The Mystery of The Missing Money

So let’s set the scene – a sophisticated soiree in Chester and a journalist sidles up to the then head honcho at Wirral Council and emboldened by alcohol and contempt (and tell us what journalist isn’t?) asks :
“So tell me what have you done with all the money….?”
Fast forward to a Wirral estate and a wizened Councillor who conspiratorially whispers about suspended Directors and the missing millions and click goes the record button…..
An Ode to Redundancies
Makeovers, cover ups
Piss ups and fuck ups
Toxic debts, taxi rides
Pay offs and inquiries
An improvement journey
On a runaway gravy train
Of fruitless foreign travels
‘Til the mystery unravels
They hired a consultant guru
Paid a premium to shaft you
Tell us: Is it finally understood
How you lost your livelihood ?
However as this particular roll call shows some Wirral Council staff have done rather well making “difficult decisions” when it comes to redundancies , proving once and for all there is no honour in honorariums –  it’s more about acting the part than acting up.

8 thoughts on “The Mystery of The Missing Money

  1. Of course this “acting up” extra is all taken into account when their own package is calculated. A bit more money for more pies.

  2. When I was working I was ‘acting’ for 2 colleagues who were on long term sick leave,working 2 areas plus my own. The regulations stated that if it was over a certain period,which it was,I was entitled to an increase or one grade in my salary. Never got it,then was promised an honorarium-never happened!!! Probably because I didn’t play golf,was in the wrong party(in fact none) or didn’t drink in the right pub,or claim hurt feelings!
    These senior managers let the people down the tree take all the flak and then coin it in.
    In the centenary of WW1 may I repeat “Lions led by donkeys”
    Never been so true

  3. G’day Lordsly

    The local rubbish Wirral propaganda

    Supreme Court decision costs Merseyside millions

    No no no people like “The Football Shit” and “The Chamber Potty” have caused this by their gross indecency over issues like Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods.

    Not to mention 66 muppets allowing and encouraging them to waste over £200,000.00 defending all reputations to the point of farce.

    They are still paying with every FOI to defend the indefensible and spending hours at top wages.

    Where is that DCLG Report?

    I wouldn’t trust these people with their children’s pocket money.

    Why did they think for almost four years they would get away without at least prosecuting somebody as Wirral “Funny” Bizz is sneaking off in weeks to being dissolved after years and years of super profits that make Ecca’s new wages look like chicken feed aided and abetted by Invest “In thyself” Wirral which is now becoming “The Chamber Potty” with the same old faces running it.

    “Phil the Pickled Dill” and “The Football Shit” and there little “I will keep my gob shut if you tell me Chamber Potty”.

    Where is the junket this year?

    Honeymoon with “The Dunny Chain Wearer” I suspect as they have to stick together with the lies they have told.

    History won’ change things but I feel My Lordsville it is starting to repeat itself. Via The Chamber Pot.



    Ps Why would they give Euro money if “The Footbal Shit” is going to say it is not our money and the contract is very complex in public My Regent in PUBLIC FOR *ucks SAKE.

    Complex my arse L.

    Luv you more than I can’t wait for the WEDDING OF THE YEAR XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Haven’t got my invite yet Lordy have you????????

  4. G’day again My Lovely

    Wakey wakey wakey “Pretend Friend”

    Labour budget approved by Wirral Council

    There is also support for the local economy, with £800,000 for business investment grants to support new and growing businesses

    Alarm bells should be ringing “Raving Loony” or is this just for your mates.

    Hey “Crabapple” are you still the scapegoat in charge of The Fudge It and Risk It Committee without even knowing it?

    I can see Ecca having a public meeting about this in a year or two if he doesn’t do what he is told ala Wirralgate.



    Ps Get in quick My L if you want a share of the loot before they waste it. On past performance you won’t have to do much.

    Luv you more than “The Chamber Potty” will do as they tell her. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. Unbelievable when they are asking staff To take pay cuts ,absolute disgrace ,the lunatics have well and truly taken over the asylum ,con artists springs to mind

  6. G’day My L

    “The Footbal Shit” is a liar! “The Footbal Shit” is a liar! “The Footbal Shit” is a liar!

    “The Footbal Shit” is a liar! “The Footbal Shit” is a liar! “The Footbal Shit” is a liar!

    “The Footbal Shit” is a liar! “The Footbal Shit” is a liar! “The Footbal Shit” is a liar!

    “The Chamber Potty” will keep her gob shut if asked, obedient little bunny, her words.

    “The Chamber Potty” will keep her gob shut if asked, obedient little bunny, her words.

    “The Chamber Potty” will keep her gob shut if asked, obedient little bunny, her words.



    Ps Why would you give them Euro money?

    Luv you more than the number of pints of cider “The Pretend Friend” will have this week and smile and wink at his victims before he stabs them in the back. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  7. G’day The Lord of Wirral

    I looked on The Clowncil web site and couldn’t believe my eyes.

    Mayor’s Diary

    2 March 2015 – 1:00am – 8 March 2015 – 11:00pm

    Monday 2 March

    The Dunny Chain Wearer will court and fete whistleblowers past and present in the Lord Mayor’s Chamber.

    April Fool

    Shit My Lordsly I am a month early!!!



    Ps I wonder how they explain this to their kids on the way home from church or in some cases court?

    37 Labour councillors agree Wirral Council’s budget for next year & reject amendment to keep Lyndale School open

    Luv you more than the number of awards they will buy at the LGA shit. XXXXXXXXXXX

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