Frankenfield : Our Lord Of The Realm


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You may or may not be pleased to hear the news that His Lord and Ladyship are finally free from shielding and have now emerged slightly dishevelled and gin soaked from their castle cellar.

So imagine our delight to discover that friend of Wirral Leaks the Right (Wing) Honourable Frank Field has had an upgrade and has finally joined our ranks. Well, not quite. We have an hereditary peerage which we bought from a reputable site on the interweb and  therefore we think  a cut above a dissolution peerage for life. Whilst we don’t know whether you have to be dissolute to receive this accolade we do do know it can only be a matter of time before Lord Field of the Foodbanks eventually out-nobles us. However we understood he won’t be happy until he gets a sainthood! Having said that he will absolutely love the robes – even though, as Her Ladyship said , red is soooo not his colour!

However judging by the nominations it seems to be a case of Bojo’s Bonus for the former Labour Brexiteer Boys and Girls –

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 18.57.51.png

This particular list led us to dwell further upon the associated matters of favouritism , elitism, hierarchy, privilege and untouchability. Something that Frankenfield was well acquainted with during his days as ‘Lording it’ over his personal realm as the MP for Birkenhead. We have long held the view that often titles, awards and accolades are often  establishment-approved means of bestowing power,prestige and protection from criticism or accountability. Whilst we won’t belatedly wade into the statues debate we will state for the record that we would like to see this peerage gravy train for the alleged great and good to be scrapped along with the OBEs and the Knighthoods…

Post-Covid we can only hope it’s time to  say goodbye to the old undue deference and hello to a new meritocracy …




3 thoughts on “Frankenfield : Our Lord Of The Realm

  1. Methinks poor ratties get a bad press, for they do what they do in order to survive. They have great parenting skills and enjoy close contact with their family groups, even enjoying tickling each other during play! I don’t believe a rat would find much comfort sitting in the HoL for as much it has in common with the lifestyle of an opportunist, it is at least more transparent in its reasoning and its survival instincts.

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