Party Games

One of the joys of the festive season is when our butler Eldritch retrieves the treasured games from behind my portrait and the embarrassing relatives we hide in the attic.

Her Ladyship stops picking sugared almonds from her teeth ( a la Cllr Bill  ” Gurn-Merchant” Davies ) , drags herself away from the scandal sheets ( and we’re not talking the beds at Mere Brook House) , adjusts her pince-nez glasses , deigns to join the servants in the parlour and it’s fun and frolics all the way.

However we can’t help being reminded of Wirral Council when we play our party games.

First of all there’s the classic game of Monopoly – because of course there’s so much fun to be had getting out of trouble using other people’s money

Boxing Day 008

Furthermore there’s nothing like mortgaging your integrity to some chancers on the make who’ve got something on you : Boxing Day 009

Talking of chancers – how many times have Wirral Council played this particular card!?.

It’s just a shame they sell their soul using our money to the highest bidder/ lowest of the low.

Get out Of jail Free 007

And then of course there’s the pieces that the powers that be move about the board as if they were Wirral Council staff facing redundancies.

Boxing Day 012

The Hat –  for pulling rabbits out of.In a spot of trouble ?,need someone to cover your corpulent,corporate backside?.Hire a consultant! – usually middle class compromisers enabling working class chancers to get off the hook.

The Thimble – for stitch ups (see above).

The Sportscar – the reward for indentured servitude.Some people sell their soul for a top of the range motor (preferably with personalised numberplates) or the chance to be driven around in a taxi at the council taxpayers expense or to be chauffeur driven in mayoral splendour.

The Boot – A funny kind of redundancy where the order of the boot comes at a high cost.

The Ship –  HMS Wirral Council has more leaks than the Titanic.They would do well to remember the World War 2 slogan: Loose lips sinks ships.

The Iron – for ironing out problems with one hand whilst wielding a Council chequebook in the other.

Which all leads to the following game :

Boxing Day 014

The Merry Game of Floundering – press releases,publicity shots and puff pieces.Is anyone taken in by the Most Improved Council in Britain tag?

Meanwhile we’ve passed many a happy hour playing Identity Kit – just who will be Wirral Council’s next Chief Executive (acting or otherwise) .From Maddox to Wilkie to Coleman to Frater to Armstrong to the current incumbent  Eric “Feeble” Robinson – monumental nonentities one and all.

Boxing Day 006

Then there’s always Funny Bunny (or should that be Funny Money?) – Might we suggest that “remove the carrots and watch the bunny drop” should be Wirral Council’s new executive incentive scheme . How about instead of rewarding failure by paying executives six figures worth of public money to disappear out the back door can we change the rules of the game and  hold them accountable instead ?.

Boxing Day 005

And finally we come to our favourite game at Leaky Towers :

Boxing Day 013

Thankfully there are an increasing number of  people wanting to play this game when it comes to challenging Wirral Council and this has led to some embarrassing recent climbdowns.

We all know the dice may be loaded but there are encouraging signs that Wirral Council’s luck may soon run out.

Here’s to fun and games in 2016!.


5 thoughts on “Party Games

  1. Just to remind people that Wirral Council had to up the Chief Executive budget by over £30k to get this gem! What is it with Wirral Council and its senior officers? Not a decent one amongst them except Fiona Johnstone and she’s Public Health!

  2. The order of the Ugg boot was a rare delight for us to gaze upon this year. Shame that it had to be secured by £48,000, then torrents of public cash flooding in the wrong direction to buy silence.

  3. G’day Lordly

    Why did they finally get rid of AdderlyDadderlyDooLally four and a half years after he sat under the Southern Cros… no no his ridiculous football shirt in his office with his name on the back “L I A R’ and told me porkies about Lockwood/Harbac?

    Looking back over my emails for that year even the ones whilst I was in Australia Beverley Edwards the principal auditor was pushing me to send an FOI to ask for the names of all Big Fund recipients.

    I asked her to do it for me as she offered.

    She was obviously stopped and then disappeared off the Wirral scene never to be heard of again.

    Why “Eccles Cake” you spotty blinking CEO?

    AdderleydadderlyDooLally got his senior officer twats er I mean colleagues and idiot senior elected members to spend about £250,000.00 to defend his lie(s) and send a threatening letter via the ever obedient “Shyster”, “I’m only a poor solicitor that has to do what I am told with my cheap plastic biro and expensive barristas”.

    Was there more lies “Spotty Dog”?

    C’mon fess up “Eccas” it is Xmas.

    “Highbrow” has an FOI in which they are trying to dodge and evade once again Lordsville asking just for the limited companies that received Big Funds which will no doubt turn up more crud.

    “The Shyster” costs Wirral a lot of money with his FOI shenanigans and pleading he is just doing it because he is bullied…allegedly.



    Ps C’mon elected members I know you only there for your inflated egos and in some case (The Jones Family) for the easy dosh and a good sleep but Wirral does not deserve these senior officers and shite at the top of Labor.

    Happy New Year My Good Lord luv yer and yours keep your end up in 2016.

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