Blowers like myself and “Highbrow” threatening letters and batter the already bashed poor people of Wirral who sadly cannot pay their council tax that the Super Super Duper Duper Directors cant wait to waste. He must sleep well My Prince.



    Ps Hope you having a lovely school holidays in the Seychelles or somewhere nice My Favourite Royalty.

    Pps Has “Graham Burge(r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes http://goo.gl/znBccO in 29 seconds)ss’” got that final report yet My Potentate, or, is he saving that for the new boss.

    I am told it has been finished for some time but remember the date on the Grant Thornton Report they think people are as thick and gullible as them My Superior.

    Luv you more than “The Football Shirt” luvs the REDS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. G’day Lordy

    Haven’t got time now to post my funniest (my opinion) missive on here just now so I will wait for your next post to explain why “Graham Burge(r with the lot plus super duper car and 7 mistakes http://goo.gl/znBccO in 29 seconds)ss’” is sticking two fingers up and who too.

    Had lunch with “Highbrow” funniest day ever he has so much more in his locker on these half wits .

    Guess who the recent television personality is who was a victim of Wirral Funny Biz? ha ha ha

    I am still laughing at the stuff “Highbrow” has and that is from 44 hours ago.



    Ps Not just social media coming up……………….a movie.

    Luv you more than “Phil the Dill” and “The Dunny Chain Wearer” are keeping their heads down XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

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