A Special Case

We’ve just returned from our summer break and as we continue our big wind down do we detect the winds of change with the onset of autumn?

We say this as we arrived back to find our inbox rammed with two breaking news stories. The first is the news that the concept of truth,justice and accountability may slowly be gaining traction on Wirral. We say this as we hear there have been significant developments involving a story that we leaked titled Wood is out but Wirral Children’s Services are not out of the woods  where we wrote :

Moreover we also understand that John Wood was involved in leading an investigation that is being described to us – and with apparent justification – as a cover up by Wirral Council. The case involves an allegation of abuse at a special needs school.

It would now appear that there have been SACKINGS at Stanley School the special needs school involved in what was alleged to us was a cover up of abuse of a boy who couldn’t speak up for himself. The cover up has now apparently unravelled due to the sheer persistence and determination of parents and brave witnesses  at the school who it would appear stood up to bullying and intimidation…

Part of the harrowing story can be found on this Facebook post :

15 thoughts on “A Special Case

  1. This is a great example of standing up to bullies and power abusers.

    Wirral Council’s crooked councillors and senior officers are cowards to a man and woman. They have absolutely no empathy for struggling families, detest people who stand up to them and will aim to crush you and your supporters.

    Always use their policies and procedures against them, focus and fight for your kids and if it’s you in the firing line, battle for yourself and your dependents because they need you to be strong.

    Of course, the only exception is if you don’t feel strong or healthy enough to do it, a situation which helps them sadly, and which they will rely upon and take full advantage of.

    They will even collude together to try and wreck you emotionally through their vicious, concerted attacks and their deceitful behaviour. In which case, being past masters at it, the bastards win.

    Because they’re ruthless scum and nothing but gangsters in suits.

    Still…………….WELL DONE !! You got your fucking justice.

    Hopefully one day, we’ll discover the names of the bullies. They don’t deserve to stay anonymous.

  2. Rambling? No! Your piece to the camera lens was magnificent and delivered with such wonderful grace and power. Thank you. It was an honour to listen to you girl.
    My goodness young woman! Your little lad Levi has much to be proud of. And it’s all to do with you his Mother. A truly mighty oratory masterpiece of love and good overcoming a rotten old bag of cruelty.
    Rambling? No young lady. That’s not rambling. That was nothing like it and in matters of the heart and love, your offering was unsurprisingly a triumph and an inspiration to everyone who knows the difference between good and bad and right and wrong.
    Well done. You should be very proud of yourself.

  3. G’day Lordy

    Many happy returns.

    Missed you, The Leaksville, Paul, Bobby, Inty.

    You are right Paul about the gangsters in suits.

    “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” and his gang of 65, me and “Highbrow” are still waiting for a proper public apology for the way the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off scandal was handled.

    How much proof does anyone need?



    These idiots in Brighton Street particularly the new “Head Poopah” idiot who accosted “Highbrow” on the train don’t realise they can say what they want, riddled with lies, but the paperwork never lies.


    That is why they paid “Highbrow’s” £10,000.00+ court costs when he lost his case against them ha ha ha ha.


  4. I hope your child is ok ..I am fuming my self as me child came home yesterday with same nappy on I put on her in morning she was dripping wet not happy I have phoned up waiting on someone to ring back thanks for making video and letting us all know xx

  5. Amazingly strong woman. This story disgusts me. I’ve fought my own battles with the council, poor social workers, rubbish care homes and lack of support and respite. Well done to all concerned. Never give up. Justice has prevailed. What you’ve have all been through could crush you but it didn’t so be proud every day for what you achieved as you are brilliant. Even though I know at times you probably felt weak and vulnerable and useless and fighting a losing battle you carried on with an inner strength. Well done for highlighting yet another council failure. So sorry you went through what you did and I hope you all gain some peace and happiness now as god knows you deserve it.


  7. I’m astonished that this sort of thing happens in this day and age. I’ve not seen any coverage of this in the Wirral Globe, although I have been abroad and might have missed the article.

  8. G’day Leaky

    I read the useless paper from over “Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant “wirral” Waters” yesterday and “Crisp Packet” and “The Witch” have cooked up a scheme of brilliance in their opinion.

    It has all the hallmarks of Wirral “Funny” Bizz” plus some.

    They are going to have a piggy bank like Davies and Adderley and do with it what they want.



    If that doesn’t set alarm bells ringing and a public apology to the Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers you’ll be a monkeys uncle.

    They claim to be better than a bank ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    You couldn’t make this crap up.

    Unless you were the idiot that got 1, 2 or 3 business plans for a fucking community centre at £3,000.00 a pop.

    isn’t that right “Crispy”.

    Luv ya Lordy please speak up soon. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  9. G’day Leaky

    If this is to mbe the last post bon this site it would only be fitting for me to re-iterate

    Philly is a FUCKING Liar.

    He has to be the scum of the earth who has attempted to ruin my life and obviously numerous others.

    His cabal of Jones Jones Davies Foulkes Williamson Gilchrist Green Tour Adderley Norman Ball Basnett Armstrong Williamson et al should go down in wirrals history as


    Luv ya Lordy and all the best




  10. Are we on a slippery slope?

    Here’s how a US cop “dealt with” a special needs kid in America, who made the mistake of taking too much school milk:

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