Beasts from the East

As the awards season starts to kick in and as a prelude to our eagerly anticipated annual  ‘Leaky Awards’ we bring you the surprising news that Wirral Council didn’t get a mention in Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs Awards 2018.

However Wirral ‘s near neighbour Cheshire East Council (CEC) , who we have often featured on our own pages due in no small measure to ex -Wirral Council senior officers who have sought refuge there and most prominently HR horror Paul Bradshaw and law unto himself Bill Norman, did:


We have covered these stories here and as we have previously commented :

Kudos to the Cheshire Constabulary for actually taking allegations of Council corruption seriously which is more than be said of Merseyside Police who are seemingly too lazy and/or too busy exchanging funny handshakes and going to the confessional box to be bothered investigating legitimate concerns about Wirral Council . We’ll be interested to know whether the mud will stick and there will be a sticky end for Cheshire East councillors and council officers.

Fortunately we have a contact in Cheshire East who keeps us (and Private Eye) informed of local goings on and which, despite the political reversal of ruling administration and opposition, reminds us so much of the poisonous political dynamic that exists on Wirral. It looks to us as though CEC are an early contender for Rotten Boroughs Awards 2019 but will forthcoming revelations on Wirral Leaks ensure Wirral Council join them in the ‘Town Hall of Infamy’ ?

It’s a new year but its the same old story coming out at morally and ethically corrupt Cheshire East Council:
28th October 2016
Cheshire East Council leader Rachel Bailey states “I am pleased that we have taken a further step towards becoming a council that is open and fully transparent in the work that we carry out on behalf of our residents.”
10th January 2019
Conservative controlled Cheshire East Council refuse to allow a local reporter named Belinda Ryan to witness an investigative meeting being conducted into Conservative Cllr David Marren, despite Belinda having being invited to attend by Cllr Marren in the interests of openness and transparency. In fact CEC were so desperate to keep the details of the allegation against Cllr Marren secret that they drafted in an external lawyer and even paid for their hotel accommodation. 
Whilst I have no idea what Cllr Marren has been accused of I suspect Conservative Cheshire East Council are not happy about having a Conservative councillor failing to follow the appallingly low standards of conduct set by fellow Conservative councillors at Cheshire East Council. Cllr Marren champions openness and transparency and holds himself to highest standards of ethical conduct.
Cllr Marren is one of three Conservative councillors who, over the past couple of years openly questioned and challenged decisions made at Cheshire East Council. All three have now been removed from the senior posts they had previously held within CEC. Cllr Marren had previously been the vice chair of both audit and governance and the constitution committee but he was removed shortly after he publicly criticised CEC over allegations of the widespread culture of bullying conducted by senior managers within the council and the councils failure to pay the minimum wage to some care workers.
PS – I hope Cllr Marren isn’t expecting any support from CEC Labour councillors because just like the Conservative leadership of CEC they will also want to put their party (Labour) ahead of supporting ethical behaviour. I’ve copied the CEC Labour leader into this email because Cllr Sam Corcoran might like to correct me on my last point.

5 thoughts on “Beasts from the East

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  2. G’day Leaks

    Beasts from the East.

    I presume “Highbrow” is east of “Philly “FUCKING” Liar’s” West Kirby but I might stand corrected


    “Highbrow” must and has to be the BIGGEST BLOT on “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and Lying Dill’s” awful awful dismal pathetic career at wirral.

    Fuck off Phil.

    The poor barstard didn’t have a skerick of a chance when he took on “Highbrow” the genius with an Oxford education.

    You can only presume, because he is a complete buffoon the he was acting on the genii that is the two dickheads Jones and Adderley when he attempted to take on “Highbrow”



    Wirral “Funny” Bizz might not have been the largest scam over the Davies years but “Highbrow” had, I bet you, more evidence of Invest Wirral’s incompetence and corruption than Adderley, Basnett, Bradbury, Ball, Tour, Wilkie, Burgess than Colas could only dream of.

    That my friends is why “Highbrow’s” court costs were paid by wirral when he lost his case against them.


    Apologise properly and publicly when it suits you “Philly “FUCKING” Liar and go off to Hilbre Island before they start fracking you where the sun don’t shine.

  3. BBC reporter Phil McCann is trying to get the paperwork relating to the Cheshire East investigation into Bill “the Bung” Norman’s conduct made public. Both Council and ICO have turned Mr McCann’s FOI request down, apparently on the grounds that the information contained in the Council documents would be prejudicial to Bill the Bung and detrimental to his chances of future employment. The fact that he made himself unemployable by his antics at Torbay, Wirral, Herefordshire and Cheshire East seems to have escaped them. Even a cursory internet search tells any prospective employer not to touch the man with a barge pole. What possible further detriment could he suffer?

    I gather Mr McCann is appealing the ICO decision, and wish him the best of luck.

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