WIRRALGATE! – ‘Foulkesy the Fibber’


First of all can we say that is unfair on Cllr Steve Foulkes or ‘Foulkesy’ (as he shall now be forever known) that he is the only one to come in for a mild rebuke on the publication of Thynne 2 report .We consider that there are others far more worthy of censure.

Furthermore we question the ridiculous emphasis placed in the report on a so-called “smear campaign”  – there was no smear campaign against Cllr Jeff Green (but more of that on another post) . The “smear campaign” is a smokescreen for misconduct worthy of much more than a belated and begrudged apology.

Where Foulkesy’s culpability does lie is in his reckless stupidity and his sense of privileged invincibility . This was demonstrated by his actions at a Wirral Council meeting held on 15 July 2013-and particularly during the adjournments –  where Foulkesy unleashed the scandal still untold that is Wirralgate. Consequently the other 3 members of Wirral’s Gang of Four – Cllr George Davies , Cllr Phil Davies and Birkenhead MP Frank Field have had to spend considerable time and YOUR money on getting this chancer out of jail.

The most telling paragraph about Foulkesy in the Thynne 2 report  can be found here:

6.5.5 010

Is it only us at Leaky Towers who find the  term ‘economical with the truth’ much more offensive than ‘liar’. What should we do call Foulkesy a ‘fibber’ ? – sorry we’re in no mood for polite and dare we say evasive euphemisms –  Foulkesy is a LIAR – and a well practised if not very accomplished one at that . Even when confronted with incontrovertible evidence he persists with the lies. If only he’d told the truth the first time round Wirral Council could have saved itself £17,000 commissioning a second report from Patricia Thynne. Although we have to say Thynne could have saved us a lot of bother by actually checking the minutes of the Wirral Council meeting held on  15 July 2013 where she would have seen recorded the two adjournments which Foulkesy denied actually did take place.

Under the circumstances we should at least be grateful we didn’t pick up the tab for Foulkesy’s solicitor Frances Randle. Ms Randle is the Labour Party’s local government solicitor and her fees are funded by a levy from the Association of Labour Councillors. It’s nice to see the Labour Party spending their members subs on such worthy causes isn’t it?

Finally we note the Decision Notice of the Standards Panel which considered the findings of Thynne 2 includes the following line :

The panel welcomes Councillor Foulkes’ offer to contribute to the improvement of the culture of the Council

Click to access 20160628_Standards%20Panel%20Decision%20Notice.pdf

On behalf of the good people of Wirral can we respectfully reject this offer and suggest that Foulkesy had a chance to contribute to the improvement of the culture of Wirral Council after a series of damning reports criticising the Council regime under his leadership. However it seems he contributed nothing but more scheming  and lies.

Therefore we think the time has finally come for him to ‘Foulkes Off’  for once and for all!………………..


9 thoughts on “WIRRALGATE! – ‘Foulkesy the Fibber’

  1. G’day Leaks

    People seem to be a wary of writing on the blog of the ex-Dunny Chain Wearer.

    You say

    First of all can we say that is unfair on Cllr Steve Foulkes or ‘Foulkesy’ (as he shall now be forever known)

    I will always remember this buffoon fondly, there is a cheeky smug little kid that would be every teachers nightmare about


    That is how I will remember him being like AdderleyDadderleyDooLally full of overconfidence and bullshit.

    We don’t lie we are the cocks of wirral.

    Like wirral spelt with a small one.



    Labor would be so much better without him like wirral is without Kev and Stella’s shite.

    Luv ya Leaking on these bullies I told you their lies would not go away despite 65 gutless gobless clowncillors. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. I will never, EVER forget the libraries fiasco and the Ostrich like conduct of Foulkes when he was leader of the council. Week after week in the local press, he kept repeating the same BS about the need to close the libraries to save money, blah, blah, blah. Each week, people wrote in to the letters page of the Globe and Wirral News to tell him where to stick his unwanted ideas, but it had to go to the Klonowski report before he was forced to admit he’d got it wrong. After passing on the mantle to fresh-faced (and not so red-faced) Phil, I thought that was the last we would have heard from disgraced Foulkes; but oh no, they had to reward his failure with the honour of Mayor for a year. I could not believe it when I saw his jolly Town Cryer’s face turn up in the Wirral Globe in his new role. So THIS is how the council pay back their Council Tax payers, by rubbing our noses in what amounts to a 2-fingered gesture, showing us effectively, we are powerless to stop them rewarding their team of failures if they really want to do so. Their fall wall come and when it does, it’ll be big. You simply cannot go on forever just ‘getting away with it’.

    • Ha ha, the library debacle was funny. All the meetings rammed with protesters. The senior officers were shell shocked. The meeting in the Floral was like a pantomime with Foulkesy the villain. People power at its best.

      • G’day Ste and Lordy

        You are right they truly are a joke.

        Rank amateurs with a bit of power forgetting they are PUBLIC servants.

        But what is worse is the senior officers that take advantage like “The Shyster” “Legweak” “Humpty Dumpty” AdderleyDadderleyDooLally “The Chamber Potty” and “The Garbage Lady” who just take the piss and let the clowncillors take the flak.

        Wirral “Funny” Bizz should never have got the contract and then bizarrely let them away with £2,000,000.00.

        They will tolerate racism and bullying and tampering with “The Pretend Friend’s” favourite crud that he spouts “due process”.

        Told a local constituent he wouldn’t talk politics.

        That little welsh scum bag is beneath contempt, not to mention “missus bilong him”.



        Bring in Administration

        Thymme, what a joke. Very selective.


      • The thing is, unlike a pantomime, in this story, the villain does not get his comeuppance, just a reward for being not very good.

        “And where are the clowns
        Send in the clowns
        Don’t bother, they’re here.”

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