Mystic Wirral Leaks & The Tragic Tale of Lyndale School



                                                The haves and have nots 

Way back in March 2014 we implored Wirral Council to “Tread Softly” when it came to the proposed closure of Lyndale  School.

And sure enough we learn today that in true Wirral Council style they took this advice on board and now plan to demolish Lyndale School and sell the land.

Sadly this should come as no surprise to those who read another Wirral Leaks post   prophetically titled “Crushed – The Closing of Lyndale School” where we asked the following questions:

What we don’t understand that if “economic considerations” were the reason for the closure why don’t the sums add up?
Are the “economic considerations” more to do with a future potential capital receipt for the land we ask ourselves?

Seems that was the case all along – from the day Head of Children’s Services  Julia Hassall declared that she was ‘minded’ to close Lyndale School in November 2013 to the sham of a consultation to the demolition and sale of the site.

Lyndale parent Zoe Anderson displayed a firm grasp of how Wirral Council conduct such matters when she said: “We have always believed it is a foregone conclusion but we are glad that we got to say our bit and give our opinions in public.

“We are also pleased that the concerns we had about the consultation being open and transparent have actually been received and reassurances given to ensure that is the case.”

And who exactly gave Ms.Anderson reassurances about openness and transparency?.
Why none other than the chair of the meeting  who instigated the closure of Lyndale School – Councillor Steve Foulkes aka “Foulksey” – the former Leader of the Council whose lack of personal integrity when it comes to openness,transparency and truthfulness has recently been laid bare for all to see.

Once again we commented with the foresight of a mystic seer  : “However we have to say we have to admire the sheer gall  – as earlier in the meeting he expressed the hope that the forum wouldn’t be used for “political points scoring” knowing what we know might we suggest that “Foulksey” needs to tread very,very carefully on the matter of “political points scoring” ….

Reading the posts back we presciently called out Foulkesy then and his sickening role in this tragic tale when we said :

Finally  we implore you to remember the names of the Cabinet members making the decision to close Lyndale School and particularly the one Councillor who we feel is simply not fit to hold public office , let alone make a decision significantly affecting the lives of people who he clearly regards merely as a means to pay his Council expenses.

We hope the people of Wirral are finally beginning to realise  where Wirral Council’s priorities  are – protecting the powerful whilst demolishing the dreams of the vulnerable.




11 thoughts on “Mystic Wirral Leaks & The Tragic Tale of Lyndale School

      • Well…the weird thing is you’d expect “Person C” to be all over this wouldn’t you?
        Seems like quite a big Wirral story, all things considered.
        Yet not a single line has been written.
        Strange that, isn’t it?

      • Not really.
        He has to check what stories he runs with Martin Liptrot first.
        We’re beginning to wonder what the C stands for in Person C .
        Answers on a postcard please.

      • G’day Leaky

        Shouldn’t it be plural.

        Persons C

        There is “Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell”

        “Ankles” The ex-Dunny Chain Wearer from the Brawl at Charity Ball at the Hall

        “Nurse Rat” getting revenge for all the times she had To Pretend she enjoyed her vocation by closing them down.

        “The Shyster” with his threatening ill legal letters that were a croc of shit for his “mates”. Particularly the mate that mentioned him in the Wirralgate Tape.

        “Legweak” can’t control his anger because he could never keep the job.

        “The Pretend Friend” an abject failure like “Legweak” so he will stab anybody in the back.

        The journalist with the tweed jacket, filthy rollies and leather elbow pads from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters.

        Then of course the deluded fool “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” that thinks he is the leader of this DUNG HEAP.



        Its great to be back with you Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXX

        Lest we forget how AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and his moll lead them up the garden path for over five years over with Wirral “Funny” Bizz who should not have got the contract in the first place according to a missive to Horseguards and walked away with £2,000,000.00.

        Oh shit

        Forgot to mention the ex thicker than the chair Chair of the Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee err what was his name err “Crap Appl…..

        That’s what you get son for allowing to be used for slimy work by dodgy people.

        By the way Lordsville did I see that they are getting in independent auditors in for something or other…..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton and Audit Office (The Audit Commissions poor relative) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

        Another bonus for Grantie…£50, £100, £150,000 to word things “carefully” with only “half” a remit so they get the right answers like Wirral “Funny” Bizz?

        Luv you being around with “Tarrantino” Leaksville

  1. This Foulksey character is quite good at instigating the closure of things, though he didn’t quite get his way with the Wirral libraries. Still, one school closure isn’t a bad effort and should make up for any disappointment over the libraries still opening their doors.

  2. I wonder if Corbyn will up the stakes and apply pressure in search of a much-needed clear out of salary / expenses / allowance / pay-off grubbing abusers on Wirral, in the wider UK Rotten Boroughs, and in Labour’s crooked HQ and Secretariat if he continues as Labour leader?

    i.e. a shake up of the ethos and principles, a new mission statement and a truly democratic ‘purge’ of genuinely harmful people who are now publicly unaccountable – see Foulkesy for example – and no more attacks on the grassroots members.

    Or will it be given a lower priority, entrusted to ‘democracy’, the wishes of the electorate, the whim of the lame stream media, in which case the whole thing will continue to spiral down and down and down with no end in sight.

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