EXCLUSIVE : Red Faces Over Red Bridge

In Wirral Council’s belated haste to get contractors to get the long-delayed red bridge connecting Wallasey and Birkenhead back in action it would seem that there’s been a bit of a mishap. As these exclusive pictures taken by a Wirral Leaks reader reveal the thing is now bloody stuck!






10 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE : Red Faces Over Red Bridge

  1. As they have taken most of the special needs contracts off us and it is of no particular importance to us anymore, I hope their bloody bridge falls in the dock preferably with useless councillors, MP`s and high ranking Clowncil offices underneath it.

  2. I am told that it is the second time today it has been stuck.

    I note from the image you provide that a little thing like the bridge being stuck is not going to stop a few determined locals finding an alternative route.

  3. Dear Lord Julian I am tempted to say WTF. Wirral have paid nearly £8 million for a bridge that was months late and now does appear to be stuck. What the hell is happening with those bunch of losers in the clown hall. it is yet another council fiasco to add to a long list, I truly despair.

  4. Anger folks, certainly is. I fact that’s an understatement.Because they chose to ignore the Minister of Transports guidance we have had to make 60 members of staff redundant

  5. My Lord,

    Tut, tut, tut….

    (No this is not directed at your good self) But that naughty (BBC funded?) ‘Local Government’ reporter, Tom Houghton. Yea I read it in the Echo. He has been giving an update on the red bridge saga.

    Mr Houghton seems to suggest that the lovely Wirral Leaks is mere ‘social media’. Yes, I take offence on your behalf. Couldn’t he have at least mentioned Wirral Leaks when he appeared to allude to your Exclusive report?

    Yea, I know, it’s only minor stuff but I am quite enjoying being mildly fucking irritated by it.

    Where is the Aussie when you need him….

    • Apparently if a local journalist/politician mentions our name they summon up demons from hell who unleash everlasting mayhem and anarchy upon the world. We were more than mildly fucking irritated that ‘mainstream media’ reported (after our exclusive) that the red bridge was having a bit of routine maintenance work before subsequently having to report that – surprise! surprise! – the thing had conked out again a few hours later and they don’t know when it will re-open.

  6. Just how incompetent is this? Ok if it was the Forth Road Bridge it might have been complicated but it is about 10 metres long. Another Armstrong mess.

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