The Wit and Wisdom of Power Boy Pip




The latest offering in our occasional ” Wit & Wisdom” series comes courtesy of Wirral Council “leader” Cllr Phil Davies – better known to our readers as Power Boy Pip because of his alleged “Special Powers”.

The series was initiated by the previous Council leader Steve Foulkes and his philosophical musings which remain as good for you today as they’ve always been . Hovis for the soul so to speak :

Foulkes ‘ successor Pip has always been good value when it comes to foot-in-mouth disease hence his appearance on the Wirral Leaks header: “What they do in Wirral is try to create all sorts of smokescreens and scandals which don’t exist in departments of the Council he said in 2012 – the year of Wirral Council’s annus horribilis and which would have been a good time to acknowledge that actually scandal was their stock in trade. We’re not complaining at Leaky Towers as such denial has provided us with endless possibilities to gleefully expose the dirt behind the daydream ever since and there’s the promise of much , much more to come !.

However Pip has excelled  himself recently with some particularly gnomic comments which is what you can only expect when your special advisor comes across as a second rate snake oil salesman .

Of course in time it could prove that the most significant quotes that Pip will ever utter are linked to his ever changing story concerning the Wirralgate scandal and which ultimately could lead to his downfall.

However here are some more recent quotes for you to consider :

On the proposed closure of Girtrell Court :

“It is about the choice agenda as much, er , as getting , you know , a saving”

Just to be clear on this one  it appears to us that “the choice agenda” means that people can have a choice as long as it’s the choice that Wirral Council chooses for them!

Next we move on to some correspondence sent by friend of Wirral Leaks Dr.Robert Smith who continues valiantly in his attempt to get a response from Wirral Council officers  (and Surjit Tour in particular) to some pertinent questions he raised some time ago. During the course of this correspondence Dr.Smith unearths a couple of stonking quotes from The Pipmeister :

” As Cllr Phil Davies has continually refused to correspond with me, I would like to ask you this. With regard to the website Move Ahead Birkenhead and Cllr Davies’ ‘interview’. There is a section in the last paragraph which says…and I quote…

“But many, if not all of these (regeneration) schemes, had doubters who said it couldn’t be done – but it was because the will of the people made it happen”..………..

In terms of Wirral Council ‘accountability’ and delivering relevant services, my observation would be that it has been some considerable time since “the will of the people” of Wirral has been a consideration for the ruling majority of Wirral Council.

…Cllr Davies continues…”There is a great quote I was reminded of in discussions with my team when we were talking about our ambition: ‘Dream big dreams. Small dreams have no magic.’ That seems very appropriate don’t you think?” “

Blimey! Who does Pip think he is ?.  Blanche Dubois ? An X-factor contestant ? A one man meme? . A fridge magnet made flesh ?. Might we suggest that Pip is more dotty bonkers than Dottie Boreyko ?.

Dream big dreams

Wirral Waters – a big splash or a small ripple?

Pip’s BS quotient was in full flow at this week’s Cabinet meeting  where he used such choice phrases as “pathway out of poverty  when discussing jobs and investment and when discussing the Council’s Early Voluntary Redundancy arrangements which he said offered “dignity and financial security”  … because as we all know being redundant and unemployed ticks both of those boxes !.

Talking of quotes we thought the Thynne 2  investigation report had been leaked  yesterday when we heard a woman on the TV using the words : “culture of fear , “duplicity” , “misconduct” “untouchable”  “unchecked” “behaviour went unchallenged” “deluded by reputation ” and “shut up he’s a VIP” .  Whilst we finally realised it was the Dame Janet Smith review into cover-ups at the BBC we wouldn’t be surprised to see the same sort phrases cropping up in the Thynne 2 report .

Which perhaps explains why the people of Wirral will never be allowed to see it! ……..unless of course someone would  care to leak it to us so we could pick out the choicest quotes !.


4 thoughts on “The Wit and Wisdom of Power Boy Pip

  1. Dignity and financial security what a joke this man is.
    Only 12 staff earning over £40k have left Wirral Council since 2013 the vast majority earning less than £20k.
    EVR is an early option that the vast majority cannot afford to take and generally are forced down this path as they know their redundancy payments would be even less again.
    Unless you leave into another job you are on the dole not sat on a beach sharing a cocktail with Adderley and co.

  2. Well I testified to it last August and of course am unhappy that my time, my envelopes my paper and my stamps have been put into a locker awaiting


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