Where Are They Now Part 5 & 6 – Maura Noone and Mike Fowler

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We were alerted to this story by a search term on our website which read : “Maura Noone Reading”. This piqued our interest so we did a bit of further research and lo – or should that be low? – and behold we discover that Noone is astonishingly now Head of Adult Social Care at Reading Borough Council.  No,really !!!

Those who remember the 2012 publication of the Independent Review of Allegations Made by Martin Morton ( and Others) will know the furore that followed which led to the following front page headlines


Of course this being Wirral Council there were no such sackings. Instead – and much to the horror of Tory councillor Lesley Rennie who claimed she’d been misled by Labour councillors about such matters – two of the worst offenders who were redacted out of the report, but we know them to be Department of Adult Social Services (DASS) senior managers Mike Fowler and Maura Noone , who were handed £100K + and ask to asked to go quietly on the eve of publication. There was incredulity and outrage that bullying,dishonesty and incompetence was rewarded. But no one was surprised.

However you know what they say about an ill wind and the hyaenas in high office soon realised there were rich pickings to be had from the calamity. The Local Government Association, North West Employers Association, Audit Commission(later to transfer to Grant Thornton) and future Wirral Council CEO Graham Burgess all gorged themselves on the corpse of Wirral Council. Whilst even when a report commissioned by Burgess when he became CEO implicated Fowler and Noone and others  in £31 million of toxic debts Burgess claimed that Fowler/Noone should never have been paid off there were merely whimpers  from the likes of council ‘leader’  Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies who meekly claimed that there was nothing Wirral Council  Pip claimed there was nothing they could do because those responsible had ‘left’. But they hadn’t just ‘left’ they had been rewarded with public money,their reputations were protected and Noone and Fowler were free to ply their trade elsewhere. Meanwhile former leader Cllr Steve ‘Foulkesy’ Foulkes was privately telling concerned members of the local Labour Party that he’d been ‘misled’ by officers (whilst writing to the Wirral Globe in praise of a disgraced DASS Director) .

We should never underestimate (or forgive) Pip’s role in this debacle  starting with the kangaroo court that that led to the ‘exoneration’ of Noone for any wrongdoing ( Fowler was sent a ‘letter’ saying what we’ll never know) aided and abetted service by a North West Employer’s Organisation report (which was later proven to be a whitewash and a sham).

Within a few months of cashing their six figure cheques Fowler found himself in another well paid sinecure at Brook Young People where he remains to this day .  Read here : https://wirralinittogether.blog/2015/07/06/corporate-abuse-of-disabled-people-neednt-sound-the-death-knell-for-your-career/

fowler brook job

Meanwhile Noone undertook n MA in Public Health at Liverpool John Moore’s University then landing a Assistant Director post at Northamptonshire County Council before bailing out prior to the Government sending in commissioners to take over the failing Council, which brings us full circle to Noone’s  latest post as Head of Adult Social Care at Reading Borough Council.

And so the (im)moral of this story seems to be that bullying ,dishonesty and incompetence remain no bar to high public office. It also helps to explain why so many public services are in such a mess – it’s not just about lack of money as let’s face it there’s always plenty of public money for reputation management.



31 thoughts on “Where Are They Now Part 5 & 6 – Maura Noone and Mike Fowler

  1. Dear Lord Julian it makes my blood boil to see these disgraced former Wirral corrupt officers are still employed in the local authority merry go round. they should have been blacklisted and never allowed to work in social care. After the AKA damming report highlighted not only these two officers failing but the failure of Wirral councillors.

  2. It looks like having a long-term, active part in a well-written up, catastrophic failure, reproduced all over Google, before being richly paid off is no bar to a senior post doing the same thing in the future !

    ………x 2 !! Fowler, now Noone.

    But imagine the poor Adult Care social workers of Reading Council.
    I mean the downtrodden, good-hearted, honest ones of course, not the bosses and the management lackeys, many of whom will be seeking to gain favour, protected, valued and upwardly mobile.

    Then multiply the impact and consequences of the appointment by a factor of 100 for the vulnerable service users, who will no doubt be “championed” publicly, whilst being secretly treated as a drain on public money. (Who remembers the Wirral FOUR-WEEK delay on Adult Social Care, done on Fowler and Noone’s watch …. and all to save precious cash?)

    Have vulnerable people now become guinea pigs? This news just does not bear thinking about.

