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Thanks to the Wirral Leaks reader who sent us the above still from a  John Brace video of this week’s Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee along with the message : ‘Awks!’.

Yes ,  indeed the picture led to a rousing rendition at Leaky Towers of that old Bread song which goes : ‘ If a picture paints a thousand words…..’ as we find Cllr Louise Reecejones (LRJ) seated awkwardly next to Cllr Steve Foulkes ( Foulkesy).

As we know Foulkesy is good friends with former Wirral Councillor Jim Crabtree. Who can forget Foulkesy’s message to Crabby when he was having a little local difficulty with the Constituency Labour Party of Bidston & St.James , which endearingly read : ‘Jumbo stay strong fella’ – Bless!

Crabby : Guilty as Charged

As we know Crabtree later went on to disgrace himself when pleading guilty to offences under the Communications Act 2003 when he threatened to kill Reecejones if she didn’t pay him £19,000.

Therefore under the circumstances this show of solidarity in the face of adversity comes across as an embarrassing PDA  –  not so much a Public Display of Affection but a Political Display of Affectation!

13 thoughts on “Pic of the Week

  1. “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely” – Roald Dahl

  2. G’day Leaks

    Well fuck me he must be grazing in the same paddock as “Sir Git”.

    Has he stopped picking his greedy snout?

    Sitting behind “The Shyster” all of last week he must have a 28-30inch frayed collar round his neck and blow me down it looks like “Ankles” can’t close his 30 incher.



    I’m back on my diet they are ugly ugly ugly and they are overweight as well!

    Luv you you skinny little minx XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Yes – undernourished is not a word that sprang to mind.
      Foulkesy has clearly been enjoying the fruits of his Labour (pun intended) and any other foodstuff come to that.
      I would suggest that the current lettuce shortage won’t overly concern this particular salad dodger.

  3. I’ve seen this condition before and if I’m right, and I believe I am, unlike the Leaks resident Doctor who’s displayed a past reluctance to carry out a telephonic consultation with us the readers whenever we’ve felt poorly, I believe that this patient, who clearly will become an NHS patient once his arteries explode and he’s gifted the Mother Of All Heart Attacks, is actually suffering from the fact that God only equipped him with one single arsehole.
    That’s this fella’s problem. He’s shifting a great deal of ale and food and it seems to me, having looked at the photographic image and calculating his food consumption, my view is the minimum requirement for this patient would be at least two arse holes .

    • Good Diagnosis Bobster

      On the ball as always.

      He does actually have three arseholes on his side

      “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and Deluded Dill”

      “The Pretend Friend”

      and everyone’s joke

      “Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell”



      He had four Bobby but “Crapapple” got wiped.

      Respect Bobbly X

  4. Whilst browsing the social networks to see how many councillors are still posting drunk or drinking pictures even though Wirral Council has “pledged its commitment to tackle issues of alcohol-related crime and health harm” (Wirral Globe) I noticed that Louise Reecejones has wiped all the comments regarding Crabtree from her Facebook page. Indeed she has wiped or hidden all posts bar one. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new post-Crabtree era where she and Foulkesy are best buddies?

  5. G’day Leaks

    Amazing what you learn in chit chat when they are away from their gang.

    I mean when away from their cohort of senior officers and idiot clowncillors.

    “Highbrow” asked a simple question and found out his “mate” “The Pretend Friend” told him another untruth.

    The old ex and ex Dunny Chain Wearer is just an old welsh not for any purpose deceitful liar




    Anyone who wants to blow the whistle should talk to “Highbrow” he just gathers evidence almost by photosynthesis or some other process.

    Plus they are exceptionally dim.

    Luv L XXXXX0000000XXXXXXX

    • Guess what? I was on the tour of the tour yesterday….saw Highbrow, saw the Aussie, saw Brace (Sorry cant spell his other name)….and of course saw the tour………what a large watch! Ha ha.

      No sign of Granty though..

      Trying to follow Lord Leakys suggestion by saying no more….

      • G’day Interested

        That would be John “Tarrantino” Brace the fairest man in Britain.

        God bless him and his beautiful camera with swivelling tripod and filum of all their lies about Wirral “Funny” Bizz, Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods.

        Starring the liars themselves including Basnett’s Adderley and co-starring his superior liar being Burgess.



        Stay interested Interested

    • Oh Leaky

      You know I meant osmosis but I heard so many I can’t remembers yesterday I couldn’t remember.

      It must be collusion oh shit you know I meant contagious.

      Read so much bullshit yesterday I think I am ursine err bovine ohhh and there was a Latin and French lesson in the middle around a badge.



      You are missing so much fun L XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      • Careful words again today…….confirm I am staying interested…how could I not be…what with that big shiny watch…

  6. “…There are things I cannot recall,
    There are some things that would risk it all,
    But these are the things we cannot recall at all,
    These are the things I cannot recall…”

    …by Blind Pilot.

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