Homes Under The Hammer


A housing boom is coming to Wirral whether we like it or not – every piece of land and every building that remains standing seems to be up for grabs in the council’s everything must go slash and burn sale.

In an ingenious ploy to make money for  property developers , who must be rubbing their hands in venal glee ,  there goes the old Lyndale School site and we  presume the Girtrell Court site to follow shortly after. Indeed poor Saughall Massie looks set to become more concrete jungle than green belt – what with the fire station proposal and the residential development and barn conversion planning application for Diamond Farm :

The further desecration of the green belt for the benefit of property developers continues unabated with Wirral Council  ploughing on with Hoylake Golf Resort despite increasing local opposition . They are intent on speculating a further £600,000 of your money in an attempt to ensure this project doesn’t end up in the bunker . Although this particular Cabinet decision is subject to a Special Meeting to be held next week  we predict the call-in will end up like all others – with the ruling Labour group driving down the fairway and avoiding the rough  by using the biggest club they have  in the caddy – an overall majority . As we’ve said all along the only way the Hoylake Golf Resort stacks up financially is courtesy of the high priced executive homes. Indeed we think Hoylake Golf Resort should be more accurately described as a housing development with a golf course attached (or should that be linked?).

Meanwhile it’s hard not to reach the conclusion that the Wirral Waters project is finally no more. As Wirral Council goes chasing government Housing Zone money to try and build more residential properties on the Peel Holdings site it seems the piecemeal development of Wirral Waters looks set to continue – a Department of Education funded building here, a contact centre there, a housing development over there. Might we suggest that the infamous artists’ impression of ‘Shanghai On The Mersey’ might need a bit of re-touching.

Now that Neptune Developments plans for revamping Birkenhead town centre has been thrown overboard it would seem Wirral Council are attempting to avoid another Wirral Waters , where they were left floundering on the China Seas , by talking about setting up their own development company .

Cllr Phil “Power Boy Pip” Davies today launched yet another plan outlining this particular proposal. This new 4 year plan is to help raise the cash to cover a £132 million hole in HMS Wirral Council before it sinks without trace.

Unsurprisingly this further extension of  Wirral Council’s ‘New Operating Model’ will include the old standbys  ‘Improving Efficiency ‘, ‘Redesigning Services’ (aka  ‘Redundancies’ and ‘Privatisation’) and ‘Generating Income’ . The latter will inevitably include a Council Tax rise and ‘plans are also being progressed to increase how many new homes are built in the borough.’ As we can see above  , those plans seem to be well underway and so with the Labour Cabinet lead for regeneration being Cllr George Davies with his unorthodox way of doing deals , what could possibly go wrong?……..



12 thoughts on “Homes Under The Hammer

  1. Fore !!! Week Delay.

    Not forgetting the public space “Green Hill” enjoyed by us, our mums and dads and their mums and dads and for time immemorial on Wallasey Prom on the picturesque river side of the Mariner’s Home building in Wallasey.

    But no more… there’s no standing in the way of progress. And what a prestigious offering to hand over to salivating developers… all done via the benevolent hand of our councillors… virtually presented as a site designed for alms houses, in order to er… enhance the prospects of elderly Wirral residents in accordance with the criteria carefully laid down in Phil’s 2020 vision proposals… yes, that’s the waffle that”s been crowbarred to fit inside the relevant council documents !

  2. Oh Lordy

    Just woke up to someone telling all kids in FOOTBALL to blew the whistle.

    That’s it then Lordsville its FOOTBALL blowing the whistle is a good thing.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    I wonder if AdderleydadderleyDoolally will get a new red football shirt for Chrissie with his name on the back


    I say red because his blues like wirral are losers.

    Isn’t wirral view blue?

    C’mon LGA show us you have cojones and fine the barstards and scrap their blue dunny paper.

    On a more serious note how about Jones and Hale retiring and doing wirral a favour.

    They might have helped a couple of people over a lot of years but their disgraceful support of corrupt behaviour within wirral has wrecked any good they ever did.

    They should move over for honest decent people.

    Hales’s about turn on Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods ,
    Jones befriending “Highbrow” and then as Cabinet Member of Regurgitation sided with lying cheating senior officers arranging investigations at £50,000.00 + to be ignored, abetting hiding reports for years, and, but as the old rat bag would say to “Highbrow”, ” I have an audit trail”.

    Years of experience in how to do people over and with an audit trail keeping his great big fat arse covered.

    Time for the old dogs to go.




    As the news said “HOORAY TO WHISTLE BLOWERS”.

    Kitchen Cabinet meeting decides to have private companies because with FOI, Wirral Leaks, John Brace, Paul Cardin and “Highbrow” etc watching we can’t just do as we want and help ourselves as we have since day 1.

  3. The fight will continue until the bitter end. Here at Wirral CPRE district branch we won’t be going quietly despite the odds of trying to fight an army entrenched in their council dugout thanks to an apathetic local voting turnout.