    Wirral >>>Northampton County >>>Reading>>>Expect the worst.

  3. G’day Leaks

    Have I ever told you..ha ha ha

    When I started at Wirral “Funny” Bizz it took me about a week to realise the joint was rotten.

    I lasted 49 working days before, she particularly, she being Turnbull, and Raworth who was her dogsbody worked out I knew and started to sack me.

    It was a long 49 days Feb to June as there was Easter, Whit, royal wedding etc.

    I could have just joined in and made hay, er lots and lots of dosh, as this was the best job I had in England done honestly.

    But in true wirral tradition they couldn’t do it honestly and everyone kept their gobs shut and joined in were possible.

    Why do people accept corrupt behaviours?



    A proper apology anytime you like “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” and your dogsbody “Ecca” “The Blinking CEO”

    How much did you pair of clowns have to pay back lads.

    £250,000.00 the auditor was talking about £800,000.00.

    Come on kids spit it out The Information Commissioner will make you cough soon anyway.


    Hey everyone keep a good eye out they are talking loads of shit in that rubbish paper over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters with pictures of flats and galleries and villages and housing which obviously means shenanigans.

    • There is some serious bullshit/speak about the ‘Egerton Village’ (that’s the four bridges to you and me) Or as someone wrote…. how about getting the new bridge fucking working first…

      Meanwhile Peel Ports are involved in a very strange legal dispute down south and citing some 19th Century law to try and get loads of dosh of/from a ship that has gone bankrupt and the Captain has spent the last 18 months effectively imprisioned on board trying to get his back pay….

      I wonder how long our our bridge is going to be stuck up in the air for? (0uu missus)

      • That would be the Alan Evans bullshit talk and underhanded deals like Rodney Trotter

    • James, two and a half years after the ICO agreed with the DCLG that the poor loves needed a “safe space”. Bless their little cotton socks.

      But are we STILL waiting for the ISUS Report into alleged corrupt practices to be “finalised”…..?

      Click to access fs_50594521.pdf

      Jeeeesus, the wheels of cover-up grind exceeding slowly when they get a tough one.

  4. Here we go again.

    The Local Government gravy train starts its journey with the First Class carriages full of gross, and sometimes criminal , incompetents all clutching the large pay-off cheques from their last appointment.
    It stops at various stations throughout the country and many alight to take up yet another highly paid public service post or quango appointment.
    Do the employers ever carry out the most basic checks or, are they all so caught up in the system of mutual back scratching, that devastating reports about the previous conduct of the new senior member of staff do not matter?

    A simple Google search would have brought to light the previous conduct of Fowler, Noone and Halliday which, in any environment other than the tax payer funded Local Government, would have sent their applications straight into the waste bin.

  5. This low life should have been made accountable and sacked from her post and should never be allowed to work again shameful

    • G’day Susie

      Hear Hear

      But I do hope you are not someone who worked at wirral with theses specimens and sat back, did nothing and said Jack Shit.



      If you didn’t a million XXXXXXXX’s

      • Hi James

        Thankfully i never worked for them, I was a support worker who was fortunate to meet Mr Martin Morton on a visit to one of the units many years ago nw and Martin is still fighting the system that is corrupt and very good at blaming the little people for the failings i had the displeasure of being at a meeting with that women with family and support workers raising there concerns about there familys in care, if anybody needed a wash it was certainley her, i will be forever greatfull for what Martin has done and still doing

  6. Thanks Susana

    I love you and Martin you are two of my all time hero’s.

    You can only wish bad on these evil evil barstards.

    How do they sleep at night?

    Scum of the earth and endorsed by the like of the spotty faced twat that is “Philly “FUCKING” Liar’s” YES man Eric (£200,000.00+) “I’m from social services” orrible orrible cretin.



    Why can’t more people speak up?

    Cowardy cowardy custards or should that be barstards?

    Much luv to you Susan and Martin XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • James:

      You ask how do they sleep at night.?
      Instead of a teddy bear they clutch the cheques from their last pay off and surround themselves with the salary slips from their current posts.
      Unfortunately such people have no conscience and fraud, deception, lies and incompetence are an integral part of their DNA.

      The public deserve better but, until there is a radical change in politics, both local and national, such awful people will thrive.

      Keep well Sir.

  7. G’day Susan

    Just watching the overrated england football team and it makes me think.

    I’d give you one Martin Morton for 66 wirral Clowncillors.




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