Highways – The Long and Winding Road

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You wouldn’t know it but today is one of the most significant days in Wirral Council history.

Ten years after the Highways Department was controversially outsourced to Colas (and subsequently BAM Nuttall) , the people that attend to streetlights , fill potholes and commission contracts for roadworks and related services once again, and even more controversially, become employees of Wirral Council. So it’s a case of out with the old and er, in with the old.

However there has been no fanfare for such a momentous event – just a discreet removal of the BAM Nuttall signs at the Highways depot and it’s business unusual.

The highly significant decision to return the Highways Department multi-million pound contract in-house was  made in November 2017 by council leader Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies using his ‘special delegated powers’ . Isn’t curious that in the intervening 11 months that Pip didn’t /couldn’t/wouldn’t order a re-tendering exercise and instead took the unprecedented step of returning a department to the control of Wirral Council. It must be gratifying to make a knotty problem go away with the wave of a magic wand mustn’t it? Especially when there has been a woeful lack of proper scrutiny or thorough probing on this highly dubious move by other Wirral councillors.

Shall we now expect more outsourced public services to be returned in- house? The failing care homes? Waste management? Will the control room staff get their jobs back? Will Wirral Council become less reliant on external consultants and recruit competent  managers with a commitment to public services? – Breath-holding is not advised.

Which all makes us wonder what made the long and winding road that led to the return of highways department to Wirral Council such an exceptional case?

Wirral Leaks readers might know the answer to that question and it has very little to do with value for money, the public interest or due diligence…



8 thoughts on “Highways – The Long and Winding Road

  1. Does this mean they can now falsify there own highways studies to justify building houses and perhaps new roads.

    Maybe justify the ‘real’ need for a 17M road that is capable of taking large exec cars loaded with golf clubs on a pothole free journey.

    I noticed a Traffic monitoring strip on Poulton Road Spital this morning. Right by SP042 and SP043 where there has been a bit of debate regarding the lancelyn greens / Claremont / Vineyard Farm. Im sure this new highways agency will do the right thing and take the evidence it presents to prove the road is unsafe for further development… wont it?

  2. Will the full open clean financial accounts of this in out in again ever see daylight they must make very interesting reading, slavishly following Tory based influenced thinking requires creative accounting.

  3. G’day Leaky

    Raworth/Turnbull and the gang of unqualified criminals will be back from Portugal any day with their £2,000,000.00 knock off and back in situ as Wirral “Funny” ha ha Bizz.

    Because… they were so successful according to “Philly “Fucking” Liar Davies.

    And…. According to the Stinking Ashtray AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and his dogsbody “The Chamber Potty Basnett its not our money anyway.



    We never did find ot Lordy how much was clawed back by the Auditor from Horseguards that wanted to claw back £250,000.00?

    Still waiting for an apology Lordy from the cabal and 66 fucking clowncillors that played dumb fuckers.

    Luv yer yer French barstard XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. G’day Leaksville

    Don’t you find it astonishing that no one ever writes to you (as far as I am aware) to say “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” is not a liar?

    Or, to me for that matter.

    What do the 66 hear no evil see no evil speak no evil muppets that take allowances think of the leader being a FUCKING LIAR?



    The only email I have received from them was one from Clowncillor Crapapple at about 2am.

    The message was empty.

    A bit like the morality of the 66.


    Philly’s a Liar Philly’s a liar Philly’s a liar and 66 agree.

    • No one has ever written to us to refute the claims that the leader of Wirral Council is dishonest.
      If they did – they would get a very long and detailed reply.
      These people lie – it’s what they do.

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