Tree Lines

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There are a variety of subjects that Wirral Leaks has covered over the years that have engaged people on Wirral who have particular interests – be that litter,NHS, the Green Belt, whistleblowing etc; etc;

One subject that regularly strikes a chord with our readers is…trees. So as today (2 December) marks the end of National Tree Week we thought we’d publish some pertinent comments we’ve received on the subject. First of all , a dedicated Wirral tree preservationist has written the following to commemorate the occasion :

Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council (in NW England) is marking the UK’s National Tree Week by felling 19 healthy, mature trees in Ashton Park, West Kirby……and lopping off branches from another 24 healthy, mature trees. It appears that Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council has quite grasped the true purpose of the National Tree Week.
The tree felling and general usage of chain saws, in Ashton Park, should stop immediately. Tree felling in parks, across the whole borough, is under way. The chipped timber is sent to a bio-fuel plant in Wrexham.
Is the tree felling campaign linked to the roll out of 5G (fifth generation) mobile phone masts?
7,000 mature trees have been felled in Sheffield…..with many more lined up for felling.
However this is only half the story. From what we understand Wirral Council thought they were ‘out of the woods’ when it came to a particular tragedy involving neglect of Wirral’s trees but a council insider tells us :
The tree situation is one of the most ridiculous you can imagine . Total mis- management and neglect based on ignorance,  stupidity and lack of competence within every level of the council.
Basically, the council made redundant, some years back, competent tree specialists , hence the situation became dangerous. Trees have fallen in parks, mainly in winds, very very few are diseased, but some are. One fell in Central Park landing on the site hut 18 months ago. That was swept  under the carpet . Another falling on a car with the unfortunate passenger losing her baby. Read here:  Heartbreaking tragedy as mum-to-be loses newborn baby after tree falls   
The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have passed the investigation over to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).
Basically the contractor Man Coed name a tree for action, cut away and they are not questioned because no one (within Wirral Council) knows what they are looking for. The council are reactive not proactive and are now looking to employ two tree specialists following countless thousands of pounds wasted along with accompanying environmental destruction…

7 thoughts on “Tree Lines

  1. So, in the short term…. someone (with half a brain) needs to press the ‘hold’ button while the new council tree officers are appointed. Obviously they need to try not to fuck that roccess up (Yes I have invented a new word)

    • G’day Mate

      There’s an awful lot of dead wood there.

      Woodworm wouldn’t touch this shite.



      Wooden read any of those papers.

      Luv XXXXX

  2. It cannot be surprising, even to the incompetents who infest Wallasey Town Hall, that if you employ outside firms of tree fellers to examine Wirral trees, they will condemn as many as possible.
    That is their business. Cutting down trees and re-cycling the timber.
    Not much money to be made in declaring a tree “safe” or only requiring “minor pruning”.

  3. Course, lost beneath the once leafy canopy of lovely beautiful trees, is the real reason why, all across Blighty, the trees are getting lopped, chopped, cut, sawed and left looking like they came second in a knife fight with the entire audience holding pen for a Jeremy Kyle show.
    Bloody leaves. That’s right leaves, who every autumn tend to leave their branches and head downwards onto our streets and footpaths, causing Councils up and down the Country to partner up with their preferred outsourcing bidder and save themselves a great deal of expense sweeping up whatever it was that autumn caused the trees to give up on.
    Bloody costs and profits that drive this dusfunctional outsourcing merry go round! And that’s simply it and the one and only single reason why these mad bastards are chopping and lopping away at our beautiful trees. To save themselves a job, to protect their profit and to pretend that we are all the safer from slipping, falling over and smashing our skulls in, thus preventing the fallen from continuing to pay Council Tax to fund and fuel the gravy train, the poor but beautiful trees who are victims of the inconvenient autumn, get bloody chopped down.
    All because they don’t want the leaves cluttering up our paths, our roads and the tiny little green space that you all once walked upon and your children could be reminded that Britain was once a joyful place to live within.
    God help us all. And God help the leaves that manage to survive the winter and sprout their colourful foliage this coming bloody Spring!

  4. Having lived on the wirral all my life I too can sympathise with the comments on this post. I grew up with many a tree; trees on the way to school, trees I used to climb each day and a certain tree in coronation park where I had my first kiss. Fond memories.

    I am however a realistic individual. Trees, like us mortals, have a lifespan and can become very dangerous when they fail. I have done a bit of research and have found that two rival firms are responsible for the tree work on the Wirral. One who survey the trees and the other who carry out the work. I see this as sensible as it ensures our council tax is spent efficiently. I can’t see one firm ordering a tree to be cut down when it is not necessary as the other will profit unnecessarily.

    I do miss some of the trees I remember fondly, I miss many of my close friends which I have lost. However, life moves on, I can’t change these things. I feel people need to take a look at the more important things in their lives and cherish them as long as they can. Don’t get your knickers in a twist about trees that quite clearly need work doing to make them safe, enjoy time with your loved ones and enjoy life.

    Now, potholes….Don’t get me started …… 🙂

    • Cheers Jim
      We try and have a healthy perspective and agree there are many other pressing issues that need addressing but we like to respond to our readers concerns and tree preservation is one of them.

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