Pip Pops Back To The Potting Shed


Pip didn’t see that  coming…

And so it would appear ‘The Curse of Leaky Towers’ has struck again as following on from our  Power Boy Pip Pops Back Into Public Life story we are ecstatic to report that former Wirral Council ‘leader’  Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies has dropped out of the running as Merseyside’s Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner after being apparently pummelled at last Thursday’s Police and Crime Panel.

The Liverpool Echo report really makes for a splendid case of schadenfreude as even former Wirral Council comrade Cllr Adrian Jones did the old ‘Et tu, Brute?…’ act describing the process by which Pip was picked to prop up Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy as ‘perverse’. Well,yes, quite…

Hilariously Pip suddenly came to realise that he couldn’t do the job ‘Justice’ (no change there then!) – Let’s face it Pip wouldn’t know the meaning of the word . However we do and this looks a little bit like it to us!…

And so it’s back to retirement for Pip. We can only hope for the wellbeing of the people of Wirral that he continues to self isolate in his potting shed long after the coronavirus lockdown has ceased…

Now,  how about after this little episode of ‘justice delayed’ Wirral councillors consider more closely the appointment of Cllr George Davies as Wirral’s first citizen and Mayor? We’ll be giving them plenty of reason to do so as our curse will not be lifted for some time to come for, as far as we’re concerned,  if ever an appointment is ‘perverse’ it is this one…





5 thoughts on “Pip Pops Back To The Potting Shed

  1. Well congratulations to all in the cyber world, such as yourself my Lord – and Paul Cardin, John Brace and so on. We will never fully know what influence (for the better) each of you will have had on this whole sorry business.

    Of course I would no doubt enjoy any further comment the Aussie would care to make on the strange contribution of Cllr Adrian Jones..

  2. It’s his arrogance that angers me. Clearly there’s no sense of self awareness or appreciation of what others might think of him. I know that I would never present myself to the publics gaze looking like that, and yet he doesn’t seem to even consider that he might to some appear ridiculous.
    Whilst Reg Dwight might get away with it on stage performing Candle In The Wind or Rocket Man in front of a packed and thrilled paying audience, this former Wirral Council can’t and my only surprise is that nobody else has bothered to mention it on these here pages.
    On a critical note, there was a time when all the old contributors to The Leaks would have instantly seized on this and taken to their keyboards and pointed it out. Sadly, and God only knows why, you’ve all failed to see what I see which just goes to show that the Social Distancing and Lockdown have had no negative impact upon my mental health.
    I’d urge you all to reflect upon what you once all were, take a second glance at Phillips photograph , paying particular attention to his personal choice of bi-focal Re Entry Shields and then perhaps you’ll all realise that none of you are as sharp as you once we’re.

  3. Wirral Council are quite adept in their appointment of under-achieving councillors for the tenure of ‘Mayor’. Still, great news on the deputy PCC position being appropriately scrutinised for the obvious nepotism from which it sprung.

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