Dial M for Mute : Update


Maliciuous Communications

As we previewed yesterday it can now be revealed the identity of the former Wirral councillor who today in Wirral Magistrates Court denied sending a grossly offensive message.

Why it’s none other than former Wirral Leaks regular and ex-Wirral councillor Jim “Crabby” Crabtree.


As the next court hearing is scheduled for January 2017 we’ll have to keep tight-lipped about the significance of the date the alleged offence took place, to whom the grossly offensive message was directed and what exactly the malicious communication was all about.

It seems such a shame that Jimbo allegedly didn’t do the same!.

tight lips


13 thoughts on “Dial M for Mute : Update

  1. Th former chairman of the audit and Risk committee. Why he told me on October 8th 2014 at the wirralbiz special hearing “Dont come to us again! Go to the Police.! Seems he beat me to it!!!

  2. No point in staying tight-lipped when our intrepid reporter Liam Murphy has already revealed that the recipient of the ‘menacing’ phone call was Louise Reece Jones.

  3. G’day Leaky

    Looks like they have replaced the thicker than the chair Chair of The Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee with a lower life form.

    I think the previous would probably have more decency than this little fat, cuddly, smile and stab you in the back……………….. mate or not.



    Bring back the more decent person.


  4. On way back from dog-walking I met in Marine Park Mansions another dog-walker, a teacher of my son. He asked me about that old scandal to which i responded about the “fixing” of the tenders in ISUS so that the least qualified firm wirralbiz won over the best qualified. That opened the floodgates..how the Council was in education terms just about as bad as it could be..was it incompetence or was it corruption.

    We both agreed that it was a total failure of discipline, nobody ever paid for their mistakes, to the contrary they were paid out! Stories of headmasters retiring before their schools were merged and, Cameron-like, giving large, unwarranted pay increases to staff, leaving a mess for the new merged school to sort out then retiring on a full pension, budgets exceeded 9 months early but the Council bailing out..were they believing they printed money? ..and the eventual result good schools having to let go good staff as all the money had been wasted

    WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE. Chairs of the Audit and Risk committee that use learning disadvantaged school children to hand out political leaflets and allegedly give torrents of abuse to their colleagues.

    The answer my friend is not blowing in the wind. It is that persons prepared to spend their time in political parties are the only persons in a shallow pool and the likelihood is they are cranks. Before Momentum how many members did political parties possess; just a small pool of eligible councillors who enjoy the back-stabbing, finger waving activities of the party hack. Some good ones no doubt but a large minority wh are not of the elect save in the narrow sense of harvesting Labour votes.

    Pick a new face, pick Independents, seems to be an answer.

  5. and now another “Chair” in scandal. Mr Vaz! Seems he did not declare his interests before pontificating about the legality of prostitutes and poppers. Tut tut.

    Of course there will be usual cant about his private affair etc but surely before compromising all the sex enquiries going on Chairs should declare their interests or simply not take the Chair.

    Mr Crabtree might have simply said there are many reasons Phil I cannot take the Chair of the Audit and Risk committee not least because I might further put it into disrepute given my tendency to shoot my mouth off, employ disadvantaged kids for election purposes. O and I have been a horticultural teacher most of me life so I simply don’t understan’ what Grant Thornton or the Internal auditors are goin’ on about. Please excuse me.

    • There’s all kinds of questions to be asked as to exactly how Cllr Crabtree reached the lofty heights of the Chair of the Audit & Risk Management Committee but we’ll save that for another time.

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