Reputation Protection

Reputation ProtectionReputation ProtectionReputation ProtectionReputation Protection

As we’ve previously reported a Serious Case Review (SCR) concerned with the Rajenthiram brothers Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) case was due to be published in July of this year. It is now November and we now learn that that the SCR will not now be published.

SCRs should be carried out by the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) for every case where abuse/neglect is known or suspected and either ; a child has died or; a child has been seriously harmed and there are concerns about how organisations or professionals worked together to protect the child. Since 2010 there has been a requirement to publish SCRs in full . Accordingly Wirral’s LSCB website states:

Findings and recommendations from the Serious Case Review or SCR , will be published in full in a report , which will be publicly available on this website . The purpose of the SCR will be to learn from what happened in individual cases so that future tragedies can be prevented. SCR-Wirral

Whilst the National Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) website says this about publishing SCRs:

The final SCR report, and the LSCBs response to the findings, must be published on the LSCB website for a minimum of 12 months and should be available on request. This is important for sharing lessons learnt and good practice in writing and publishing SCRs.

SCR reports should be written in such a way that publication will not be likely to harm the welfare of any children or vulnerable adults involved in the case.

The final report should:

  • provide a sound analysis of what happened in the case, and why, and what needs to happen in order to reduce the risk of recurrence
  • be written in plain English and in a way that can be easily understood by both professionals and the public and
  • be suitable for publication without needing to be amended or redacted.

The LSCB should send a copy of the final SCR to the National Panel of Independent Experts at least one week before publication. NSPCC

However Dr Maggie Atkinson , chair of Wirral’s LSCB said this week of the Rajenthiram case :

“This Serious Case Review examines – in great detail – the circumstances surrounding the sexual abuse of a child. It was my view, as chair of the safeguarding board and entirely independent of the council and all public agencies involved, that there was no way to publish the report which did not lead to a high risk of this child being identified.I could not countenance that risk. It would be morally wrong, and absolutely illegal, to risk identifying the victim of a sexual crime.My opinion was ratified by legal advice from barristers and my assessment on this matter was specifically sent to, and agreed by the Department for Education. I do agree that it is important the lessons which were learnt as a result of this tragic case are in the public domain and, to ensure they are, I had already requested that a report explaining the recommendations coming from the review – alongside the work which has been done since to address them – was published. This report will be published in the coming weeks.”

Whilst we agree that protecting the anonymity of victims is paramount we can’t help wondering who Dr Atkinson and the LSCB are actually protecting here. Oh and don’t come the ‘morally wrong’ and ‘absolutely illegal’ with us – this is Wirral Council we’re talking about and it’s never stopped them before – unless of course it suits them.

It should be remembered that one of the (many ) criticisms previously levelled at Wirral’s LSCB  by Ofsted in their damning  report ,which led to a rating of local Children’s Services to be rated ‘inadequate’, was that it was not sufficiently ‘independent’ from Wirral Council and other agencies involved in child protection.   What’s more isn’t talk of protecting victims of CSE a bit like closing the cornershop door after perpetrators have been convicted? Where was the protection from organisations and professionals when victims of CSE needed it ? That ,of course, should be the main theme of this secret SCR and based on what’s gone before who can blame us for thinking that this lurch to secrecy is more about protecting the reputations of the powerful than protecting the anonymity of the powerless?


6 thoughts on “Reputation Protection

  1. This is CHILD ABUSE being shielded from view.

    And God knows what other horrors the “Inadequate” most improved council have perpetrated behind closed doors that we don’t yet know about.

    Paedophiles certainly rise through the ranks don’t they? We’ve seen that up and down the country. And it’s only now that we’ve got a chance to get a grip on it, the central powers that be are reacting, and are determined not to allow us to make a breakthrough by planting their own nobbling judges at the head of successive inquiries.

    And here on Wirral, Maggie Atkinson appears to be the one doing the nobbling, lifting up the net while Eric, his directors and Labour members sneak beneath it and out to freedom.

    So SCRs can be ignored and hidden now, whilst emptily spouting “a desire to protect our kids?”

    Only on Wirral. We’ve also got a very senior racist councillor on audio who has had his own criminal deed concealed by the current lying leader. Atkinson really should have checked out the calibre of the persons she’s shielding. Is it really worth the £cash bonanza?

    It appears there is no official check, balance or process of accountability to stop them. No public oversight whatsoever. With Serious Case Reviews now closed off that’s yet another useful cul-de-sac that protects the perps.

    With the council defying its statutory obligation to care, and all these poor kids being abused (the numbers have rocketed by 200 to 800+ on Wirral) you have to wonder what depths have been plumbed behind closed doors. What is being hidden? Why are the CEO Robinson and Directors and members being protected? How far has the evil infiltrated?

    And now with secrecy absolutely rampant and growing, one has to prepare for the worst to come, whatever that may be.

    Let’s examine the reason for withholding the SCR details from the public…

    …which was… “to protect an individual child.”


    1. Atkinson releases her report in the public interest to deter future harm, explaining the full extent and depth of Wirral Council inadequacy and the need to learn lessons

    2. (Mysterious Process)

    3. One particular child suffers some sort of non-specific detriment

    Please join the dots and explain 2. The Mysterious Process.

    An ugly by-product is that the usual suspects who are responsible walk away, untouched.

    How does this protect vulnerable children in the future…?

    • Paul, well said these bloody councillors & directors in social services have no shame and as usual using their dark arts but cover to save their fat pay packets. They all think they are above the law and perhaps when they come knocking at election time they will be given the back end of my tongue as well as a boot up their backside

      • Corruption at its best disgusted at this does anyone know if with can approach to the ICC? Or any other authority service for answers?

      • G’day Rutters

        As Clowncillor Adrian “The Pretend Friend” Jones told my whistle blowing colleague Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro

        “You don’t understand how it works boyo” as he stabbed his ex-mate in the back.

        Mate they have been teflon coated for donkeys years but I do sense a slight change.

        This shower of shit at wirral Fabs has not progressed anything for years and even the toothless and useless LGA can see it but not prepared to deal with fellow parasites on the public purse.



        If enough Farbian Rutlanders stand up and be counted they will finally get what they deserve.

        Racist barstards.

        If one is proven to be racist and non of the 66 does anything they are all tarred.

        Ecca as well.

        Luv Leaks X

  2. Protect the childs identity at all costs but dont protect the highly paid senior officers and officials who are accountable.
    We had a resignation and a sacking before the result of the case but no official statement from the leaders of the council accepting blame.
    This report could be released without detailed accounts of the abuse just with the names and details of officers who were aware and what actions were taken.

    • G’day Covers

      They are just rats in the same sack with no pride, no dignity, no honesty, no cojones, no fucking idea.



      Speak up and get your mates to speak up Mr Cover Up.

      Luv the aliases Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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