The Curse of Leaky Towers : Heave-ho for Halliday ?!


Not so smug now…

And so it would appear that according to the Liverpool Echo  Council suddenly drops man lined up for top job after ‘financial irregularity’ concerns

That man of course being Stewart Halliday , someone we’ve been reporting on and expressing concerns since 2017, mainly about how he could ever be in a position to secure a ‘top job’ at Wirral Council in the first place.  Something that the local mainstream media has studiously avoided – until today . Now apparently, according to a Wirral Council spokesperson:

Some concerns were raised by council officers about potential financial irregularities regarding how a supplier was being paid.These concerns were immediately acted upon, and the contractor has stopped work for the council while further investigations take place. Until those investigations are concluded, no further comment can be made. 

We’re not pre-empting investigations but doesn’t this sound all very reminiscent of what happened  at Halliday’s previous employment at City of York Council (CoYC)?  For those interested in finding out exactly what went on can now read the once secret Strictly Private and Confidential Report that CoYC were once desperate to keep out of the public domain HERE

Although Halliday declined to participate in the investigation we think you can probably work out who is…

Wirral Council can’t say they weren’t warned, especially by us, ( note that Liverpool Echo are careful not to mention the blog that dare not be named) and there are serious questions to be asked ,not least of CEO Eric Robinson’s judgment at appointing someone with dodgy references ,something we highlighted in our post Reference Point where we reported that “…it was Wirral Council who made NO DIRECT APPROACH to CoYC  for a reference for Halliday…”

And this is just the start – we ‘re left wondering whether the Liverpool Echo press release is a spoiler for even bigger news about a high profile departure from Wirral Council? This time the news brings into question the judgment of the ‘Leader’ of Wirral Council when it comes to high profile appointments and indicates to us that the Curse of Leaky Towers may have struck once again…



9 thoughts on “The Curse of Leaky Towers : Heave-ho for Halliday ?!

  1. Hang on surely this man is now very much in the know about the big secret that has kept many a foul person good and dry .. surely now he will say investigate and I will tell all 👀 I have read so many investigative reports on here so do they mean :investigation as in investigation or investigation meaning oooo lots of money friend judges panels reports more wannabe ceos oh and then is few more reports a couple of really really special meetings annnnd everything is so great here 🌈 🏆 because we’ve paid for that type a few times and call me a scaremonger but there is no money as there are people on the streets and list upon list of vulnerability on this peninsula most of which could do with running in open free green land but there is that much no money that they’re selling that too … so if you could remember, literally, the man on the street when you investigate …much appreciated

  2. Although Halliday`s previous conduct in York City Council was brought to the attention of C.E.O. Robinson in a personal e.mail from me over 18 months ago, he still insisted that he was the right man for the job. That says much about his appalling judgement.
    Unfortunately, even if Halliday is now exiled from the Wirral he will still have pocketed circa £300,000 of OUR money due to the stubbornness, bad judgement, incompetence and, in a corrupt organisation , failure to recognise others misdemeanours.

    No doubt Halliday will now move on seamlessly to another Local Authority who will fail to carry out background checks.

    I bear no great malice towards Mr. Halliday but utter contempt for Wirral Council and its senior officers.

    • Dear Charles
      Many thanks for your persistence and enquiries in the public interest.
      Unfortunately Eric Feeble and his ilk are servants to reputation management and not the people who pay their wages.
      And where has that wag gone who came on here to ‘chastise Charles’ for daring to ask for for public accountability – it’s all gone quiet over there as they chant on the terraces!

      • Thank you.
        It seems as if between us, and with considerable contributions from honest citizens of York, we may have achieved a result.
        The stench of corruption still hangs low over Wallasey Town Hall.

  3. Is the delay in removing Halliday the often trotted out

    Until the investigation is complete

    With the investigation taking two years or more to see the light of day

    Again a retro reference to Wirral biz

    WBC paid £99000 to Wirral I. Even as they possessed cleAr evidence of fraud from that party, and whilst by non cooperation Wirral biz prevented any formal process of investigation to complete.
    Indeed the timing of a £66k payment just before Grant Thornton entered Wirralbizs premises suggests WBC paid for the privilege of examining a box of jumbled files in no order, on top of the £50k paid to Grant Thornton themselves for going there

    With civil servants like these however did the Home Front support our winning WW2?

  4. That’s delicious news from across the Pennines. He is indestructible though. Time for Inspector Knacker of the Yard to be called in?

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