  4. 17 Jun 2016 Ann McLachlan, WBC Cabinet member for Transformation, Leisure and Culture reports on the ‘new, improved’ Wirral Council “…having a private sector head with a public sector heart”

    The report says three main functions will support this new-found commercial approach: “Strategic leadership, business transformation and delivery re-design supporting the evaluation and development of commercial opportunities.”

    “It heralds the town hall’s commercial success to date in generating £200m annual income, the main sources being fees and charges £48m, council tax £120m and business rates £35m.”

    If ‘commercial success’ can be seen to include the (incomplete) collection of mandatory Council Tax and business rates, then only 24% of that £200m figure may be considered ‘generated’.

    Wirral Chamber of Commerce (who no longer have a ‘Meet The Team’ page, but do have the current board members on their website, ) pay a ‘peppercorn rent’ ie nothing, to occupy Egerton House, Pacific Road, and The Lauries Centre, but employ about 28 staff, (now possibly more) at the last count…(that must be approaching £1m pa in wages)…why is a ‘business’ organisation paying nothing into Council coffers to occupy and generate income from free to use public buildings.

    So, for an organisation that heralded its ‘rebirth’ a couple of years ago with Paula Bassnett stating that …”we will not be chasing grants” (and we know why that would be…), “we will build a sustainable business model” – if you were given buildings most businesses could sustain their operations if they occupied substantial rent-free , grant refurbished accommodation leased for 25 years or so, couldn’t they?

    Did you know that Council Leader Phil Davies (at least until 12.12.15), Kevin Adderley, and Asif Hamid of the Contact Centre (WCofC Chair), were WCofC Board members before Kevin Adderley ‘retired’ with around £250,000 from WBC ‘to pursue other interests’, and seamlessly trotted down the road to Egerton House into the newly created ‘Group Managing Director’ position, that no-one in WBC knew anything about according to Grant Thornton? They were all part of the Wirral Council delegation to China with Emma Degg and Graham Burgess weren’t they?

    Want a Christmas present with a difference? Ask for The Wirral & Liverpool (you can be on my Board, if I can be on yours) Board Membership Game. It is for very few players, but comes complete with numerous different hats and paid allowances, involving no personal expense.

    If you are bored with Board Membership Games ask for ‘Join Up The Wirral & Liverpool City Region Dots’. In a quiet moment you can link up numerous local and regional organisations with very few individuals.

    It won’t take you too long, if you know where to look.

    • Love the link to the WCofC Board ‘About Us’ page, if ever there was a better example for the old saying “shit floats”. Or maybe it’s just expensive excrement that has the extended shelf-life?

      • I mean, who’d put “an instrumental player in the design of the government’s welfare to work programme and the creation of Job Centre Plus” on their CV or PUBLIC resumè and expect not to land a senior post amongst a nest of crooked, coercive, dishonest, Tory, back-biting vipers?

  5. Hi Wirral Leaks

    It’s getting harder to keep up with all this, and find time to sleep.

    Wirral Council Black Friday asset sales, I mean giveaways, are getting to be a daily occurrence. I still think that Wirral Council will end up being taken over by Liverpool City Council, when Wirral goes bankrupt now with the bonus £132m budget black hole. Maybe Phil Davies or Eric Robinson will chuck in and have a Christmas whip-round with all the ex-Chief Officers who’ve had large payouts?

    Wirral Council is already morally bankrupt so, what with Wirral’s reputation for ‘inconvenient’ buildings suddenly having an ‘inconvenient’ fire, watch out for a Wirral Council fire sale soon. 30,000 undelivered Wirral Views should be enough to set fire to all of Eric Robinson’s £66,000 order of desks, so while we all shiver sorting out the food waste, I’ll console myself by thinking of the Council heating bill being slashed.

    I saw this the other day, in ‘The Caterer’ – “Donald Trump’s Scottish resorts report losses of £8.4m”. Poor chap, nearly on his uppers. This bodes well for Wirral’s Golf resort doesn’t it, but as a loss in Wirral Council terms, it is but a drop in the ocean? And talking about oceans, but I really mean ponds, what about the ‘Scrape’ by Gilroy Nature Park.

    I am assuming that nobody in Wirral Council has found a way to set fire to water yet, although even if they think they can walk on it, I mean they haven’t exactly set Wirral Waters alight, have they. Do you think that the ‘Scrape’ was a flood risk, or the mischievous birds would distract the golfers or swallow the balls in flight? Was why it was accidentally drained before anyone noticed because it wouldn’t go on fire? Flood would be a low level risk, and flying birds would be a high level risk…any consultant paid £600k should know that…(but Phil Davies will only hear what he wants to hear). That’s how it works isn’t it?

    • They can’t even sell the municipal golf courses thay already have, but they don’t seem to shout about that one. They refuse to believe that golf is in decline as both a participant and spectator sport. They don’t seem to understand the economics of golf resorts either, which exist to keep their paying customers from spending money outside of the golf resort boundaries.

      Or maybe they do and this has always been a smoke screen for an internal campaign to remove this land from Greenbelt and assign planning permission?

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