WHAM ! BAM ! – Thank You Scam ?!


And so 9 years after outsourcing highways maintenance Wirral Council has suddenly -BAM! – out of the blue announced that it is to bring this area of council responsibility back ‘in house’.

Council leader Phil Davies thanked BAM Nuttall for their work but said this was the right decision for the council tax payers of Wirral.

He continued: “Wirral Council has to ensure every pound spent is wisely invested and we get the best value for our residents.This decision is the right decision at the right moment – the contract with BAM Nuttall was coming to an end and we believe we can deliver this service more effectively by taking direct control.”

Highways U-Turn

Note our emphasis on the words the right decision at the right moment. Care to explain more about that assertion Power Boy Pip? No we thought not!

We have to admit we didn’t see this one coming down the road – but then desperate times at Wirral Council call for desperate measures.  Whilst this U-turn decision may seem to fly in the face of Wirral Council’s transformation agenda , which largely consists of outsourcing as many public services as they can , for those of us with an understanding of what’s been going on behind closed doors lately and the startling developments that council insiders (and some outsiders!) have been letting on to us it all makes perfectly perverse sense. Let us explain why.

Cast your minds back to the heady days of 2008 when Wirral Council outsourced their highly lucrative highways contract out to Colas in preference to the in house Direct Labour Organisation (DLO).  Some aggrieved DLO staff , having had their employment contracts transferred to Colas , then cried foul  when it came to the tendering arrangements and ‘whistleblew’. Despite numerous subsequent investigations we don’t think it’s ever been properly explained as to what actually went on. All we do know is that it all went nuclear and the fall out is being felt within Wirral Council to this day. Colas eventually walked away from the contract and it was transferred to BAM Nuttall in 2014.

Now it seems we’ve gone right round the roundabout and highways maintenance services will be returned in-house to Wirral Council in October 2018.  All of which wants us to ask some pertinent questions as to why this is ‘the right decision’ and ‘the right moment’. The right decision for whom? How is are councillors Davies and Whittingham evidencing that this is in the best interest of council taxpayers? – that’ll be a first! and why now all of a sudden ? Will BAM Nuttall highways maintenance staff be transferred back to Wirral Council ? and if so will that include the DLO staff and particularly any of the ‘whistleblowers’ who we understand are still seeking compensation – for what exactly we’re not quite sure – from Wirral Council?

It seems to us that after a decade of dispute that would certainly get Wirral Council and , particularly some councillors, out of a deep, deep pothole they’ve dug for themselves now wouldn’t it?! #Wirralgate

10 thoughts on “WHAM ! BAM ! – Thank You Scam ?!

    • Those non whistleblowers were not whistleblowers then and that is when the dirty deed was done …not now, makes no difference what their employment status is or will be.

  1. Working on the premise that nothing undertaken by the hapless mob in Wallasey Town Hall works efficiently- apart from the collecting of our Council Tax- I forecast the following.

    An outside consultant, or consultants, paid at ginormous rates, will be brought in to put together an Action Plan going forward , at this moment in time, with fellow stakeholders, having regard to the “savage” government cuts. (You can fill in the rest of the gobbledy gook.)
    A very highly paid executive will be recruited, probably a reject from another Local Authority, to run the show. Stewart Halliday is already here on the Wirral although, allegedly, his obscenely paid tenure will finish at the end of December when he may well scuttle off to another Local Authority who have not bothered their arse to check out his history in York City Council
    His/her first task will be to Empire Build a management team and then go through a cost cutting exercise which will result in even fewer staff than currently employed by BAM Nuttall.
    The end result?
    Even more potholed roads but “drinks all round” in Wallasey Town Hall.

    • Charles it may very well be that persona non grata are employed as they have no more to lose, will be willing to be extremely disliked and now make a living as touring executioners.
      Have no kudos , will do anything

      Sandwich board men advertising their plight like those in 1929
      Wall Street.

    • These expensive consultants being Halliday & Liptrip? Heard they are lining themselves up to take this on under a new company- oh the joys of living in Wirral

  2. BAM Nuttall cost us £30-33 million for the contract to run between 2014-18. As far as repairs for street lighting goes, it appears to have been a disaster. I wonder if BAM Nuttall had any Service Level Agreements to meet and if they failed on any? Street lighting would be a likely candidate as it seems to take 12 months for BAM Nuttall to get around to fixing street lamps. I would hope there are penalties for failure to deliver and the council might seek to recover a fair proportion of our money for BAM Nuttall’s failures.

    • Ask one of the so called ‘whistleblowers’ – they were quite happy to send us damning information about BAM Nuttall when they took up the contract whilst at the same time picking up their pay cheque.

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