Unite and Divide

norbury 2

 As we said – It was never gonna happen…  

We proudly present this contribution from a much respected local political insider who a) has never given us a bum steer and b) has an opinion we value.
Never have we ever wanted to get up off our sunbed and raise a glass to this coruscating analysis of local politics:
So, Tony Norbury won’t be allowed to lose his seat to a teenage Green Party member next May, he has been told by Wirral Labour that he is not a fit and proper person to represent Labour,  as an elected local representative. 
Kathy and Alan Runswick,  Dave Brennan and Paul Davies ( who now control Wirral Labour) are Unite, they are not Labour let alone Corbynites, they just used Corbyn for their own political advantage. They have got their man in Birkenhead now, Mick , and the next part of the plan is to replace Angela Eagle in  Wallasey with Margaret  Greenwood as Wirral West is going to be hard to defend. This was ALWAYS about  Unite taking control and “Tight Pants” was a well meaning if useful fool for them.  He agitated against Phil Davies and Frank Field and allowed Mick “man of the people” Whitley to stroll in and take Birkenhead. 
The word is Whitless  intends to get Norbury, John Maher, Cllr  Bird and everybody else associated with him out the party as they have served their purpose.  Mick is backing defeated ex cllr Angie Davies for  Prenton next year and is making friendly noises to the old controlling right wingers as he needs them to campaign for him, why else did the Runswick’s et al allow Claughton Cllr George Davies onto the panel and not Comrade Norbury, weird aye!
Anyway there is no route back for him as in truth  Labour are going to lose at least two seats next May and maybe as many as four and they are very unlikely to win  Rock Ferry       or  Pensby. Labour are finished on Wirral for local elections, the council is likely to adopt a “committee system” to replace the current “Strong Leader Model” they currently have which will make it impossible for Labour to control Wirral as they have for the last decade. That’s fine by Unite as they only ever cared about the parliamentary seats, condemning the residents of Wirral to a failing a council is just “collateral damage” as far as they are concerned. 
The sad part is the same union controlling tactics that allowed Frank Field to become MP back in 79 are what has been used 40 years later!!  If you create slate voting monkeys who obediently follow somebody’s list then this is what happens, it’s also how you end up with Jared O’Mara and Fiona Onasanya as (disgraced) Labour MPs. 
Labour is so broken now that Britain faces a decade of right wing governance but rest assured that Mick, Margaret and Dan (Carden) will be shouting very loudly about how terrible things are for “their communities”, though luckily for them it won’t be personally that bad as £80,000 a year will at least lessen the burden of austerity to their families.  How is it that each of these Unite stooges, NONE OF WHOM LIVE IN THEIR RESPECTIVE CONSTITUENCIES, were able to be presented as the “local choice”?  
Anyway I don’t expect We will hear or see much of  Cllr Tony “tight pants” Norbury again so we should wish him good luck with his future and hope he enjoys his remaining time as a socialist representative 😂😂

16 thoughts on “Unite and Divide

    • Is this the Ray McHale, who was pretending to represent Unison staff at Cheshire West & Chester Council whilst going secretly behind their backs, doing deals with management, nobbling complainants and whistleblowers and if they threatened to stop sending their subscription money, dropping them like a stone?

      Or maybe that’s another Ray McHale.

  1. If all these political shenanigans result in a positive step foreword in a proper more Democratic Governance of this Peninsula that offers so much potential, then that’s what I want. I also do not think we need 66 Councillors and would advocate at the very least one third reduction. Reducing the number of Party Political Representatives can be carried out without creating any political advantage, Elected Councillors should concentrate on the Wirral and its Population welfare and amenities, before any Party Political Dogma and their own self gratification.

    • It doesn’t say they will lose it, it says they are unlikely to win it as it’s an independent up next. Do you know the current make up of the counci?

    • Hey Gillian I thought you were going to retire to your second home in Spain, you know like all good socialists do. As for writing shite, well the local Green Party thought you were incapable of even doing that but since you joined the ‘comrades’ Paul Davies has at least got you up to that level. So which part was shite then anyway? Sadly it seems to have turned out much as predicted by the article, except for the greenwood/eagle bit but that was because no boundary changes came in and the hamfisted way the ‘Wallasey Left’ handled running the CLP. Angela actually got to run in two elections under Corbyn! You lot can’t even run a stitchup in CLP you control.

  2. Mmm very interesting. Anyway here is the BOOMERANG…

    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

    (The Aussie, on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal.)

    • G’day “Intie”

      Still waiting for our proper public apology over the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off scandal but I don’t like our chances.

      The new leader ha ha ha ha ha of the Clowncil was all over Wirral “Funny” Bizz like a rat in the sewer paying £3,000.00 for business plans for the community centre with hardly any punters but wait….

      Not only one ridiculous business plan was it two or three?

      At £3,000.00 a pop.

      “Highbrow” can tell you mate he has all the information on the scandal that they won’t look at.

      Plus he was accosted on the train by the ridiculous buffoon of a leader on a train so he has obviously learnt well from Foulkes, Ball, Davies, Davies and been rewarded for siding with them and their lies.

      Being head SCUMBAG ARSEHOLE with two TWO 2 useless 2ICs



      Much luv “Intie” XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx

  3. If it wasnt for the upcoming cycle road race on the 11th of this month, would some of our roads been improved? Fender Way on the Beechwood is shocking condition. Does the council care NO they don’t but expect our taxes to improve the areas that have Aready got!

  4. Non of you councillors care so do us all a favour. DO ONE.. Tell the community what any councillors or MPs have done for the local community apart from put our council tax up, & make us go onto more debt? Im sure YOU the blessed think its ok for singlr mums, the disabled tp struggle eanting & ending their livrs!

  5. Regardless of the issues facing Wirral Labour Party, this is a very poor article. Full of gossip, contradictions and just made up rubbish. Very weak from Wirral Leaks. You should expose corruption and neglect as you have done in the past. Not repeat the incoherent ramblings of some mate of yours.

  6. Regardless of the issues facing Wirral Labour Party, this is a very poor article. Full of gossip, contradictions and just made up rubbish. Very weak from Wirral Leaks. You should expose corruption and neglect as you have done in the past. Not repeat the incoherent ramblings of some mate of yours. Please get back to writing informative stuff, not the tabloid crap.

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