Local Plan Final Warning : Brokenshire Bites Back


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The phoney war of words between Westminster and Wirral Council over the Local Plan -and the potential impact on Wirral’s Green Belt – continues . The latest barrage comes from James Brokenshire, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government who is reported to have  issued a final warning to Wirral Council over housing plan failure 

Of course a press report can only tell you half the story even though both sides of the argument are represented. So we thought we’d publish a copy of the Brokenshire billet doux and you can make your own mind up as to which side of the kissing gate you’re on.

All we will say is that Wirral Council wanted to put Stewart Halliday in charge of all this!

Enough said!

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Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 15.32.57

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Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 15.38.06

6 thoughts on “Local Plan Final Warning : Brokenshire Bites Back

  1. Wirral Council`s performance is lamentable says the letter.
    This from an organisation that is stuffed with highly paid executives but is content to spend vast sums of Council Tax payers money on outside consultants.
    The Housing Plan appears to be a poisoned chalice as the previous Corporate Director responsible jumped ship after only three months and his replacement, Stewart Halliday, hardly had time for his arse to warm the chair before he was torpedoed for alleged financial irregularities. Maybe C.E.O. Robinson, and his cohorts, should start earning their lavish salaries and buckle down to the task.

    I can only despair that Local Government, not just on the Wirral, pays such large salaries to incompetents?
    The £115,000 a year salary for the Corporate Director role is the product of the Council Tax of 75 Band “C” properties; even more if you add on the pension contributions paid by the council.
    It is well over 4 times the average salary of a worker in the North West.
    Halliday`s estimated £300,000 take home from his consultancy services is the products of no less than the sum raised from 195 properties.

  2. So in the end, snivelling little liar Philip Davies’ power went to his head, and he thought he could steal a march on, browbeat and tRump the UK rules and regs, discharged by the cream of the crop that are central government’s Planning law mandarins and civil servants?

    Brokenshire will be clueless and simply following advice and signing off on this subject matter.

    It’s absolutely preposterous to think that with all those repeated, scandalous efforts to protect his council’s reputation, he has blown his own foot off, hobbled himself, savaged the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral’s image and SCORCHED THE EARTH for his successor, some fellow idiot who will grab the poisoned chalice and run with it, whilst making some too little, too late, ham-fisted attempt at picking up the pieces then once again hanging out the tired old window-dressing that reads, “ALL IS WELL”.

    And it’s looking like Halliday wasn’t up to the task re: the local plan. No surprises there then.

    How about giving the job to Liverpool Central Station’s Martin Liptrot? He’s handy and could make a good fist of it?

  3. I am 70 years old now and couldnt give two hoots about my own future but I thank God that both my daughters have flown the nest and reside in boroughs outside the Wirral. For my daughters sakes I just hope that those 2 bououghs are not as incompetent and corrupt as Wirral Clowncil.

  4. Anybody watch that Environment overviews & Scrutiny Conmittee tonight what a complete and utter shambles…. political decision making at its best talk about what a waste of everybody’s time – these parties need to get a grip and behave like adults and be accountable, take ownership and agree like adults it’s in everybody’s interest to get this farce sorted whilst we still can or you will be told what greenbelt/brownfield sites will be built on. What is the world of politics coming to

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