MetropolisWirral Waters ( artists impression)*
Disclaimer: *Wirral Leaks cannot verify as to whether hallucinogenics were used in the production of this image.

On receiving the news (STORY HERE ) that yet another Wirral Council delegation was heading out East ( let’s face it the Council have already Gone West) the Leaky Towers team couldn’t help but wonder as to whether so many air miles had ever been travelled in the history of aviation by so many people to achieve so very little?.

Our very own Gang of Flaw, sorry Four  – Power Boy Pip , Comrade Burgesski and his right hand man and woman ( Kevin Utterly-Butterly and Spinderella Degg) are joined by call centre boss Asif Hamid in this latest jolly,sorry….. jaunt,sorry , er  “mission to develop educational links for young people”.

Yes folks this particular trip is all about our childrens future!  – to which all we can say is we don’t know about you but we hope our childrens future doesn’t involve working in a call centre – which we consider to be 21st century equivalent of the  “dark satanic mills” of our industrial past.

Furthermore is it us or does this sound like a more exotic and far flung student exchange programme?.

There’s certainly no mention of whether the Gang of Four ( + 1) will be meeting up with the mysterious Ms.Who aka Stella Shiu to progress the Wirral Waters “vision”  – perhaps her bodyguards Kalashnikovs are being polished, who knows? .

What we do know is that it is likely the delegation will experience more Dim Sums than Wirral Council’s Finance Department and that in the light of the Information Commissioners Office damning assessment of the Council’s response to Freedom of Information requests that the group will be learning from the Chinese position on openness and transparency which is known locally as The Great Stonewall of China.

More importantly there is an opportunity for one member of the party to bring back their own tacky knicknacks and tawdry knock-offs for a change.

All together now:
” Out on the ocean,
Far from all the commotion,
Melting your heart of stone,
Honey I’d love to get you,
On a slow boat to China,
All to myself alone……..”

3 thoughts on “A SLOW BOAT TO NOWHERE

  1. I find your comments somewhat off message. Don’t you know that the purpose of the holiday,sorry delegation is to help improve Council services and job opportunities. Jobs,as you so rightly put it is the call centre,but they also hope to establish a Chinese style ‘sweat shop’;factory
    probably employing political prisoner aka whistleblowers.
    Spinderella is along to do some silk shopping and learn from the propaganda experts,she has only gone to China because even North Korea wouldn’t let her in!

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