Brother,can you spare a dime?

Kevin Adderley

Kevin Adderley was the Strategic Director for Regeneration and Environment at Wirral Council.  He joined the Council in 2005 having previously spent 29 years as a civil servant working for various government departments largely focusing on key areas including employment, skills and inclusion issues.  He was an instrumental player in the design of the government’s welfare to work programme and the creation of Job Centre Plus. With the Council, Kevin designed Wirral’s Investment Strategy in 2007, and has since driven it forward with significant success.  Kevin left the Council in 2015 and has now joined the Wirral Chamber of Commerce as its Group Managing Director, and will support the development its internationalism links.

Our readers may have noticed we published a previous version of this report but held it in abeyance until it was confirmed exactly where former Wirral Council Super-Duper Director Kevin “Addled” Adderley had landed on his feet.Deeply aggrieved Wirral Council staff had been reporting to us that they’d heard that dearly departed Addled had – with indecent haste – found himself a lucrative new gig.

And it would seem it is exactly as we predicted as  Addled is Wirral Chamber of Commerce’s new Group Managing Director.

Curiously there appears to have been no media announcement about this high profile appointment.This is unusual as the main role of Wirral Chamber of Commerce’s CEO  Paula Basnett seems to be photo opportunities  where she displays a weapons grade spray tan whilst shaking someone’s hand.

Addled will also be working alongside Chamber of Commerce  Chair and The Contact Company Chief Executive Asif “Massive” Hamid  – and when we say “Massive” we are of course referring to Mr.Hamid’s seemingly unstoppable burgeoning business empire. As one of our contacts says about Addled : ” It appears as though the delegation trips abroad had the desired effect and generated a very nice job for him in his retirement!”

This of course begs the question that if Addled wanted to pursue “exciting new opportunities” with organisations with increasingly close ties to Wirral Council as to why council taxpayers had to fork out a £250,000 kiss off.

Therefore and speaking on behalf of Wirral council taxpayers – we’d like to ask another Wirral Chamber of Commerce Board Member  – Wirral Council leader  Phil “Power Boy Pip” Davies that if he was truly committed to protecting services and saving money he should be asking for OUR £250,000 back !.

Just to clarify Pip – the people of Wirral are not here to fund your manifest and repeated failings in dealing with embarrassing situations involving either council officers or councillors……………….


5 thoughts on “Contacts

      • These might be Mr Raworth and Ms Turnbull, long decamped to Portugal.

        Strange is it not after all the reports and bluster actually no-one person has ever been held to account for the wirralbiz saga unless you count one hapless individual being moved to manage “corporate Waste!”

        It had all the elements of the modern-day scandal-mobile phones,banned teachers (for consorting with under-age girls) given free rein to phone a wide variety of clients misuse of sensitive databases; shadow directors,fraudulent signatures; conflicts of interest,trumped up invoices; loss of significant evidence at critical moments…the end result much fire and fury but no finale, just a damp squib.

  1. A well informed source asked us to publish this comment : “Phew….it’s a good job Adderley & Davies managed to allocate £1 million of taxpayers money to refurbish Pacific Road theatre and to get them the “peppercorn” rent on behalf of the ‘independent’ Wirral Chamber of Commerce (staff of which are ‘redundant’ Council employees or family and friends of Paula Basnett) otherwise there might not have been enough money to pay for senior staff – haven’t noticed any adverts being placed locally to fill these positions either!
    Now waiting for when Davies goes off to the Chamber…..will it be when he and others have secured further funds from the proposed Northern Business hub (no doubt ably assisted by Asif Hamid!!)
    On the subject of whom I would like to pose a question? How did Asif Hamid get those new luxurious premises near Egerton House and how much is he paying? The amount of taxpayers money he’s had from European funding to build his empire is obscene – though I suppose it helps sitting on the board with those who allocate such money.
    I expect the next photo shoot to show Hamid and Basnett welcoming Adderley to the Chamber of Commerce whilst sitting in the rooftop jacuzzi in Hamid’s new building.
    Also, Paula Basnett has been openly bragging about the support she has received for a Business Improvement District for Birkenhead – It’s a pity that she, Davies and Adderley failed to support the original Chamber of Commerce’s three previous bids when they were working for the Council. (maybe they were envisioning their new empire way back then!)
    Honestly, is no one prepared to put their heads above the parapet to stop these people flagrantly abusing the system whilst “feathering their own nests” at the taxpayers expense!!”

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