Birkenhead MP’s Brexit Bitchfest Backfires

Birkenhead MP Frank Field ,  having moved an amendment to the European Union (Withdrawal ) Bill earlier this week must be grateful that the local TV media chose a clip of Wirral South MP Alison McGovern’s contribution to the House of Commons Brexit debate for their news bulletin rather than his latest waspish display of self-aggrandizing disrespect for others. Therefore we’d particularly like to thank Old Queen TV  for posting the above footage.

Field’s innocuous amendment read : ” The UK ceases to belong to the European Union on 30 March 2019″ and  we can say one thing about Frankenfield and that he united the House during the debate  – united that is in their distaste of his sly jibes.

The most spectacular putdown was of fellow Labour MP Hilary Benn which drew gasps from benches on both sides of the House. Sitting behind Frankenfield David Lammy looks simply aghast……and who wouldn’t be as Field snipes at Benn : ” I’ve always bought my houses, I’ve never inherited them……”  . On being corrected by Benn he apologised and withdrew the comment. However the snooty, sarky tone of his statement , part Lady Bracknell/part Lily Savage, continued unabated.  

The thing is with Frankenfield is that locally he is so used to saying what he likes to who he likes – and being gifted a platform to do it – that it comes as a bit of a surprise when someone dares to challenge him on the facts.

However there were several other comments Frankenfield made during his speech which led to us sit here scratching our heads with our mouths agape. The full transcript of the debate can read here


Bitchfest 013

Bitchfest 018

We’re confused as to what Frankenfield is trying to say in these statements . However it  should be noted that overall 51.7% of the voters of Wirral voted to remain in the  EU Referendum , whilst  his own constituency  voted 51.7% to leave .



6 thoughts on “Birkenhead MP’s Brexit Bitchfest Backfires

  1. G’day Leaksly

    Talking of Brexit and bitches.

    We Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistle blowers still don’t know how much of, according to the stinking ashtray that is AdderleyDadderleyDooLally of “It’s not our money anyway” they had to pay back to Europe.

    Is that why he was dumped with his peroxided “The Chamber Potty” of Chamber Pot notoriety and wannabe pin up girl?

    How much was it “Philly “Fucking” Liar” just fess up and tell us apologise for your lies and lets get on with it?




  2. The damage this fella has wreaked over the last 37 years, 13 of them “in power” has been simply horrendous. He IS the archetypal “Loose Cannon”, purely out for himself and his own twisted, reactionary instincts, egged on by a gang of hard right cronies who’ve hijacked control of the local council and have been deeply involved in serious financial abuse of disabled people, RACISM, SEXISM, and now CHILD ABUSE – see the recent covering up of a Serious Case Review.

    And God knows what other horrors the “Inadequate” most improved council have perpetrated behind closed doors that we don’t yet know about.

    Paedophiles certainly rise through the ranks don’t they? We’ve seen that up and down the country. And it’s only now that we’ve got a chance to get a grip on it, the central powers that be are reacting, and are determined not to allow us a breakthrough by planting their own nobbling judges at the head of successive inquiries.

    And here on Wirral, it appears there is no official check, balance or process of accountability to stop them. No public oversight whatsoever. Even Serious Case Reviews are now closed off and have become another useful cul-de-sac that protects the perps.

    With the council defying its statutory obligation to care, and all these poor kids being abused (the numbers have rocketed by 200 to 800+ on Wirral) and with a non-independent investigator concealing the latest Serious Case Review – a process which had to be dragged out of them – you have to wonder what depths have been plumbed. What is being hidden? Why are the CEO Robinson and his Director being protected? How far has the evil infiltrated?

    Wirral Council has NO POLICY for external investigations. A fact that had to be dragged out of them over an 18 month period a few years back. So any corrupted chancer who’s after a few easy quid and doesn’t mind signing on a dotted line, then having the freedom to control the evidence that emerges can shape it their own way because there’s no need to DECLARE ANY PRIOR CONNECTION TO WIRRAL COUNCIL.

    The biggest LIE is seeing every issued document emblazoned with the legend “INDEPENDENT REPORT”. Because they are not. This happened with Klonowski (Independent Review of the Council’s Response to Claims Made by Martin Morton (and others), Vickers (4 week delay in care) and Penn (HESPE and 4 directors, all found with ‘no case to answer’). Not one of these investigators declared “no prior connection to Wirral Council”. We the public were all hoodwinked, as planned.

    And now with secrecy absolutely rampant and growing, one has to prepare for the worst to come, whatever that may be.

    Let’s examine the reason for withholding the SCR details from the public…

    …which was… “to protect an individual child.”


    1. The report writer releases her report in the public interest to deter future harm, explaining the full extent and depth of Wirral Council inadequacy

    2. (Mysterious Process)

    3. One particular child suffers some sort of non-specific detriment

    Please join the dots and explain 2. The Mysterious Process.

    (Everyone responsible walks away, untouched). How does this protect children in the future…?

    /Rant not over

  3. For God’s Sake Leaky

    “Philly “Fucking” Liar” is talking shit again.

    Not the luxury golf resort in his suburb this time L.

    In the rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters he is talking about a billion pound investment in BirkenBloodyHell but one little snag.

    He hasn’t found an idiot with a spare BILLION yet.

    “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, Lying and Deluded Dill” is more deluded than ever.

    He must have sniffed a mince pie with a drop of brandy in.



    The man is a lunatic with racists in his team. Proven.


    Obviously will have to be british investment.

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