Wirral Leaks Advent Calendar 2 – Raise The Red Flag


Now no-one wants Wirral Waters to materialise more than us here at Leaky Towers as we quite fancy moving our international leaking operation to the penthouse suite of the International Trade Centre.

However we are becoming increasingly perturbed that this mooted multi-billion pound enterprise seems to be at the behest of the increasingly elusive giant vegetable connoisseur Stella Shiu.


We were further concerned to read that last week The Financial Times had caught up with a couple of our reports from earlier this year :



The FT article from November 28th titled – “Britain accused of going soft on rights to woo China” states:

The faded red banners welcoming the “Wirral council leaders” were propped against locked glass doors just inside the office of Sam Wa Resources Holdings on Tuesday in Jiangyin, a city on the banks of China’s Yangtze River.

This is the home of the company whose chairman Stella Shiu, is supposed to be the driving force behind a large Chinese investment in Britain.

However, there was no indication of a thriving business in the small dusty office, let alone a large mining and trading conglomerate, ready to invest millions of pounds to regenerate the Mersey riverside in Northwest England.

The Peel Group, a British developer that is proposing a £10bn project along the Mersey river, signed a joint venture with Ms Shiu last year to attract tenants to the International Trade Centre, a £175m business development planned as part of the waterfront scheme.

However true as ever to The Pollyanna Principle Council Leader Power Boy Pip and Council regeneration maestro Kevin Addled remain confident that everything is hunky dory and there’s no need to raise the red flag.


However might we suggest that it’s about time that Peel Holdings and Wirral Council actually come up with something, er , more concrete, than planting a few trees, knocking down some derelict buildings and publishing artists impressions?

To get the people of Wirral fully on board with this exciting project how about a “Wirral Waters” public exhibition at the Floral Pavilion with a detailed project management plan providing names of investors and projected timescales???

And you never know if someone manages to track her down Ms Shiu could open the exhibition – perhaps Wirral Council could entice her with the promise of some massive leeks.


1 thought on “Wirral Leaks Advent Calendar 2 – Raise The Red Flag

  1. I wonder if ‘call me Dave’ will meet the half pint of Stella? Where Wirral lead others follow-I doubt it unless they are all lemmings.

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