Gambling with Other People’s Money


Not that we’ve had any official announcement but it would seem that hawking Wirral Council’s tawdry wares in the Far East seems to have sank without trace somewhat like a Chinese junk ship over-laden with marrows and Stella Shiu’s false promises.

We should be at least be grateful that Wirral Council’s latest speculative jaunt is closer to home as plans are made for a Wirral Council (and no doubt Wirral Chamber of Commerce) delegation to jet off to Cannes next month. Not that it should work out any cheaper as the South of France is notoriously expensive. But hey!, when you’re speculating with public money what’s the big deal? Shouldn’t we just be grateful that our betters get a spring break at our expense?

This then led us to reflect on gambling in general and jaunts to far flung places in particular and the curious twinning arrangement with Reno . If you remember, when we heard of the plans in December 2014 , we wrote :

‘However it seems to us that Wirral is behaving like a desperate divorcee on a dating website – posting flattering pictures to prospective partners in the hope of finding true love and salvation. The Reno hook-up seems particularly dodgy – apparently the fact that “The Chamber of Commerce had a contact over in Reno with a guy who used to work in Liverpool in the video gaming industry….” was enough for the Wirral posse to metaphorically put on the lippy ,reach for the Wonderbra and fly down to Reno on a wing and a prayer.’

As we said we at the time we couldn’t understand the hook up until we recently read a review on the EscapeHere website which decreed that just before the desperate Transatlantic jaunt that Reno was considered the third worst city to visit in the United States  :

‘Often referred to as Las Vegas’ poorer cousins , the ” biggest little city in the world” suffers some BIG issues when it comes to violent crime and unemployment. With the populous of 227,509, despite the luck ,lights and glamour promised to gambling tourists, Reno residents have suffered drops in housing prices, drastic cuts in public services, and layoffs. However ,despite the setbacks Reno is attempting to reinvent itself with revitalization projects like The River Walk , a water and sculpture path built in the middle of this once,seedy run down city center’

Sound familiar folks ? doesn’t it suddenly all make sense !

However (just like Wirral Council) we’re led to speculate that could the dubious attractions of Reno have had a more personal attraction for one of the Wirral delegation as we are led to believe that when in Reno he was ‘not a stranger to the tables!’

This is reinforced by another Wirral Council casualty closer to home who tells us rather more prosaically :

 ‘I was once in a planning meeting away from Wallasey Town Hall with him when a very tragic story emerged, involving the death of a small child in Wallasey, whilst the meeting was taking place requiring the said officer to give his immediate apologies and return to the Town Hall. I stayed for the duration of the meeting and was driving past a bookmakers a little bit later in Argyle Street en route back to Wallasey and happened to see the same officer inside the premises, obviously his priorities lay in his personal gain ahead of anything else.’

Forget everything we’ve ever written – we think that ‘His priorities lay in his personal gain ahead of anything else’ is perhaps the most insightful comment ever written about how Wirral Council operates.



21 thoughts on “Gambling with Other People’s Money

  1. What these people don’t seem to realise is that serving on a public body isn’t supposed to be an easy way of getting your holiday money and showing off on Facebook, but a SERVICE to the public, and as such you have to keep yourself squeaky clean because you are ambassadors for your party and in the public eye.

    If you want to indulge your gambling habit/extra marital affairs/drinking problem, without it being splashed over the internet/tabloids/Private Eye, then you have to keep your head down and out of local politics where there are always going to be people trying to expose your deadly sins.

    If they lifted their snouts out of the trough long enough to look around these representatives of Wirral would see that, at best, they are a laughing stock.

  2. G’day Leaksly

    Where am I going today did you ask M’lad?

    I’m going to watch them burn another £10,000.00 of your hard earned.

    Just a rough guess on the amount, M’lad but there will be at least two £80,000.00 per annumers’ sitting on their enormous touchies.

    Plus assorted retinue on £40000.00 or £50,000.00ish.



    Amazed I haven’t caught something.


    • Gambling with our money? Surely a ten day hearing attended by three judges. A solicitor and assistant in full attendance together with the Head of Law and the head of electoral services and a n otherfromthe Wbc hierarchy….has got tube a punt with public money

  3. G’day You Growing Hordes

    Interested, you were staring at that footballers watch on “Sir Git” like you were going to cut his arm off.

    Ecca you need to re-evaluate your senior members.

    They can’t recall many things.

    They can’t write notes in an hour and a half meeting.

    They can’t put the whole of an internal auditors report together so that it is all there.

    They can’t include all emails.

    And, “The Blot on the Landscape” sounds like a good bloke, barring he can’t recall or include a whole report, but I wouldn’t trust him as far as he could throw “Sir Git” out of court, even without his heavyweight watch on and cheap plastic biro.



    Oh Leaky I haven’t laughed so much in 5 and half years since I blew the whistle on Wirral “Funny” Bizz and their £2,000,000.00 knock off and received 5 and a half years of denials, hidden reports and more lies.

    “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and Deluded Dill” you still haven’t written to “Highbrow” as you said you would in public at full clowncil meeting of 19 December.

    That wouldn’t be another lie would it “Dill Wit”.

    Or like “The Shyster” selective amnesia.


  4. Oh Lordy

    Pick yer nose like “Ankles”…………. Foulkes.

    Talk about “Sir Git’s” voluminous arse, as you usually do, I think my head might be nearly as big this afternoon.

