New Ferry,Old Tricks Part 3


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So here’s another campaign we’re willing to support –  ‘Justice for New Ferry’ 

From Cllr Jo Bird’s Facebook page announcing the campaign comes this catty response from Cllr Janette ‘Ex-Milly Tant’ Williamson:

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Apparently there’s only room for one Queen B in the Labour Cabinet and it ain’t Ms Bird! So much for the socialist sistahood!…

Meanwhile Justice for New Ferry campaigner Christopher Lee-Power (what a great name) tells us :

On 10 December 2018. Wirral Council announced a new hardship fund “£200,000” for the New Ferry victims of the blast. The criteria would be different from other hardship funds, such as the Local Welfare Assistance scheme,

As a victim along with others who have suffered for two years since the New Ferry Explosion was shocked to read in an email from Cllr Pat Hackett which reserved, that they would not be able to meet us victims until after a meeting about  how they should spend the £200,000 that had been allocated by the previous council.

As victims, we were led to believe that this fund had been allocated as a Hardship Fund for the victims of the New Ferry Explosion.   “Earlier this month, the council approved £200,000 to support residents and businesses affected by the explosion.”

Justice For New Ferry which has been set up by our community wrote to Pat Hackett requesting that we could meet with him to discuss the fund as we had heard that it would not be used for the victims as mentioned in the press but allocated to others. As you appreciate we needed to find out if this was true as the victims have had a difficult journey over the last 2 years and financially it has had a huge impact on us all. To be told that there would be hardship fund for us victims and then they do a U-turn is heartbreaking.

Pat wrote back saying that we could meet after they had discussed the fund. To schedule a meeting with the victims after discussing the allocation of £200,000 is just ridiculous  The council is making a decision before meeting with those affected.

This needs to be looked into.

We’ll do our best but the only power that Wirral Council usually adhere to is the abuse of…

3 thoughts on “New Ferry,Old Tricks Part 3

  1. G’day Leaky

    I thought “The Pretend Friend Jones Missus Bilong Him Nurse Rat” was the top (DOG) BITCH at wallasey.

    So she is only the chauffeuse taking him to the cheap Cider Club with his BULL (shit) head in the boot and the door mat when he gets home steamin on the cheap muck he drinks and wipes out his decent conscience.

    So the witch WILLY is making a move for TOP DOG.

    Woof woof she wins.



    By the way Leaky they are another two that stood by “Philly “FUCKING” Liar’s” lies over the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock (Oh so close to New Ferry) but “Nurse Rat” took the cake (FAT GREEDY BITCH).

    Have a great day Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Re-build New Ferry? Don’t make me laugh, the council is fully occupied looking for a member of the public that wants a new golf course. I do a bit of shopping in New Ferry each week. It saddens me that the remaining shops are fighting a losing battle and the place looks more depressing every trip. A couple of planters outside some of the shops achieves absolutely nothing.

  3. Just back from New Ferry and noticed the re-generation is growing(literally). Actually it’s not but a number of small wooden planters have appeared complete with pretty flowers. I don’t know who thought this would make the place look good! Spoke to a shop owner who does not think the place will ever be fixed. I will try and get a couple of photos in the next few days to see if we can embarrass local politicians who are conspicuous by their absence lately.

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