Dispatches from Dystopia

Dispatches from Dystopia

You do insist on sending us news about our former domicile. But where else would you go for solace from the dark foreboding place we know as the Wirral peninsula?

Whilst we appreciate we’ve found refuge far from the madding crowd you poor people still have to endure the madness. Nevertheless we promise you (and ourselves) that we will try and make sense of it all from a sunbed overlooking the Med and living the life of a flâneur – it’s a hard life but someone’s got to do it (as long as it’s not too much effort.)

However we tell you now you won’t get a look in once the temperature rises. So get your grievances and observations in before it’s too late!

First up we have a number of comments on the unfolding Wirral University Teaching Hospital  (WUTH) story (not that you’d know there was a story from perusing the local press) . Whilst it was obvious to us and others that there was a mahoosive problem years ago it obviously went ignored by senior management and regulators – because as we know that’s what they do. Denial may be pathological but for some but for others it’s a career path.

Wirral University Teaching Hospital – Leaks to Cascade

Sadly , it must be bittersweet for some of our contributors who have been ousted from their roles – be it nurses or trustees – because they dared to speak truth to power ( to the likes of former WUTH CEO Len Richards) and now find themselves belatedly vindicated only when their careers and livelihoods have been trashed. Meanwhile the bullies and incompetents go on to find themselves a lucrative niche elsewhere . Talking of which why do we keep coming across the name Linda Birch/Bryceland?

Meanwhile don’t raise your hopes of any improvement as NHS Improvement (!) are clearly in denial about the historical concerns that led to the current crisis as they have written to a prominent complainant and explained that cultural,behavioural and governance issues have seemingly sprung up from nowhere  :

Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Earlier this month we announced that Carole Taylor Brown will oversee the independent investigation into Wirral University Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The investigation follows a number of allegations made to NHS Improvement about cultural, behavioural and governance issues at the trust, as well as concerns about the handling of a recent disciplinary case involving allegations of sexual misconduct. 

 The investigation will:

(i) investigate concerns raised by members of trust staff in late 2017 with NHS Improvement regarding cultural, behavioural and governance issues

(ii) review the trust’s handling of a recent disciplinary case involving allegations of sexual misconduct; and 

(iii) consider NHS Improvements’ response to the concerns raised with it per (i) above

Meanwhile we’ve had a message about Wirral Council from Frankie . Not that one, obviously – he’s got the starving mites to look after like a low rent St Francis of Assisi . This particular Frankie says:

I know you’ve moved away and hope your enjoying being away from the rat race…. just to give you an update looks like the clowncil are about to appoint the partner this being MUSE who seem to be the front runner in the shenanigans.

Loves ya leaky


Wirral Council placing public assets and development programmes under the control of a private company –  what could possibly go wrong?  Just don’t mention Carillion !



3 thoughts on “Dispatches from Dystopia

  1. Nothing at all to do with the subject of this current piece but I thought I would use it to update those interested.

    My Freedom of Information request as to whether or not Stewart Halliday was still being paid by Wirral council and what was the total cost of his consultancy to the Council Tax payers has been rejected on both counts.

    As the result of my previous comments about Halliday in the public media the Council now consider my requests to be vexatious and not worthy of a reply.

    So, in effect, anyone who pursues a perfectly legitimate enquiry can be cast aside if they take to public media in pursuit of that enquiry.

    So, Halliday may still be here on the Wirral costing the Council Tax payer over £15,000 each month.

  2. G’day Leaky and Chasser

    Not on this topic either.

    On considering on whether to take the clowncil to court about breaking their whistle blowing contract with me over Wirral “Funny” Bizz I reckon they would just use the law to beat me up with.

    They would not bring any of the liars anywhere near the joint. ha ha

    They would use some dumb fuck solicitor that doesn’t know the story. ha ha

    They would suggest that the Beverley Edwards Report, the Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Report and the LGA Report all cleared them. ha ha

    It would cost thousands more of the wirral taxpayers hard earned to avoid all the topics and if they did arise some HR nobody et al would not be able to recall, I can’t recall, I can’t recall. ha ha



    When the slimy little welsh arsehole and pathetic excuse for a Santa said to “Highbrow”

    “You don’t understand how it works boyo”

    That is Clowncillor Adrian “peanut size” Jones if there is any doubt.

    He knew he had “Highbrow” by the short and curlies all in the name of being a dishonest ****.


    Much luv to you boys keep doing it nicely they have abused me so I will do it my way they have left me with absolutely nothing to lose. XXXXXXXXXXXXX


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