    I have got two fans that enjoy the shit I write about the shit in wirral bc.

    I won’t be able to get through that door tomorrow to face the metal detector that I think should be a lie detector.




    Could you please change your name to JAMESY & WIRRAL LEAKS I think we could be a big hit with my growing readership……of 3, 4 including my goldfish.

      • Thanks Lordy

        I luv the way you you let me have my way… on my site.

        Guessing Competition

        Why does Leaky’s Pseudo Australian Foreign correspondent call “Ankles” “Ankles”?

        Answers to JAMESY & WIRRAL LEAKS on a piece of toilet paper or a tissue for “Ankles” snout.



        I heard of a perfect description today Lordy for wirral BC senior officers

        RATS IN A BAG

        Describes them and their behaviours perfectly.


      • My family informs me that it is the Year of the Rooster. The Aussie has informed me that it will be The Year of the Courthouse. I think I will go with ‘the Aussie Rules’

        Absoulty no disrespect intended to yourself Lord Leaks by the above comment…

  5. G’day My Good (If not great) Lord

    I do solemnly swear that my apologies are heartfelt.

    I have caught something this week and I cannot say sorry enough.

    A person said they read me and because of the people I was amongst I got an overdose of delusions of grandeur.

    You are the Grand Master Lordy I must not get above my station… oh shit are the wirral stations working or are they all using their BMW’s and Range Rovers to get to the clown hall?



    Luv you more Leaksville M’Lad XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  6. G’day Leaksy

    I forgot to tell you the most unusual thing I heard yesterday in my excitement of having a reader.

    I hope she doesn’t mind me mentioning it.

    Mrs John “Tarrantino” Brace the lovely Leonora saw a snake.

    Yep a snake.

    Being the lovely, honest, decent people they are they phoned the RSPCA.

    Then would you believe when they got in their car to cross Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters she saw the snake again.



    Lordy me old (hopefully still) mate did you know there were any snakes in Bidston??????

    Luv, kisses and snakes and ladders XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  7. Oh Lordy

    The case over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters has finished.

    They will probably have to fumigate the place.

    It had been full of some of wirral’s highest paid effluent.

    Them of the ongoing bullying crass culture and having the audacity to sit there and say how they have improved.

    My contact says they haven’t.

    These people are vile they really damage people and the people’s families.

    I may have mentioned in the past that “Dill Wit the Phil” may be deluded but this lot…. well fuck me…. the only bright thing in amongst all those overpaid self centred cretins was “Sir Git’s” footballers watch.

    Some get around £80,000.00 per anus err annum plus whatever else they can skim off for elections etc and they can’t even take a note in meetings of over an hour.

    Convenient I wonder how many no notes meetings they have a day?

    Which effectively means they get paid £80,000.00 per annum to come to work to chat informally.

    I wish I had a quid for every time one of these geneii said I cant recall.

    That seems to me to be the get out clause for lying “I can’t recall”.

    The Infernal Audit Report had pages missing and the format changed for the boss of HR, and conveniently, she sent her notes later after being interviewed with no such record, shit my lie detector just went off.

    I tell you Lordsville that should be a lie detector at the front door not a metal detector.

    I was seriously concerned about a lightning bolt.

    Most of them can’t retain any information and they are on the big bucks.

    Lots of them seem to spend a lot of time off sick and Lordy you won’t be surprised to hear swine flu was one complaint.

    I ask M’lad under oath how come all the pigs around Brighton Street haven’t got it?



    Verdict tomorrow stay posted.

    Have we made up Darling Lordy? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    The judge is from wirral and boy he must, maybe, be disgusted at this enormous, enormous waste of public money and the stinking barstards close down Girtrell Court.

    God damn them.

    • I reel at the Aussie court report. I am caught. (And they are caught!) Ha ha

      And this is just a taster…

      Wait for the full English later in the year..

      0r should I say the full highbrow.. Ha ha

  8. This reminds me of one of the multitude of ex-plod employed by WBC who had had a serious disciplinary issue,relating to fruit machines, whilst in the force. WBC gave him the job of Procurement Officer and responsibility for the petty cash!

  9. G’day Leaky

    As I sadly suggested on Monday of last week

    All claims dismissed.

    The judge said the respondent witnesses were more impressive (my words not verbatim).

    Of course they fuckin well were

    They were coached to say I can’t recall, I can’t recall, I can’t recall.

    There notes or interviews were missing and also pages of the Infernal Audit Report and email(s).

    I can’t remember one of them say I forget which might be un-coached.

    They were also petrified sitting next to “Sir Git” and the thought he would clip them round the ear with that ridiculous massive, don’t Lordy I know what your thinking, Big fuckin Ben on his wrist.

    Then there were the poor less impressive claimants witnesses, not coached, but noticeably petrified that there was an elephant in the room in the shape of a big fat overpaid master in the room and they are only the servant. For the slow witted “The Shyster”.

    Very very sad for the claimant and her family but apparently no one in that shit hole has any part.



    Thank God for karma.


    Probably cost to the public purse of up to £80,000.00-£100,000.00 but as “Sir Git’s” rent and auditor with the alphabet after his name said to my whistleblowing colleague “It’s public money they don’ care”. He is no longer there surprisingly you have to be a yes person and helps if you are a I can’t recall scumbag.

  10. All this spiralling down into the gutter is making me dizzy.

    Is there a dispenser of ‘justice’ who can make it all stop?

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