A Maher-vellous Result For Labour


We reported yesterday on the close result between Labour and the Greens in the Birkenhead & Tranmere ward where little Jeanie Stapleton just held on for victory. Fortunately for the old dear she had a bit of help  – mainly from that man in the picture with a bobble hat.

That man goes by the name of John Maher who just prior to the local elections urged local voters to back Labour after being elected Treasurer and Secretary of the Green Party just after for the previous local elections where Pat Cleary ousted local Labour Party favourite Brian Kenny.

What Maher doesn’t mention in the leaflet is that prior to joining the Green Party he was a prominent political agent of  – yes you guessed it – the local Labour Party!.

Now we’re not suggesting that he was a Labour Party infiltrator straight after that shock result – but from what we’ve heard he was particularly keen to ingratiate himself with the idealistic Greens by being critical of his former political masters at every opportunity.

From what we can gather about his behaviour within the Green Party is that if he’s true to his “principles” it won’t be long before he falls out with his suddenly rekindled allegiances within the local  Labour Party  – as it’s a case of Maher-way or the highway.

“By voting Green you just get Blue” said John desperately in the shoddy leaflet.

Sorry  John we beg to differ , we think people get blue (with a small b) listening to duplicitous bullshit.



2 thoughts on “A Maher-vellous Result For Labour

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