The Grubby World of Wirral Politics

As a postscript to Monday’s Extraordinary Wirral Council Meeting, which if nothing else gave many ordinary people on Wirral the opportunity to witness first hand the pantomime that passes for local political debate, we promised to bring you some further pictures of the night’s proceedings.

We feel as though the candid shots and the accompanying commentary provided by an eyewitness are a perfect summation of both the evening and how politics ‘works’ on Wirral.


Just been down the Town Hall for the meeting. What a f***ing joke! The voting system seems to have come from some third world country!

You might be able to use these photos.

Grubby people, behind grubby windows, doing grubby deals! (I should work for the Star!)

Davies in the pre-meeting warning the members to vote his way and Foulkes being Foulkes!


davies warning the troops


They say that a picture paints a thousand words but we’ll give you three to start with :


7 thoughts on “The Grubby World of Wirral Politics

  1. This council are a bent as a nine bob note.
    The leader of the council keeps on contradicting himself. One minute he said that there will be a 100 jobs and will bring untold wealth to the area, then he says we will have wait as the details are not finalised yet.
    He is the chief clown at Wirral Borough Clowncil.

  2. Here on Wirral we have certain councillors that will openly lie to their constituents, a leader that totally and purposely misleads the very people he is supposed to represent. Ask people in New Ferry what they think of their leader and council. Luckily we have three labour councillors who are prepared to stand up against this bullying dictator, they should be applauded for their stance.
    We have a councillor in Thingwall and Pensby, Prenton, Bidston St James wards, that say they want to save the greenbelt, yet, at every council and cabinet meeting, they vote to build on it.
    They vote to progress with the studies, assessments, financial commitments(£43m) for the Hoylake Golf resort while they preside as councillors for some of the most deprived areas in the North west.
    However we do have a chance to put these councillors into the long grass, Brightmore, Kenny and Angela Davies. They are all up for re-election in May of this year and the STOP THE HOYLAKE GOLF RESORT ACTION GROUP,along with others are going to target their wards. we must tell their constituents the TRUTH, stop the misleading diatribe that these people keep spurting out.
    Just look at the leader alone. He, is a councillor for the most deprived area in our borough(B/heah and Tranmere), yet he wants to spend £43m in Hoylake, build massive luxury houses and a luxury golf course, ask yourselves, where does he live,…West Kirby, a stones throw from this development.

  3. Totally agree with everything that Phil Simpson has said and we will carry on telling the people of Wirral exactly what this council is like. They have got away with this dictatorial attitude for far to long, and this chronic waste of ratepayers money.
    c27,000 signatures, so far, say this council has done nothing else but hoodwinked the good people of Wirral and we have not heard ONE word in support for this council. I fact all we get is derogative comments aimed directly at this Council and the ‘gang of four’ who control the council!!

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