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His Lord and Ladyship are not quite ready for their close up.

We don’t know whether any of you watched last night’s “Who’s Spending Britain’s Billions” documentary on BBC2. If you haven’t seen it – take a couple of beta blockers and catch up on  BBC iPlayer . However just to let you know  that for Wirral Leaks  readers it would have been familiar territory – consultants who leech off local councils and bleed them dry ,the outsourcing of public services which don’t make the expected savings as they are swallowed up in management fees and evasive councillors trying to justify their financial ineptitude.

However we can  exclusively reveal that in March of this year His Lord and Ladyship were asked to contribute to the programme by Pulse  , the production team behind the programme

Whilst we had to decline the offer we thought it would be instructive to share with our readers the email correspondence that took place between Pulse and Wirral Leaks , as it not only explains our reason for being camera shy but provides some insight into why we do what we do.Having said that we’d like to think we gave a steer to the programme makers about just how broken many of our institutions are :

I’m a documentary producer for BBC2, making a one hour prime-time documentary looking at how public bodies are managing public funds at a time of austerity. I’ve been reading your blog, and I’m wondering if we can have a quick chat over the phone. I’m trying to get a sense of what’s going on at council level all over the country – how are council’s coping during austerity? Are poor decisions being made? Have things improved? Let me know if you are available, and we can schedule in a call

Thanks for contacting us but unfortunately we don’t do anything by telephone.
As much as we’d love to see a a pixillated Lord and Ladyship on the telly our power and influence relies entirely on absolute anonymity – we are the Banksy of the blogs.
The Leaky Towers collective are quite happy to correspond via email or do you have any other suggestions about how we could assist you?
Good luck on trying to get a sense of what’s going on at council level all over the country  – in our experience it’s complete madness and has very little to do with austerity (have you checked out how much some of these “public servants” get paid? ) and all to do with managing a) the public and b) their reputation .
The ideological drive to privatise public services is all the more worrying because of the way it has been lovingly embraced by Labour-led councils.Who then blame the Tory government!.
Are poor decisions being made? – u betcha!
Have things improved? – no, sirree! – Wirral was supposed to be the Most Improved Council in the country by the Local Government Chronicle last year – frightening.
We are intent on exposing the corruption that lies at the heart of darkness of this wretched organisation – the corruption involves the most senior politicians on Wirral. The Wirralgate scandal that we will expose is a microcosm of everything that’s wrong in local government.
We’ve checked out your website – we love it.
Regards, Julian

Dear Julian, thanks for your reply.

I doth my hat to you and your work.

At this stage all I’m looking for is an off the record chat over the phone to understand all the things you say below. If after that we think there is something we want to follow up on, then we can cross that bridge. At this stage all is off the record, you havent signed no consent forms to say anything can be used on TV, and it’ll just be a chat over the phone. But if you’d like to only chat over the email then that’s fine as well.

The investigation is being fronted by Jacques Peretti. He wants concrete examples with evidence where money has been pissed down the drain…. Can be small bizarre stories or large scale project failures. They have to be within last 3 years or so. Anything spring to mind?

If wastefulness is still the case he wants to know why. Why is money wasted?

He is also interested in the relationship between public and private. We’re interested in the role of private consultants and the amount of money being spent, and we’re also interested in the amount of money going to private contractors in outsourcing jobs. Are they value for money?

That’s our line of enquiry. Id love to talk it through with you.

Thanks for that.
Money pissed down the drain ? – you’ve come to the right place !.
I’ve discussed your approach with my colleagues  and I’m sure you can understand why we’d be initially reticent. Moreover some of us have been approached before by various media outlets – Radio 4 , Channel 4 – and we’ve expended a lot of effort only for the programme to be spiked or shelved.
Dispatches made a terrible hash of trying to cover similar territory a couple of years ago . We also don’t have the connections or networks and more importantly the power. Our local MP Frank Field has been instrumental in ensuring that the profile of many of the issues we raise don’t get the coverage they should – hence the blog. 
There’s a great story to be told here about how sick our institutions have become.
What we’ve agreed to do is give you some (of the many ) examples of waste and corruption and outsourcing of services and use of consultants that we know about via email and you can pick the bones out of them and let us know what you’re particularly interested in. Then we’ll go from there.

4 thoughts on “Media Studies

  1. G’day Leaks

    I woke up early just as disgusted as I was five years ago when AdderleyDadderleydooLally lied to my face in front of his dogsbody “The Chamber Potty”.

    He urinated on me, and her, I could see she knew he was lying and she is still with him.

    They are not clever they have just apparently copied lots of other clowncils and scum bags and have just got their snouts in the public trough.

    “The Shyster” aids and abets their activities knowing no one will argue with him as he can get his gorgeous young barista from London to outsize everyone’s tiny assets with his massive public resources.

    Oh Lordy has no one got any decency in wirral?



    Can’t wait to see how many Lockwood/Harbacs and “Spotty Blue Teapots” there are on that list of BIG fund recipients.

    I don’t believe the word on the street My Good Lord that you set up Wirral Leaks with a Big grant.


    • James. I’ve got a shameful admission to make. I set up “EasyVirtualAssistance” – a company that transcribes audio recordings – with the help of a WirralBiz grant of 500 quid back in 2010.

      I’m still solvent now, unlike The Spotty Blue Teapot which went under as quick as you can boil a kettle and brew up – despite a £20,000 grant.

      I’m never going to quite cut it as a potential Wirral partner organisation am I?

      • G’day Paul and Leaky

        I knew you had grant monies Paul and I will be the first to admit it should be a great scheme and did work in some cases but they did knock off £2,000,000.00 and it has been consistently and systematically covered up in a major conspiracy.

        The problem was the corrupt, dishonest and incompetent at wirral.

        “The Pretend Friend” was the first to hear of it apart from the guilty at Invest (In thyself) Wirral and he, I presume, sided with AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and got all the half wits including 65 to keep their gobs shut.

        I bet they didn’t think we would still be talking about it almost six years later when they got “The Shyster” to send a threatening letter knowing he couldn’t do what he threatened.


        By the same token though “The Shyster” is as thick as and “Highbrow” keeps having to put him right about asset stripping, liquidations etc,.



        Keep up the great work Paul and look forward to seeing you again soon at that courthouse over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters whilst “The Shyster”, fat bursting out of the frayed size 20 collar of his shirt, with his expensive barista from London in his elegant Saville Row bought by wirral trying to keep him from being laughed out of court.

        Luv and Respect XXXXX

  2. Dear Lord Julian a truly incisive article which made me go straight to I player and look at the BBC2 programme.
    Methinks they could make a whole programme just about Wirral council and their abject failure on dozens of failed and expensive projects.
    The council and its officers should first and foremost realise that they are public servants I repeat public servants and should be answerable to us as ratepayers & not run the council for their benefit.
    I sincerely hope your lordship & ladyship will pursue Wirral’s ills with this programme maker & expose the failings of the town hall.
    As usual I will continue to watch ” Wirral Leaks” for further intriguing updates.

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