2012 – Wirral’s Anus Horribilis ( the year Wirral Council made a horrible arse of itself)..

Coat_of_arms_of_Wirral_Metropolitan_Borough_CouncilTo counter the inevitable downer that a New Year brings we were planning to do a review of the years events on Wirralleaks  – from AKA to ICO from HESPE to SOLACE from WBC to WTF!… but to be frank ( and somebody has to be) the chronology of horror is there for all to see on this site….
Meanwhile Her Ladyship and I are still looking forward to the day when we and our faithful retinue can retire to somewhere hot and exotic like Torbay……..However it would appear there is much leakage to be done before we can set sail, safe in the knowledge that the people of Wirral are in safe hands……
Therefore we implore Wirral Council that 2013 should be the year that it puts it’s house in order and put’s us all out of our misery.Now we know the Council have had a slew of  terribly clever and awfully well paid consultancy chaps and chapesses to come in and help sort out the unholy mess that’s been created (who can forget Mr.Frater’s insightful diagnosis of Boiled Frog Syndrome?), but can we be ever so humble and suggest that to turn the Council round is very,very simple…….. they just need a new motto.
The old one –  “By Faith and Foresight” – just won’t cut it anymore –  and so might we suggest the following “rebranding”?:
SERVE MEDIUM DICO VERUM   – “Serve the public – tell the truth “.
 The crest will need changing too  – the bird on the top suggests we’re all being shat on from a great height.The horn should be appropriately replaced by a whistle
and the trident is all too suggestive of the three wise monkeys ( hear no evil,see no evil,speak no evil) and as for the lions rampant with golden handshakes – well what can we say???…..
We think it is appropriate to maintain the helmet – although perhaps in a more appropriate colour  –  our heraldic advisor tells us that  blue signifies truth and purple stands for justice.
Eldritch – although not usually known to be “good with colours” –  advocates purple as he says a purple helmet would finish off Wirral’s coat of arms off nicely…….

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