Food for Thought


We were on the fence about deeply ambitious,relatively new Labour councillor Jo Bird but there’s one thing we can’t stand (among many other things) it’s political hypocrisy.

This week we found Cllr Bird railing against the excesses of local councillors and their love of a good nosh up and a free bar at council taxpayers expense and how she would be inviting the underprivileged foodbank users to future events. How very Lady Bountiful! Read here

We know this is a deeply unpopular view but popularity is one thing we’ve never courted (although our growing number of followers testifies otherwise) . The thing is at Leaky Towers we take a very dim view of foodbanks.  For the record we find them to be a queasy mix of political point scoring , virtue signalling , increasing dependency and masking the true extent of inequality . Having said that they’re not as vomit-inducing as freeloading councillors so you would think we’d welcome Cllr Bird’s headline grabbing heartfelt plea.

However we’d have much more respect for Bird if she had boycotted being a guest at a lavish ‘free’  reception for the ‘Giants’ in Liverpool recently and hadn’t tucked into the hospitality offered at the installation of Mayor on 13th May and instead stayed at home and caught up on her Karl Marx rather than going to the press ten days later with an onion pressed to her eyes to squeeze out the tears of pity for the poor!

Perhaps she took a goodie bag to stuff with smoked salmon and roasted mediterranean vegetables to distribute to the destitute on her way home?…



7 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. Is our Jo giving everyone the Bird when she plays her political games? Like any con-cillor (sorry councillor) she has an eye for her own PR and it seems she is following in the footsteps of the poverty guru himself – good old Frankenfield. Our Jo is styling herself as a woman of the people you see, champion of the downtrodden and supporter of anything which will get her name in the media – oops sorry I mean help those in poverty. It only seems like yesterday when she was banging the drum against the Bedroom Tax and the creation of Bamboo Lettings by Magenta Living. Then once she became a con-cillor she went quiet on all that and has started playing the tried and tested anti-poverty card so loved by Frankenfield and his ilk. She will pop up anywhere she can get her name out there. But if anyone sends her any actual evidence of wrong doing which may not be politically expedient for her career – silence is golden. Remind you of anyone?

  2. “Could guests please remain in their seats until after, etc………..”

    No danger there. Post-meal, all councillors were WEDGED into their seats and couldn’t move, while outside a crane was being backed up to the Town Hall to do some heavy lifting (x66) and get them un-wedged, safely into their public-funded taxis and sent on their way home.

  3. On the subject of free food. Who paid for the booze and nosh at the “do” put on for Tranmere Rovers? Councillor Bird didn’t invite me.

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