Carry On Cabby


Just to follow up our NO MORAL AUTHORITY story earlier on this week there’s been some magnificent work undertaken by John Brace on his blog HERE

Here we find details of payments ( previously hidden from public view) for taxi rides exclusively for Labour councillors who are doing their bit in the name of austerity by seemingly hopping into a cab if it looks likely there’s going to be a spot of rain.

Top of the league table for the year 2013-14 was none other than the Comeback Queen herself – Matron McLaughlin with a whopping £755.30 taxi bill (runner -up in running up a bill is Cllr Pat “What a Packet” Hackett with a measly £700)……

In consideration of such a hefty private hire perk we’re left speculating here at Leaky Towers as to whether McLaughlinallthewaytothebank doesn’t drive (and if so – why is this Council tax payers problem ? ) or perhaps it means she, very sensibly, can safely have a tipple at functions or maybe she makes mercy dash deliveries to Wirral’s burgeoning foodbanks from the comfort of her own personal black cab or is it because of her big tips???

What we also want to know is whether a holier-than-thou councillor ( surprisingly not on Brace’s Taxi Rank ) has renounced his cab voucher handouts to his drinking buddies in the Brighton Hotel pub opposite the Town Hall.
How public-spirited some of our councillors can be!…………..


11 thoughts on “Carry On Cabby

  1. G’day My Lordly

    It appears to be CAB i net Members the worst offenders and abusers.

    It reminds me of the first Fudgit and Risk It Meeting I attended and it was so boring listening to “The Dunny Chain Wearer” waffling “We have lessons to learn” “lessons to learn” “lessons to learn” “lessons to learn” I nearly joined “The Pretend Friend” in the land of nod.

    Then “Mickey the friendly external auditor” got up and started to talk about gifts of boxes of chocolates and minor trivial stuff and there was small rumblings.

    I couldn’t work out if it was the overfed “Shysters” belly.

    “The Dunny Chain Wearer” got up and told everyone what a great bloke he was (in his own peanut brain) and would give the poor doormen and minions a fiver for a Xmas drink and such other inane trollop to keep the meeting going and avoiding the big ticket items.

    Then My L I nearly shit myself when “Mickey the friendly external auditor” mentioned expenses and I thought it was a world war two siren going off and the most animation I have seen at Wirral.

    It even woke “The Pretend Friend” My Lovely.

    “Mickey the friendly external auditor” just fizzled out like a damp squib and they all went off, probably to Hooligans Bar……. BY CAB…to plot with Frankenfield the rise and fall of Gra Gra.

    Gra Gra speak up and tell everyone what you wouldn’t do for the self servers and had to GO.



    Ps “What a packet” probably doesn’t live in New Brighton so he has to get a cab down to the Community Centre to see if there is anyone there. Sadly there never is so he probably looks over all his business plans he overpaid Wirral “Funny” Bizz for then calls a cab home.

    Luv you more than the amount of crap in “Phil the Dill’s” self serving, self righteous blog. XXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. My personal view is these councillors have tried to defraud ratepayers by not claiming their taxi fares through their expense claims forms & hiding the fact that they have used council facilities to abuse the system. My view is they should be surcharged and made to repay these monies back to the ratepayers.

  3. G’day My Lordly

    Tonight’s joke from the best council in the world…not.

    Community cinema plans hope to unlock Hoylake’s ‘untapped potential’

    This is probably “The Chamber Potty” wanting to work from Hoylake rather than Birkenbloodyhead with all those poor people.

    The cinema will only last five minutes and then she will put her Supergirl outfit on and save it and make it an upmarket “Pot”.



    Ps Missed her picture in the Echo business section today she must have had a bad hair day.

    Luv you more than she and Invest (In Myself) Wirral knew Wirral “Funny” Biz was a wrong un an did nothing about it for eighteen months because she was told not to……her words. XXXXXXXXXX

  4. G’day My Lordly

    Well My Lovely

    It will take more than a conspiracy of silence and defending the guilty.

    Liverpool faces missing out on millions of pounds of Euro funding because of ‘stupid bureaucracy’



  5. McLaughlin used to drive.
    I think she got ideas above her station when she was being chauffered about when she was mayor.
    Did anyone see her outside the Floral Pavilion when the Queen and Prince Philip visited.I think she thought the crowd had come to see her.She was stood there doing a royal wave.What a joke.
    She needs to remember she’s a LABOUR councillor in a DEPRIVED ward with the LOWEST voter turnout in Wirral.She also needs to remember she turned a blind eye to ABUSE in social services when she was overseeing it.
    Wirral Council should have called “TAXI FOR MCLAUGHLIN!” a long time ago

  6. G’day My Lord of the Manor

    Seems there is a sudden urgency to discuss Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods just 1,308 days later than the whistle blowing.

    Do you think My L they are embarrassed to tell the new BOY (CEO).

    Can’t wait to tell him all about Wirral “Funny” Bizz, “The Football Shirt” “The Chamber Potty” “The Pretend Friend” “Phil the Dill” “Gra Gra” “The Shyster” “Crabapple” “The Raving Loony” “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything” and last but not least “The Dunny Chain Wearer” who appeared to have had last week off according to the diary.

    He must have been doing the interviews.

    Looking forward to seeing what the European auditor has to say about the little shambles called Wirral.



    Ps Can’t wait to see the short list for the Poisoned Chalice.

    Luv you more than the they know how much shit they are in as they continue the conspiracy of silence. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Did I say conspiracy???????

  7. I noticed the Fairy Princess is now trying to get involved, A Tissue, A Tissue, everything Falls Down, what is happening over that and the Perm Princess putting a Strong Case Forward without the First Clue, but she likes Snooping!!!!!!!

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