Wheel of Misfortune

Big Wheel Echo 011

Pic courtesy of Echo. How refreshing not to see an artist’s impression of Wirral Waters!

One of our readers contacted us before Easter to give us the heads up about a Wirral Council approved erection in New Brighton:

‘Because of the uproar the robbing 2hats could not charge for parking at Perch Rock. So what do they do ? They build a big wheel and other fairground attractions which will take up most of the parking and take a cut of all monies generated. More than one way to skin a cat as they say……..’

Now it seems that after only three weeks the wheels have come off this latest money-making wheeze as the big wheel comes crashing down down to earth when it is dismantled this Sunday.

It seems the man putting the spoke in the big wheel was infamous self publicising local solicitor (and ex-Wirral councillor) David Kirwan who contacted Wirral Council on behalf of his client ,the Wilkie Leisure Group which run the rather tired Adventureland site over the road, complaining that they weren’t consulted about the rival ‘attractions’.

Wirral Council have dismissed claims that these developments have anything to do with a legal  challenge questioning the tendering process for the attractions and that the big wheel only had temporary planning permission.

Whatever the reason it means that visitors will ,for the time being, be denied the opportunity to have spectacular views  of those beautiful wind turbines as this is one big wheel that won’t keep on turning and rolling on the river.


12 thoughts on “Wheel of Misfortune

  1. I nearly got a job on the waltzers in 1983 when they lined up about 20 of us scallies.

    But old Wilkie didn’t like the look of me and I was sent packing. Much later I joined Wirral Council.

  2. G’day Leaks

    If this shower of crud had less “erections” maybe the blood would reach their noggins.



    Luv your erection at the Towers L XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. G’day Leaky

    It is said above

    Wirral Council have dismissed claims that these developments have anything to do with a legal challenge questioning the tendering process for the attractions and that the big wheel only had temporary planning permission.

    Reading between the lines

    wirral Council talking about these developments and its not about a luxury golf resort development?

    Legal challenge and “The Shyster” is counting down time on his fuckin massive clock to his next cheque.

    The legal challenge on tendering is a change from their usual tindering type activities.

    Tendering is where they always come unstuck it is all over Wirral “Funny” Bizz, Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods.

    And, the Big Wheel that is “Philly Liar” “Phil the Very Very Very Very, Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill” is about to be taken apart he was only meant to be temporary.



    If only Peel would actually spend some money.

    Luv you you big wheel Leaks XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. I wonder if this was a Stewart Halliday inspired contract?

    If so, one of the few times that he put anything out for tender.

  5. G’day Leaksville

    I am on my bandwagon again this morning.

    Why vote Thursdays?

    As you know all to well in the Towers Saturday is “erection” day.

    World wide “erection” day is Saturday.

    You get 26% getting out to an “erection” on a Thursday.

    Why not call them “erections” like wirral do on a polling night?



    When will this country get out of the 18th century?

    Oh it suits the tory’s and tory’s that wear red.

    Luv your Saturday “erection” at the Towers Lordy XXXXXXXX

    Why isn’t voting compulsory just think hoe many fines you could get in for not voting.

    • I’d love it James. Imagine that. Forcing a vote from the silenced, disenfranchised “underclass” that in ever-increasing numbers have avoided registering with UK authorities and voting since 1987. Due to:

      o Debt
      o Criminal record
      o Child Support Agency
      o Fear of being repatriated to their country of birth, although legally here
      o etc. etc. etc.

      …in other words, millions – yes, millions – of extra votes that would have the party of the Toffs and tax dodgers turfed out. Now we know why they’ll never do it.

      Politicians of all parties brand it ‘apathy’ – which suits their purposes – but it’s a lot more complex than that.

      • G’day Paul

        So am I right in thinking of the 26% that can be arsed to vote go out and vote because their father/mother did and vote the same way.



        Has to be that Paul who in their right mind would vote for “Philly Liar”, “Ankles” “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell”, “The Pretend Friend”, and “Missus Bilong The Pretend Friend Nurse (Girtrell) Rat”?

  6. When the wheel of fortune was first mentioned it was stated that it would be here till October.It was not high enough to see over the church on the hill.£4 to see nothing.

  7. Good. Total monstrosity that demonstrated that Wirral Council is on a fast-track to turning the place into Rhyl. I mean why else would that appalling Lacey’s building be allowed to besmirch this paradise of tourism? I don’t know if travellers put up the Wheel but a bunch have taken up residence under the M53. Best place for them some may say. I say they are despoiling my regular cycle route. What say you?

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